Introduction to Shani Sadhesati

What is Saturn’s Sadhesati
Shani Sadhe sati starts when Saturn enters the 12th house in a person’s birth-kundali. The person will be under Sadesati until Saturn exits from the 2nd house in the Kundali. At any given time one-fourth of the world’s population is under Saturn’s Sadhesati, but the impact is not equally bad on everybody.

The impact of Shani Sadhesati on a person’s life depends on the position of Saturn and Moon in the birth-chart. If both Saturn and Moon are badly placed in the chart then the results are more strongly negative, but if these planets are well placed then results are not so negative.

Shani's Sadhesati pushes a human being to the limits, giving them fresh problems and challenges to surmount. There may be frequent health problems, disappointments and sour experiences during the seven and a half years of Shani Sadhe sati. At the end of the period everyone emerges a little stronger.

Let us find out what Saturn’s Sadesati is, and how it effects us.

The Three Phases of Shani Sadhesati
Saturn’s friendship or enmity with the sign and the sign-lords decides how it will impact your life when it enters a fresh phase of Sadesati. Often the results are mellow and even positive depending on what Sign Saturn is in.

The impact of Shani Sadesati will depends on the phase it is in. Some phases are better than others.

Sadesati first Phase
In the first phase of Saturn’s Sadesati there may be some economic setbacks, high expenditure, and may not be able to achieve his goals due to lack of money. There may be some stress and health issues too.

It is important to maintain good relations with the spouse during Shani's Sadhe sati. The first period may be harsher on the people with Moonsign Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

The Second Phase of Shani Sadhesati
Saturn’s transit through the Moonsign of the person is the second phase of the Sadesati. This transit lasts for two and a half years. During this period you may have trouble finding true friends. There may be some health problems and fresh obstacles in business. Even a loss of property could be on the horizon.
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The third Phase of Shani Sadhesati
During the third and the final phase of Sadesati there could be a sudden loss in position. You could be tapping your savings to meet your expenditure and may be involved in useless conflicts. Good news is, this is the last phase and once you’re done you would be out of Sadesati.

Why is Shani Sadhesati Malefic
During the Shani Sadhesati Transit, Saturn causes physical discomfort and illness, a loss in social position, obstacles in work and earnings and danger from enemies. Things tend to go wrong almost everywhere. This is the time of judgement when Saturn dispenses justice for the past Karma. But don’t be disappointed because Sadesati does not affect everyone equally.

If you can learn to surmount the challenges and lead a disciplined life during the Sadesati, the very same threats will become opportunities.

How to live your life during Saturn's Sadhesati
It is better to prepare for challenges instead of panicking during the Sadesati. Keep your head up and your courage high. Spare no effort to achieve your goals and watch out for the tests that Saturn sends your way.

Keep your expenses tight, and make only well-thought out decisions. Try to be nice to the people you meet and do not forget that good Karma can change your destiny.

Shani Dhaiya
Saturn’s Dhaiya transit lasts for two and a half years. During the Kantak-Shani transit, the person might be troubled by ill-health, debts and addictions. There may be challenges on the professional front too.

Ashtam-Shani effects the education, savings and children. There may be sudden upheaval in the business and some important work may have to be postponed for the lack of funds.

Remedies of Shani Sadesati & Dhaiyya
To protect yourself from the malefic effects of Saturn’s transits you can perform some easy remedies.

Light a lamp filled with oil of black sesame seeds or mustard seeds below a Peepal tree on Saturdays.

Read the Shani-Strota. Chant the Maha-Mrintyunjaya Mantra. Worship lord Hanuman. Wearing a ring made of a horse-shoe worn by a black-horse in the middle finger is also beneficial.

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