Placement of Planets in Cancer Ascendant

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cancerThe fourth sign in the Zodiac, Cancer, has a deep influence on the person’s character when placed in the ascendant. The result from the sign are modified due to the presence of planets in the house. Here’s a look at how the planets influence the person when placed in Cancer ascendant.

Sun Placed in Cancer Ascendant
In Cancer ascendant Sun is the lord of the second house in the birth-chart. Due to its placement in the first house in Cancer, the sign of Moon, the native might be affected due to health related problems. He might be over-confident and restless.

He may have a preference for job than business and does not remain in a fixed position for long time. There may be problems from government sector and conflicts might happen with father and relatives.

Moon Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Moon is the Ascendant lord in the birth-chart and if it becomes the exalted sign then the native will be decent and charitable.The person will have trust in god and respect for elders. The native may be courageous and attain a high position in society for hard work. Native may also achieve success in business and in the field of arts.

Due to the aspect of Moon on the seventh house, the native may get good results in his married life, he/she will be intelligent and well-educated. Economic status will be sound, if Moon has an effect on the house of income and may even get special benefits after marriage.

Mars Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Mars is 5th lord and 10th lord in the birth chart and is auspicious as it is the lord of a trine house. Due to the effect of Mars, the native would be furious and desperate and may be ambitious. Mars helps in getting benefits from government. If Mars is in the 1st house and aspects the 8th house, then the person may get regular profit but the expenses may also increase, due to this, savings might be affected.

Due to the aspect of Mars on the 7th house, the married life might not be so pleasurable and domestic violence may occur, but the effect of Mars in Ascendant gives happiness through children. The native may be disgraced due to his/her cunning and selfish nature at some point in life.

Mercury Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Moon is the lord of the 3rd house and the 12th house as it becomes the malefic planet in the birth-chart of the Cancer Ascendant. If Mercury is placed in the house of the Ascendant then a person may be of suspicious nature. The native may like to go for job to earn a livelihood.

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The native may be less interested in business but if he/she will start a business, related to the water then it will be beneficial. The person has less affection for their siblings and relatives and conflicts may arise in the family if Moon aspects the 7th house. The native may have to face difficulties due to the enemies.

Jupiter Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Jupiter is the lord of the 6th and the 9th house in the birth-chart. It gives malefic effects because it is the lord of 6th house, but it also gives benefic results because it is also the lord of a trine house. It gives an attractive appearance to the person.

If Jupiter aspects the 5th house then it is good for progeny, it aspects the 7th house and gives good results in respect of life partner and because it aspects the 9th house the fortune will be good. The person may have inexhaustible wealth in life and is of decent and kind nature. If Jupiter is in the combination with a malefic planet then the person may have to go for remedies.

Venus Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Venus is the lord of 4th and 11th house and it becomes a malefic planet in the birth-chart of the Cancer Ascendant. Venus has Kendradhipati dosha, being the lord of the two Kendra houses. If Venus is placed in the Ascendant then the person may not be so adventurous and may have an unknown fear.

Economic status will be good and the person may achieve success in job or business. If Venus aspects the sign of Saturn which is placed in the 7th house then the person may have an erotic imagination.

Saturn Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Saturn is 7th lord and 8th lord in the birth-chart and it gives inauspicious results when placed in the Cancer Ascendant. Due to this, fluctuations may occur in the health of a person where would he/she could be of thin built and may have self indulging nature.

The native may have less affection for parents and problems may occur in progeny. Due to the aspect of Saturn on 3rd, 7th and 10th house, native may not get support of siblings and there might not be happiness in married life. If Saturn gives wealth it increases the expenses too. The native may have eye related problems.

Rahu Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Rahu makes the person luxurious due to its placement in the 1st house in birth-chart of the Cancer Ascendant. The native may have to work hard to achieve success in business rather than in a job, where success is assured. Due to the 7th aspect of Saturn on the 7th house, conflicts may happen in married life, where the native may not receive support of life partner and even suffer loss in partnership.

Ketu Placed in Cancer Ascendant
Ketu affects the health of native if placed in the birth-chart of Cancer Ascendant. Problems may arise in health during the dasha of Ketu.

The native may be very eager to get respect and honour in the society. There might be secret enemies of the native due to which difficulties may occur in life. Due to the aspect of Ketu on the 7th house, there might be unhappiness in married life and the native may have extra marital affairs.


  • At 2013.03.08 22:39, nisha singh said:

    thank you for such an informative piece.
    my ascendant is cancer and placement of planets is as follows:-
    1st house- jupiter & mercury
    2nd house- saturn and rahu
    5th house- moon
    8th house- ketu
    11th house-mars
    12th house- sun & venus

    sir my mother has been bed ridden for 20 years. what is that i can do
    to bring my mother out of her bed and healthy again.

    • At 2013.05.21 11:24, Deepak Goyal said:

      1. Have you severe problem in your Right eye ?
      2. It seems You have been blessed with most of the comforts of life.
      3. It seems you have good intellectual power and firm belive in God.
      4. Your birth in the month of Mid June to Mid July month, of sixth or seventh tithi of sukla paksh.
      5. You are emotionally strong.

      Please let me know if these predictions are correct..

    • At 2013.08.05 19:54, Ujjwal said:

      My ascendant is cancer and placement of planet is as follows:
      1st house: Jupiter and Ketu
      6th house: Mercury and Moon
      7th house : Sun, Venus, Saturn and Rahu
      11th house: Mars

      Please tell me something about my future husband. how my husband’s character would be? and when would I get married?

      Thanks in advance.

      • At 2013.09.13 00:00, ayush said:

        my ascendant is cancer
        sun with ketu in second hous
        mercury in 3rd
        saturn in 6
        mars in 9th moon in1
        0th jupiter in 11 and vemus in 12 wt wud be my financial statuus

        • At 2015.07.06 09:38, Siddhanto Roy said:

          I am a cancer ascendant with punarvasu nakshatra. Sun and Rahu in sixth house,Jupiter in 2nd house in purvaphalguni nakshatra,Venus in 4th house,Mars and Mercury in 5th house,Saturn in 7th house and Moon in 11th house.Currently i am running Rahu mahadasha, my Jupiter mahadasha starts from 2017…let me know something about my career and marriage

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