Gem Therapy and Diseases Related to Planets


Every planet has its own specific gemstone which acts as a barrier between us and malefic effect of the planet and we can get the positive results if we use the gemstone. This is the basis of gem therapy.

Diseases Related to Jupiter and Gemstone Remedy
Jupiter has the place of Guru (teacher) of all the planets. The parts of the body governed by Jupiter are neck, stomach, fat and respiratory system. When Jupiter becomes weak in the birth chart then the native may face different types of diseases such as cold, cough and phlegm. He may be disturbed from throat problems, voice related problems, jaundice, gout, stomach diseases and kidney related problems which occur due to the malefic effect of Jupiter.

In Ratanshastra, Pukhraj which is the yellow sapphire is the remedy for Jupiter. When the native wears this gem then Jupiter's energizing power would increase and it decreases the possibilities of these diseases. If he is suffering from any one of these disease then he may get quick and good results.

Diseases Related to Venus and Gemstone Remedy
Venus is the planet of beauty. It governs over face, skin and private parts. The person who has malefic Venus in his birth chart would have to face problems related to the private parts many times. Some others diseases may also occur such as  tuberculosis, eye related diseases, hysteria, urine related diseases, and hernia.

Diamond is the remedial gemstone for Venus.  Rays of diamond which are present in the ether, give beneficial result to the health of the person.

Diseases Related to Saturn and Gemstone Remedy
Saturn is known as a cruel planet in the Jyotish shastra. Its favorite colors are blue and black. Blue sapphire is the remedy for Saturn. A blue aura always around this gemstone, it is known as the magical stone. The person who wears this gemstone can protect himself from Saturn related problems such as gout, cancer, swelling, constipation, paralysis, epilepsy and private part diseases. Due to Saturn, he may face an accident and problems in bones, if he wears this gemstone then he can protect himself from these problems.

Diseases Related to Rahu and Gemstone Remedy
Rahu is a malefic planet just like Saturn according to Jyotish shastra. If this planet is placed in the birth chart and it is malefic, then it not just creates hurdles in the progress of life but also causes different types of diseases.  Due to Rahu, he may have stomach related problems, brain related disease, heart disease and leprosy, he may even face cancer, gout, smallpox problems due to spirits.

Gomedh which is also known as Cat's eye is the remedy for Rahu. It should be worn in a Panch-Dhatu (five-metal alloy) ring. It will help reduce the effect of these diseases.

Diseases Related to Ketu and Gemstone Remedy
Ketu and Rahu are the two parts of the body that's why its impact is quite similar to Rahu. It is also placed among cruel planets. If the native suffers from anemia, urine diseases, skin related diseases, cholera, piles and indigestion then we can understand that he is suffering from the malefic effects of Ketu. If he wants to get relief from these diseases then he will have to wear Sutra-mani also known as Lahsuniya. Lahsuniya is the gemstone for Ketu. The person can get relief from these diseases if he wear Lahsuniya. Women who wear this during their labor pains will be able to tolerate the pain more easily.

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