What Does Your Palm Say About Marriage?

The lines on an individual's hand tell his fortune. Those who know how to study and analyze these lines will have the ability to make predictions about the future.

Such people will know an individuals present, past and future from his palm. There's hardly anyone who wouldn't like to know what's in store for him or her. Palmistry can answer your questions about wealth, fortune, life, marriage and many other topics. That's why it is one of the most popular predictive sciences.

In this article we will discuss the subject of marriage. Marriage is arguably the most important incident in a person's life. According to wise-men a human being's life can be divided into two distinct parts - before marriage, and after marriage. Such is the change that marriage brings about. In Vedic astrology too the analysis of a person's fortune is done separately for the period after his or her marriage.

Palmistry also looks at  marriage as an important factor of change in an individual's life. Since this change can be both of the positive kind or the negative kind, there's little surprise that we are curious to to know about this subject.

Sometimes marriage can help an individual become rich and wealthy, and at other times it may also bring setbacks and losses.

There are two lines on your palm commonly considered to predict marriage prospects. The first is the line which passes at the lower part of mount-Mercury while the second is on mount-Venus.

In the two, the line on mount-Mercury is considered more important by palmists to predict marriage prospects. If there are several lines on Mercury, it doesn't mean that you will have multiple marriages. Only the the longest and the deepest line is related to your marriage. Other lines might signify love-affairs.

According to Palmistry, if the line which originates from Mercury meets the Heart line or passes by it, an individual might be married at an eary age, maybe between 14 to 20.

If this line passes through Mercury, marriage is usually between the age of 21 to 28. When the line passes below the middle part of Mercury, the individual may have to wait longer. Such an individual will be married when he is in his 28th year or somewhere around his 35th year.

If some other line is also running parallel to the marriage line, the person is likely to get married twice.

So far we have discussed the timing of marriage. Now we will discuss how the married-life will be.

If the line related to marriage is deep and clear, then an individual will lead a happy and comfortable married-life.

If the line related to fate, having originated from Moon, is running till the line related to Heart and forming a sign of cross on Jupiter, then the native will be able to enjoy a happy and prosperous marital life.

If the line of marriage is characterised by interruptions, it might have an unfavorable impact on an individual's marital life. Under such an unfavorable state, an individual might lead a life of sufferings and hardships after marriage. The sufferings and hardships may be result of the death of one of the partners.

If the line related to Sun having originated from the line related to mind is broken at times, the native needs to have trust in the life-partner to strengthen their relationship.

If the  line which starts from Sun, passes through the Heart line or the line related to Mind, but misses the Life line, there are chances that the person might have a stressful relationship with the spouse.

If the line related to marriage is inclined towards Heart line and touching it, then there are chances that there you might leave your spouse sometime in your life. If at one edge of the marriage line a cross is present, it means that your sposuse might leave you sometime during your life.



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