Career And Karakamsha Kundali


Employment is the main problem of the youth today. If jyotish is used, a solution can be found. According to jyotish everything has been written in our birth-chart, we just have to understand it properly. Let us find out what the kundali says about career.

The tenth house is considered for career and for livelihood. If there is nothing in the tenth house then the planet which has the tenth lord in its Navamsh is used to judge livelihood. If planets are strong in the 2nd and 11th house, they play a very important role in employment. According to jyotish, if the 10th lord is strongly placed in any person's birthchart, it shows great opportunities with respect to the career.

If the tenth lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or the 12th house or it is weak, then it can create problems in employment.

According to the Jamini system, if sun and venus are placed  in Ascendent in the person's karakamsh bithchart, then that person will do business with the government or do a government job. In the karakamsh kundali, if moon is situated in Ascendent and venus aspects it, a person will get success in teaching. If the moon is in Ascendent in the karakamsh kundali and mercury aspects it then, the medical career will be best for the person. If Mars is placed in Ascendent in the karakamsh kundali, the person will get success in tools, chemical and defense sectors.
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If there is Mercury in the ascendent of the karakamsh kundali, that person will achieve success if he or she chooses arts or business for their career. If there is Saturn or Ketu in the Ascendent in the karakamsh kundali then we can assume that the person will be a successful businessman. A person may be a doctor if there is Sun or Rahu in the Ascendent in the karakamsh kundali.

According to vedic astrology, if there are malefic planets situated in the third or sixth house of the karakamsh kundali or there is an aspect of malefic planets, then the person may select agriculture or agriculture related fields for their profession. If there is Ketu in the fourth house of the karakamsh kundali then that person will get achievements in machinery. If Rahu is situated in this house then the person will get success in business of iron. If moon is situated in the fifth house from the Ascendent and Jupiter and Venus aspect it then it gives excellence in the field of writing and arts.

A person can get achievements in law related work if there is Mars in the fifth house of karakamsh kundali. If it is in the seventh house of the karakamsh kundali, the person will excel in the field of sculpture. If Ketu is situated in the fifth house of the Ascendent in the karakamsh kundali, that person will be a good mathematician.



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