Saturn in Sign Virgo : Auspicious for Some, Inauspicious for Others


Saturn is entering the sign Virgo on 10th September 2009. Due to this transit Sade sati will start for the people of Moonsign Libra. This will be a challenging time for the people of Libra Moonsign. They should get prepared for hard-work and boost up their energies to be able to meet the expectations they have from life. Be assured though that the results will be good if efforts are honest. The positive thing is that the next five years will be good for the people of Libra sign in terms of results.

This will be the 2nd phase of Sade saati for Virgo Moonsign and the third phase for Leo. In the two-and-a-half-years that Saturn is in Virgo it will have a 3rd aspect on Scorpio, 7th on Pisces and 10th on Gemini. Of the three, it will be the turn of Gemini to reap the rewards for efforts made in the past. The people of other two sign may have some troubles.

Out of Virgo, Libra and Leo (the three Moonsigns under Sadesati), the 2 1/2 years of Saturn's transit will be specifically inauspicious for Moonsign Virgo. For Libra the initial 5 years will be quite good but the end 2 1/2 years may be challenging. The people of sign Leo will feel a relief from their troubles during this transit.

The Impact on Virgo Sign
During the period that Saturn is in Virgo it will be the 2nd phase of Sadesati for Virgo Moonsign. During this period the people of Virgo Moonsign should focus strongly on their professional life because it is the time to get profits from business. If you are resourceful and make judicious usage of your time and resources, you will profit a lot. There may be an improvement in your financial status during this period.

People of sign Virgo should take care while traveling or driving to avoid the chances of an accident. This is not a good time for marital bliss. Try to avoid stress and depression and focus on the good things in life. Give more time to your life-partner to improve your relationship with him or her. If you take care, this challenging period will be over without a major crisis. The worldwide impact
During this transit there may be an increase in the failure of electronic equipment and computers. Because Saturn is a slow planet, the impact may be felt a little before and a little after it moves into the new sign.
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The End of Sade sati for Cancer
The people of sign Cancer can now take a collective sigh of relief because their Sadesati is finally coming to an end on the 10th September. But it might take a month or so for the full effects of Sadesati to wear off. According to astrology there may be a parting loss or a kick from Saturn, so brace yourself if your Moonsign is Cancer.

As Saturn aspects the Moonsign Scorpio with its third aspect from the Moonsign Virgo, there will be an increase in conflicts related to this field, namely: arts, editing, writing, publishing and media. Try to help your friends as much as you can if you are of this Moonsign because that will help reduce your troubles too.

The Shadashtak Yoga of Saturn And Jupiter
During the next one year Saturn and Jupiter will be in the Shadashtak Yoga. That's why starting from 20th October 2009 there will be some change in the educational system. During this time young children will be more susceptible to infections and diseases than usual. There may be some souring of relationship with foreign countries and this is not a good time for partnerships.

Saturn's Dhaiyya
The Moonsigns Gemini and Cancer will be under Saturn's Dhaiyya (Laghu Kalyani transit). The people of Gemini will be under Kantak Shani, and Cancer will be under Ashtam Shani. This transit will be effective on them for 2 1/2 years. Although the people of Cancer Moonsign would feel some challenges, this is not going to be too bad a time for Gemini. Aquarius Moonsign will be under some pressure even though it is the own sign of Saturn. According to Astrology they should be wary of labor problems if they run a labor intensive business or unit

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    7gMhwz This unique blog is without a doubt cool and informative. I have discovered many interesting advices out of this source. I ad love to return again soon. Thanks a lot!

  2. 14 September, 2010 02:33:03 PM jagmohan

    very nice to read about gemini thanks a lot

  3. 06 September, 2010 03:50:12 PM Krishan Kumar Katoch

    My DOB is 03-09-1955 Time of Birth 10.35 am State Himachal Pradesh. I want to whether I will regain my lost position or not. If yes by which date?

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  5. 08 November, 2009 08:27:57 AM Vijay

    Dear Sir, My DOB is 21-09-1952 Time of Birth 1.45 am. Can any knowledgeable person enlighten me as to when my sade sati starts and when it ends. Thanks & regards,

  6. 18 September, 2009 12:24:05 PM Sudhaker

    Yeah, it is Aquarius sign which will have Ashtama Shani (Saturn in 8th from Moon in natal chart) and Pisces will have Kantak Shani (Saturn in 7th from Moon in natal chart).

  7. 10 September, 2009 03:35:21 AM Rashmi

    They say with sade satti ending, you get rewarded / punished depending on the karmas you have done. You talked about the Mithun sign also getting impacted with Shani's movement to Kanya. IS it applicable for them also - that the reward / punishment to flow in based on their recent karmas.

  8. 08 September, 2009 04:58:54 PM ignorant

    here it says, Shani maharaj will give a parting kick before going[to Kark rashi], but I have read somewhere that it rewards before going, to compensate for the pains as Shani delivers justice. Which behaviour is true in observation?

  9. 08 September, 2009 03:48:33 PM Arora

    Hi...good minor correction...people with aquarius moon sign (NOT cancer) would be under astham sani.

  10. 08 September, 2009 07:46:05 AM Ramesh Snha

    Bahut sundar article. Thank you very much for the information I was looking for. This is the best article I have found on this topic.