The Results For Rahu's Transit Through 12 Houses


Rahu and Ketu have no physical existence among planets as they are actually imaginary nodes of Moon. They are also called shadow planets. In Vedic astrology they have been given a special status are as important as other planets in the astrology. Rahu and Ketu are non-physical planets which gives result according to the placement in the houses in the birth-chart. Rahu's transit has a strong impact on the person at the time of birth.

Astrologers believe that when Rahu and Ketu are placed with another planet in the birth-chart then they do not give their own effect but give the result similar to that of the planet placed with them. Rahu gives benefic result in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses from Moon but Rahu becomes inauspicious when there is a placement of any another planet in the 5th, 9th and 10th houses. Rahu gives different results in every house during its transit in Moon birth-chart which are as follows:

Rahu's Transit Through the First House
The native is plagued with disease when Rahu is in the Moonsign at birth. The person would get some physical problems. The person spends so much time in thinking that he may become confused and take wrong decisions that will bring results opposite to the those he desired. He might also be lazy and may get tired easily which lowers his working ability.

Rahu's Transit Through the Second House
Rahu gives financial loss when in the 2nd house from the Moonsign. The native will have unnecessary expenditures which cause economic problems during Rahu's transit. Family and relatives may have difficulties due to this sign which creates conflicts between the native and his family. Rahu's transit may also attract the person towards drugs or other addictive substances which can make him mentally disturbed.

Rahu's Transit Through the Third House
Rahu's transit in the 3rd house from Moon gives beneficial results to the native. Due to his political nature, he will manipulate things for his own benefits. He likes to work secretly on his projects, but does not like to work on targets or decide a date for the completion. During this transit, he will get material pleasures in his life.

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Rahu's Transit Through the Fourth House
Rahu's transit through the 4th house from Moon give difficulties to the native and to his mother. He will get hurdles serveral times in his life. He may have a fear of losing his respect and honor. There will be fresh challenges and problems and it may seem to the person that no sooner he has solved one problem, another crops up. Problems may occur in land and vehicle related matters.

Rahu's Transit Through the Fifth House
According to astrology, Rahu gives malefic results to the native when in the 5th house from Moon in the birth-chart. His mind would be unfocused and he dreams of getting rich quickly. Due to this, he may lose instead of gaining and the economic situation will weaken. Rahu's transit gives negative results healthwise. He may have problems in mouth and teeth. He will face difficulties and challenges during this time.

Rahu's Transit Through the Sixth house
Generally Rahu's transit in the 6th house from Moon in the birth-chart is not considered so malefic. This transit has a negative impact on health, so the person should take care and make sure he has healthy eating habits. He may suffer from stomach related problems but Rahu's transit is beneficial for economic status. He will have wealth and there are possibilities of getting unexpected benefits during Rahu's transit.

Rahu's Transit Through the Seventh House
Rahu has malefic effect on the married life when it is in the 7th house from Moon. Due to this conflicts may occur between husband and wife which creates distances between them. The life partner may face problems and difficulties due to Rahu's transit. The person may be upset because of ill health. Due to this, he will be disturbed.

Rahu's Transit Through the Eighth House
Rahu in the 8th house from the Moonsign yields physical problems. The native may be disturbed due to different diseases specially due to diseases in urethera and excretory system. Rahu has malefic effects on the economic status. The person's expenses will be high and he may have a financial loss.

Rahu's Transit Through the Ninth House
Rahu in the 9th house from moon in the birth-chart raises many obstacles in the native's professional life. Sometimes he may feel that his work is successful, but some unexpected problems may arise. Rahu has a negative impact on money related matters. He may have a financial loss due to unnecessary expenditure.

Rahu's Transit Through the Tenth House
Rahu in the 10th house from the Moonsign causes a lot of upheavals in the native's life. Due to Rahu's transit, he will leave his house and live in another city or he will get a transfer in his job. He will change his job i.e he will leave his work and find a different kind of work during this transit. He may face economic problems and he might feel bodily tired due to unusually hard work

Rahu's Transit Through the Eleventh House
Rahu gives benefic result when in the 11th house from Moon. It does not have any malefic effect in this house. The native will get respect and honor in the society due to Rahu's transit. He will get new sources of income and he would get money from old sources too. It gives benefic results for wealth and he will achieve success in his business. If Rahu's transit is in your 11th house then you will get good fresh opportunities during this period.

Rahu's Transit Through the Twelfth House
Due to  Rahu's transit, the native may have health related problems. When Rahu's transit is in the 12th house the native may be lost in day dreaming. He might not able to go beyond his dreams and translate them into action. He may face financial loss due to unnecessary expenditure.



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