Placement of Planets in Capricorn Ascendant


The people of Capricorn ascendant do not like interference of other people in their work. Let us see how the Ascendant influence the native of Capricorn Ascendant when they are in the ascendant itself.

Sun Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
Sun becomes the lord of the 8th house in the Kundli of Capricorn Ascendant. A person may face health related problems because of this position. There are possibilities of having pain in bones, stomach related problems and eye related problems. The person might be motivated by self interest and may sacrifice the other people’s interests in order to promote himself.

Due to the presence of Sun in an enemy planet’s sign, he may  may have to face difficult situations and problems but they can win with their hard work and self-dependence. Conflicts may occur with father and relatives. He would like to be in a job instead of a business. There may be fluctuations in the married life.

Moon Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
Moon is the lord of the 7th house in the Kundli and gives an attractive appearance to the native, when in Capricorn Ascendant. The native's mind would  have an unsteady but humorous nature because of the effect of Moon.

The native may be attracted towards beauty. He may get problems in eyes and in ears. Moon aspects Cancer in the 7th house, when it is placed in the Ascendant, because of this, the person would get a beautiful and virtuous spouse. He would get full co-operation and help from the life partner at any time.

Mars Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
Mars is the 4th lord and the 11th lord in the Kundli and it gives an angry disposition to the native when placed in the Ascendant. He may have a dominating character. He will get full co-operation from his father andmay get respect in the society because of his father’s position or influence. There may be a point when he may be involved in a conflict with his father in the latter half of his life due to Saturn’s influence. Because of this he may have to give up his father’s property
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Mars in the 1st house aspect the 4th, 7th and the 8th house. Due to this aspect he would be a religious person. Manglik Dosha reduces happiness from the married life.

Mercury Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
Mercury becomes the lord of the 6th and the 9th house in the Kundli. The person would be clever and educated because of Mars’s placement in the Ascendant. He may have a job with the government or a government related concern.

He would be devoted to god and would be a kind person. He will have an interest in the arts and may get respect and honor in the society for his achievements. Economic status would be good.

The aspect of Moon on Cancer in the 7th house gives the person a beautiful spouse. The aspect of sixth lord on the 7th house makes the nature of the spouse aggressive    and he may have children later in the life.

Jupiter Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
As Jupiter is the 12th lord and the 3rd lord in the Kundli, it plays the role of a malefic planet. Presence of Jupiter in the Ascendant makes the native knowledgeable and virtuous. He has good learning powers but he does not use his virtue and his qualities in a proper manner.

He is always influenced by others, because of this he might have many difficulties in his life. The aspect of Jupiter is on the 5th, 7th and on the 9th house, because of this aspect, he would be lucky after his marriage.

Venus Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
Venus is the 5th lord and the 7th lord in the Kundli and it is a benefic planet for Capricorn Ascendant. Presence of Venus in the Ascendant makes the native beautiful, clever, selfish and unsteady.

He may be an opportunist. He might make friends only to get help for his work. He has a special interest in the people of opposite gender. If Venus has an aspect on Cancer in the 7th house then the life partner will be good and supportive in good and bad times.

Saturn Placed in Capricorn Ascendant
Saturn is the Ascendant-lord and the 2nd lord in the Kundli of Capricorn Ascendant. It makes a person lucky. A person would be healthy but may have problems related to the voice. He would achieve success in job and in business too. He would get a chance to work for the government. He will have an affectionate mother. Aspect of Saturn on the 7th house creates problem for the life partner and it affects the married life too.

Rahu in Capricorn Ascendant
Rahu is present in the 1st house in the Kundli of Capricorn Ascendant and it reduces the stability of life. The person may be unfocused and have to stray around without any reason. There may be times when he may have a loss at the edge of success.

Job is better than business for this native. Difficulties may occur in business and there are  chances of having a loss in business. Due to the aspect of Rahu on the 7th hey may not have support from friends and partners and there might not be very much happiness in the married life.

Ketu in Capricorn Ascendant
Due to the placement of Ketu in the 1st house in the Kundli the person may have some fluctuation in health. Different kind of problems may occur at the different times. He has a special interest in the people of opposite gender. He may have problems because of his enemies.

He may use inappropriate methods to get respect in the society which may ultimately lead to dishonor. Aspect of Ketu on the 7th house causes conflict with life partner and reduces the support from the spouse.



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