Placement of Planets in Gemini Ascendant


The ascendant is the most important house of the kundali, it has been called the body of the horoscope. There is a special meaning of the signs placed in the ascendant and the planets placed in further modify the results. Let us find out what it means to have planets placed in Gemini Ascendant.

Sun Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Sun is in a friendly sign when it is in Gemini. Due to the effect of Sun the person will have a reddish aura around her face. He has a beautiful, attractive and decent personality. He would be courageous, self-confident and cool headed person. He may face many health related problems in the childhood and may face difficulties in the adolescence but the adulthood is joyful. He may face economic crunch in her life. If Sun aspects the seventh house then He may have delayed marriage and might not find much peace in the married life.

Moon Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Moon is the lord of the house of income in the birth-chart of Gemini Ascendant. The native will be wealthy and comfortable but her state of mind would be restless. He would be very courageous and soft-spoken but also have an arrogant and aggressive personality. He loves music. Due to the aspect of Moon on the seventh house, He may get a handsome and intellectual life partner and may have a happy married life. Economic status will be good because He would be clever in savings. If Moon is in combination with malefic planets then He may have to go for remedies.

Mars Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Mars is a malefic planet and the 6th and the 11th lord in the birth chart of Gemini Ascendant.The person would be courageous and radiant but life would not be stable. He would be amateur of the journey and may achieve success in the army and defence department. He might not get much happiness from her parents and may face difficulties from her enemies. Due to the aspect of Mars on the seventh house He may have difficulties in the married life and life partner would be suffering from health related problems.
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Mercury Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Mercury is the lord of Gemini and it is a benefic planet in the Ascendant. If Mercury is placed in the 1st house then the person would be clever, quick-witted and have a good memory. He the has ability to be a good businessperson. Economic status will be average because He does not like to have only one source of income. He may get money from more than one source and He may achieve success in the field of writing, editing and in publishing. He will be blessed with property and vehicle. He may get happiness and support from the spouse.

Jupiter Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Jupiter is the lord of the seventh and the tenth house in the birth-chart. It is a malefic planet due to its lordship of two kendra houses. If Jupiter is also placed in the 1st house with Mercury then the malefic effect of Jupiter is less. The native would be beautiful and fair but may have a problem of cold and cough. He would be clever, intellectual and truthful, due to this, He may get respect and honour in the society. The speciality of Jupiter is that Jupiter gives auspicious result to the houses on which it aspects that means it gives benefic result in the field related to the fifth, seventh and the ninth houses to her. If Jupiter is in the combination with the malefic planets then results will be inauspicious.

Venus Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Venus is the 5th lord and the 12th lord in the birth-chart. It is a benefic planet due to its lordship of a trine house. Venus gives good effect when it is in a friendly sign. He would be thin but have an attractive appearance and would have a good economic status too. He has an interest in the material pleasures. Due to this, He likes to spend her money on luxuries. He would get respect in the society. Due to the aspect of Venus on the seventh house He will have an affectionate and loving relationship with her life partner but He may have an extra marital affair or before marriage affair due to the malefic effect of Venus.

Saturn Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Saturn is the lord of the eighth and the tenth house. As Saturn becomes the lord of trines, it removes the blemish from the eighth house and plays a role of the benefic planet. Due to Saturn, the native may face health related problems and He would be thin and may disturb from acidity and skin diseases. Saturn makes the person fortunate and faithful towards the god. The aspect of Saturn on the 7th house gives the person a high desire for physical pleasures. If Saturn aspects the tenth house then He may be puniHed by the state. Conflicts may occur with the parents and Saturn will cause the person to work hard for a livelihood.

Rahu Placed in Gemini Ascendant
Rahu is in a friendly sign in Gemini Ascendant. Due to Rahu placed in the exalted sign, the native would be clever, courageous and excellent in her profession. He knows how to manipulate things to her advantage. Rahu gives an attractive and sturdy appearance to her but Rahu give its malefic effect in child related matters when it is in the birth chart of the woman. Conflicts may occur in the married life and creates the yoga for a second marriage.

Ketu Placed in Gemini Ascendant
The native would have low self confidence if Ketu is in the Ascendant. He will prefer to work in partnership instead of independent work or He may prefer a job instead of a business. He would have an egoistic nature. Due to the effect of Ketu He may be disturbed from acidity problems. Fluctuations may occur in the married life. He may strong physical desires which may lead to an extra marital affair.



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