Marriage Analysis from Prashna Kundli

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marriage-prashna-jyotishMarriage is the most important of the sixteen sanskaras. It is an institution through which a relationship between a man and a woman is sanctified. This relationship is finalized by people but god decides the right life partner for everyone. If you want to know what the almighty has in store for you, then you can use the Prashna Kundli.

Combination For Quick Marriage
If Saturn is placed in a neutral house in the Prashna Kundali then the person will get a bride quickly. Similarly, when the Moon is in the seventh, second, third, sixth, tenth and in the eleventh house and Jupiter aspects it then it it results in quick marriage. This kind of result also occurs when Moon aspects Jupiter while being placed in the third, fifth or in the eleventh house.

If Ascendant or Moon is placed in the seventh house or seventh lord is situated in the Ascendant then the wedding would take place early. If Ascendant and Moon have a positive aspect or combination in with the seventh lord then the chances of an early marriage increase. Chances increase even more if Venus and Saturn are exalted in benefic houses.

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Post Marriage Prosperity
According to the Prashna Kundli, if the seventh lord and Venus are in Upachay houses that is in the third, sixth, tenth and the eleventh houses in the Kundli then this combination brings prosperity and happiness in the life after marriage. Apart from this, if the seventh lord and Venus are with the Ascendant lord, the Moon or with the second lord then the life after marriage is prosperous and harmonious.

Love Marriage and Prashna Astrology
Love marriage is also one of the marriage systems prevalent today that has been described in Indian scriptures. When Moon is placed in the third, sixth, seventh, tenth or the eleventh houses in an auspicious, which are placed in the benefic signs and Mercury, Sun and Jupiter aspect it, then there is a conjuncture of  love marriage in the Prashna Kundli.

In respect to love marriage, an exchange between the Ascendant lord and in the seventh or twelfth lord is important. The placement of Venus and Moon  in their own signs or in exalted signs create strong chances of love marriage. If the combination of the fifth lord,  is in combination with the seventh lord or Ascendant lord, or aspects them, the person will get the desired life partner.

Delays in Marriage
If malefic eighth lord aspects the Ascendant or the seventh lord, or a malefic planet is placed in the eighth lord then the marriage is late.


  • At 2011.03.03 21:27, i.roy said:

    my d.o.b-11/10/1985, midnapore(westbengal).iwant to konw is it love or arranged marriage?

    • At 2011.03.15 17:56, Aparna said:

      when i’ll get married please. I live abroad at the moment. Will I be able to settle here after marriage
      dob 18-10-1983
      time 04.12 p.m

      • At 2011.03.30 09:03, Bhumika said:

        when i’ll get married please.
        dob 23-01-1989
        time 04.10 p.m
        Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

        • At 2011.03.31 08:07, Nikita said:

          Dob 17 feb 82 time 11:05pm in anand gujarat. when will I get married and whether it will be love marriage or arrange marriage

          • At 2011.03.31 08:12, Mahesh said:

            My bday is 15 oct 1979 time of birth 1:55pm afternoon in Vadodara, Gujarat. Can I tell me when i ll get married?

            • At 2011.06.20 10:21, hitesh said:

              Name hemanth d .o.b 4 .07.1989 timing 10.27 morning Bangalore

              • At 2011.06.20 10:23, hitesh said:

                Wen ll my marriage take place

              • At 2012.05.08 12:33, npd said:

                Dear Sir,
                Can you tell me if I’m having love or arrange marriage yoga in my kundli and when.? My details are as follows –
                DOB – 1st Sept’2012
                Time – 5:35 am
                Place – Jamnagar

                Thank you

                • At 2012.05.08 12:35, npd said:

                  Dear Sir,
                  Can you tell me if I’m having love or arrange marriage yoga in my kundli and when.? My details are as follows –
                  DOB – 1st Sept’1979
                  Time – 5:35 am
                  Place – Jamnagar

                  Thank you

                  • At 2012.07.05 17:20, Lalita said:

                    My birth name is lalita..My birthdate is 11 september 1987…. At 8.05 pm…in pune … I am suffering from various problems current. Majorly my marriage. Can u please help?

