Interpretation for Placement of Planets in Virgo Ascendant


The people born in Virgo ascendant are gentle and sensible because of Virgo's lord Mercury's influence.They are good at business and are generally very creative. The placement of various planets in this ascendant has different results. Let's find out what is the impact of planets in Virgo ascendant.

Sun Placed in Virgo Ascendant
Sun is the lord of the 12th house and is neutral in Virgo Ascendant. Those who have Sun in the Ascendant in their birth-chart, will be good-looking and have a influential personality. They may have cough, cold and heart related problems in life.

Due to the influence of Sun, They will get opportunities for foreign trips. When Sun aspects the 7th house their life may not be so full of happiness. They will do good in agricultural and water related business. If Sun is in combination with a malefic planet or aspects it then suitable remedies should be performed to make the Sun more suitable.

Moon Placed in Virgo Ascendant
Moon is the 11th lord and a malefic planet in the Virgo Ascendant. Due to the placement of Moon in this Ascendant, the person will have a good and impressive personality. The influence of the Moon will make him a kind and a confident Man. He will progress in a short period of time.

If Moon aspects Jupiter in the 7th house, then the person will share a good relationship with his spouse and will be supported. He will also get unexpected benefits. If Moon is in conjunction with malefic planets then it will be inauspicious and very problematic for the person.

Mars Placed in Virgo Ascendant
Mars in the Virgo Ascendant is the lord of the 3rd and 8th house and acts as a malefic planet. Mars in the Virgo Ascendant makes a person aggressive in nature. The aspect of Mars on the 4th house gives good relationships with siblings whereas conflicts may occur with parents.

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However, If Mars is in the 1st house, it gives health related problems to the father. The aspect of Mars on the 8th house will possibly give physical problems. This placement of Mars is not auspicious for the household. Mars affects the results of the 7th house. There are also chances to be cheated by business partners.

Mercury Placed in Virgo Ascendant
As Mercury is the Ascendant lord and the lord of 10th house, it has a benefic influence. Mercury in its own house makes the native attractive. Mercury gives longevity to the person. It also makes the person confident.  He will expand his business and soar to heights through his own efforts.

He will get respect and honor in the society. The aspect of Mercury on the 7th house gives the person a compatible life partner and he will be happy in his married life.

Jupiter Placed in Virgo Ascendant
As Jupiter is the lord of the 4th and the 7th houses, it is a malefic planet in the birth-chart. Due to the placement of Jupiter, the person will be identified by his father's name and reputation. Conflicts may occur with relatives and he will get respect and support from his son.

He will get paternal wealth. Jupiter in the 1st house aspects the 5th, 7th and the 9th houses, due to this, the person will have a long life and will gain fame. If Jupiter is combined with a malefic planet, the person may not receive much happiness from children.

Venus Placed in Virgo Ascendant
As Venus is the lord of the 2nd and 12th house it is a benefic planet in the birth-chart. Venus helps the person be successful in life. The person will have an increased interest in the field of arts and music. He will also be inclined towards spirituality. He will achieve success in business. He will also be supported by the government. Due to the Aspect of Venus on the 7th house, the person will have a virtuous and supportive spouse. If Venus is combined with malefic planets then benefits of Venus will get affected.

Saturn Placed in Virgo Ascendant
Saturn is a neutral planet in the Virgo Ascendant. Saturn becomes the lord of the 5th and the 6th houses. Due to the influence of Saturn, the person will be physically strong. He will be a hardworking, knowledgeable and intelligent person. But his family life may be unpleasant. Hey may not get much support from the children.

Saturn in the 1st house aspects the 3rd, 7th and the 10th house, as a result he may have to face problems related to children. His life partner will be attractive and cultured but may sometimes become aggressive which may give rise to conflicts in the married life.

Rahu Placed in Virgo Ascendant
When Rahu is placed in the 1st house in the Virgo Ascendant, the person will be tall and slim. He may be self-centered and clever in nature. If Rahu aspects the 7th house in the women's birth-chart, they may face problems related to their children. This aspect of Rahu can also be inauspicious for their life partner and makes the family environment unpleasant.

Ketu Placed in Virgo Ascendant
Placement of Ketu in the 1st house makes the person self-centered . Due to this influence, the person will have a lack of self-respect. He will achieve success in the field of espionage. He may suffer from backache and gastric problems. Due to the aspect of Ketu on the 7th house, it gives inauspicious results.

There may be health problems for the life partner. If the 7th house is not in conjunction with a benefic planet then there are possibilities for extra marital affairs in his life.



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