The Auspicious Yogas of Sun


During the analysis of the birth-chart, attention should be paid on the Yogas of planet.  According to Vedic Astrology, when any planet is independently placed in any house, then it gives different results from when it is in combination with another planet.

The combination of Sun with other planets and the results have their own importance in the Astrology.

Raj Rajeshwar Yoga
This Yoga is created when Sun is in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter and Moon is in its own sign i.e Cancer in the birth-chart. This yoga is a strong Raj yoga in Vedic Astrology. The person who has this yoga in his birth-chart, will be confident and full of warmth just like Sun and will be calm and soft-hearted as Moon.

This yoga makes the person intelligent and imaginative. His influential personality will accord him respect and honor in the society. He will also get support and benefits from the government. This Yoga will provide him a government job or income from the government.

Those who have this Yoga in their birth-chart, are wealthy and lead a blissful life.

Budhaditya Yoga
Mercury is the closest planet of Sun. It is often in a combination with Sun. Wherever this Yoga occurs in the birth-chart, it prevents the malefic effect of that house. This Yoga is quite similar to Raj Yoga. The occurrence of this Yoga, makes the person as courageous and wise as the Sun. Mercury also makes the person intelligent and knowledgeable which will get him respect in the society. He will also have good economic status and may not face economic problems anytime in his life.

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Bhaskar Yoga
Bhaskar is one of the names of Sun. This yoga is created when Mercury is in the 2nd house from Sun and Moon in the 11th house from Mercury, and Jupiter is in the 5th or 9th house from Moon. This Yoga occurs very rarely in the birth-chart, but if this great Yoga occurs in anyone's birth-chart, he will be a great personality. He will lead a prosperous life and will be blessed to have property, land and vehicles. He will have interests in arts and affection for others.

Vaasi Yoga
In the birth-chart If there is any other planet except Moon in the 12th house from Sun, then Vaasi Yoga is created. This Yoga gives benefic or malefic results according to the presence of planets in the 12th house from Sun. If a benefic planet is in the 12th house with Moon then the native will be intelligent and knowledgeable. The auspicious Vaasi yoga makes the person virtuous and proficient in his work. It also accords him a quick-witted and clever personality. He will enjoy his life but if there is a malefic planet in this yoga, the person will have weak memory and lack of kindness. He lives away from his home and face difficulties in his life.

Veshi Yoga
Veshi Yoga is created when there is any other planet except Moon in the 2nd house from Sun. This yoga gives results according to the presence of benefic or malefic planet in this house. If benefic planet is in the 2nd house then the native will have a good-looking and attractive personality. It makes the person quick-witted and provides leadership quality in him. Due to the influence of this Yoga, the person will be more proficient in political and social work. He will get respect and honor from the public.

The person who has this Yoga in his birth-chart, faces problems in his job or business. He may also face difficulties in economic matters, due to which, he may have a loss of face at work.

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