How Annual Tajik Astrology Works

tajik-astrology Importance of Annual Horoscope in Vedic Astrology
In Indian astrology, annual horoscope is one of the popular methods used to forecast the immediate future. Annual horoscope can predict results for the year just like birth-charts are used to predict about the entire life. The method used to prepare the annual horoscope is known as the Tajik method and this system is also know as Tajik astrology.

Sun & Annual Horoscopes
Annual horoscopes are prepared on the basis of the birth-chart itself. When the position of the Sun in the year as same as that of the position in the birth-chart of native, it will be considered the starting time of the annual horoscope. Thus for every year, the annual horoscope will be cast for the day when Sun enters the same sign and degrees that it was at the time of birth.

Annual Horoscope and Muntha
One of the most important parts of the annual horoscope is Muntha. The occurrence of auspicious and inauspicious results during whole year can be assessed through the Muntha. The formula to calculate Muntha: Subtract one year from native's age, add it to the ascendant sign and divide the total with12. The remainder will be the sign where Muntha is located. Results obtained by the individual from Muntha differs from sign to sign.

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Annual Horoscope and Saham
Similar to Muntha Saham also predicts the events that will happen in the year. It is not clear how many Sahams there are in all. Different astrologers claim different numbers for Saham, as per estimates they are 50 to 100 in number. The Saham can be calculated by special formula based on the position of different planets. The ascendant has an important role to play in the calculation of Sahams. The Lord of the Saham is identified through the Saham's position. Auspicious or inauspicious results of the year depends on benefic or malefic location of Saham.

Yoga of An Annual Horoscope
The Tajik Yoga also describes some yogas in the annual chart. These yogas are very different from the yogas in the birth-kundali.There are sixteen Yogas in annual astrology which have different results.These Yogas are- Iqbal, Induvar, Ithishaal, Israf, Nakt, Yamya, Madau, Kambool, Gair-kambool, Khallasar Radd, Dufalikutha, Duthkuthir, Tambir, Kuttha and Duruf.



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