                    • At 2012.07.26 15:48, neha soni said:

                      kya meri love marriage hogi???
                      my dob-03/01/1994.

                      • At 2012.08.31 11:25, Rajesh Sihag said:

                        Dob. 23 Oct, 1987
                        date place. Barwala, Haryana
                        when i will get married and i am in relationship.. I want to do love marriage.. I will do love marriage or arrange marriage..

                        • At 2012.09.13 22:27, tarachand said:

                          kya meri love marriage hogi ya arrange aur kab tak?
                          D.O.B- 08/05/1982.
                          Time- 17.00 5 pm
                          Place deeg

                          • At 2012.09.18 17:49, jaya dixit said:

                            my date of birth is 25 aug. 1981 my marriage is delaying i want to know the reason please help me my mother was very worried about me

                            • At 2012.11.20 02:01, anand said:

                              dob:15/4/ ap,can u please tell me about my marriage..

                              • At 2012.12.23 14:21, priyanka said:

                                my dob-29/2/1988/8:17 tell me about my marrige life

                                • At 2012.12.23 14:28, hemangi said:

                                  my dob is 29/2/1988 time:8:17.tell me about my marriage(current situation)plz…

                                  • At 2013.03.11 18:14, abhisek patnaik said:

                                    my Dob is 14/12/1986 and time is 03:07am tell me about my marriage please and when and with whom it is going to be made…

                                    • At 2013.04.30 22:25, Vineet Kumar shrivastava said:

                                      When I will get married? It will be love or arranged marriage?My DOB :-18/02/1985.TIME:-19:27. Place:-PATNA.

                                      • At 2013.10.07 07:24, sneha said:

                                        place of birth-sangli
                                        when will i get married

                                        • At 2013.10.07 07:25, sneha said:

                                          when will i get married

                                          • At 2013.10.07 07:26, sneha said:

                                            i kmow u will give right auggestion

                                            • At 2014.02.08 21:58, Deepa said:

                                              DOB: 04-Oct-1985 time is: 12-00am
                                              when will I get married?

                                              • At 2014.03.15 01:30, Mini said:

                                                Sir my DOB 3-nov-1978 1.54 am AP. Plz tell me when will i get married and how will be my married life..

                                                • At 2014.04.27 14:14, shweta pathak said:

                                                  sir my d.o.b is
                                                  sir meri shaadi kb tk hogi.kriypa kr batyae

                                                  • At 2014.05.14 20:26, kalpana thakur said:

                                                    Kalpana thakur
                                                    Dob 09-04-1988
                                                    Time 07:05pm
                                                    Place hamirpur hp
                                                    When will I get married and will it love or arranged marriag.

                                                    • At 2014.08.25 07:37, Lovely singh said:

                                                      when I will get marriage it will be arrenge marrige or love marrige…

                                                      • At 2014.08.25 07:40, Lovely singh said:

                                                        my dob is 10-11-1992..when I will get marrige it will arrenge marriege or love marrige. ..

                                                        • At 2015.06.07 19:43, Priyanka Dubey said:

                                                          My dob. 1-1-1986…..when I will get marriage what kind of my life partner i will get and will it be love or arrange

                                                          • At 2015.06.07 19:49, Priyanka Dubey said:

                                                            My dob is 1-2-1986….. when I will get marriage what kind of my life partnet i will get and will it be love or arrange…..

                                                            • At 2016.01.27 17:20, Amanpreet Kaur said:

                                                              Dob- 28.8.1993
                                                              Time- 8:15 am
                                                              Place- Chandigarh
                                                              Please tell me the agewhen I will get married and it will be love marriage or not?

                                                              • At 2016.08.29 15:44, Diljinder kaur said:

                                                                Diljinder kaur Dob 01-12-1989 Time 10:30AM Place Jallandhar,punjab/india. Sir meri shadi kab hogi aur kiske shath hogi uska naam kya marriage hogi ya arrang marriage

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