The Peril of Shakat Yoga


In the birth chart just as the benefic Yoga gives benefic results, the presence of malefic yoga gives malefic results to the native. One of the feared malefic Yogas is the 'Shakat Yoga'.

Due to this Yoga, the native may face failures in life frequently if there is no combination to cancel the effect of this Yoga.

Shakat means a Cart which moves on wheels. Just like the wheels move up and down, similarly, the person who has Shakat Yoga in their birth-chart sees many upheavals in life. According to Astrology, if this Yoga does is not cancelled by favorable combination, even a person born in a well-to-do family may face economic adversities and challenges in life. It is important to know how this yoga is canceled by favorable combinations but before that let us see howShakat Yoga is formed.

The Combination for Shakat Yoga
Shakat Yoga forms in the birth-chart when all the planets are present in the 1st and 7th House. Apart from this, the position of Jupiter and Moon also influence the occurrence of this Yoga. When Jupiter enters the 6th or in the 8th house from Moon and Jupiter is placed out from the Kendra Ascendant then it creates malefic Yoga in the birth chart. Due toShakat Yoga, the person may have to face economic, physical and mental problems. People who are suffering from this Yoga may not get support and respect they deserve for their good qualities.
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Cancellation of Shakat Yoga
There is no need to be alarmed if even if Shakat Yoga is in your birth-chart, there is a saying that "if nature makes you fall sick it also has a cure for your sickness". If the malefic combination of Shakat Yoga exists in your chart there could also be a positive combination which will help you combat its effects. According to Vedic Astrology if Moon is in a strong position, it gives the natives the strength to overcome the difficulties they may face due to Shakat Yoga and live their life with peace, respect and dignity.

If the Ascendant lord and 12th lord are in the Ascendant, the native will lead a prosperous life even if he has to face some ups and downs.

If Mars aspects Moon then Shakat Yoga will be canceled.

In Shadbal, if Jupiter is better-placed than Moon or Moon is placed in exalted or its own sign then the malefic Yoga becomes less effective.

When Rahu makes a combination with Moon in the birth-chart or Rahu aspects Jupiter then the malefic effect of Shakat Yoga will be canceled.

If Moon or Jupiter is in the Kendra from the Ascendant or there is a conjunction of Venus and Moon in the birth-chart then even if there is Shakat Yoga, the person will have success and wealth. The situation is same when Moon is in Gemini, Virgo, Taurus or Libra signs and the there is a combination of Mercury and Venus in Cancer.



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  1. 29 March, 2019 05:22:18 PM googles

    yo its post very interesting googles

  2. 20 December, 2018 09:47:32 PM chocopie

    AY9ndP You have made some good points there. I looked on the web to learn more about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.

  3. 22 September, 2016 11:17:02 PM Damina

    So I don´t think I have shakat yoga despite my jupiter is 8ith house from the moon, because it´s placed in my first house, mars aspect my moon and moon is in libra sign. Righ? Can anyone confirm me, please??

  4. 26 May, 2016 10:26:15 AM vandana

    My name is vandana ,dob13/08/1992,vishakapatnam, want to know my career growth and marriage life

  5. 25 May, 2016 11:42:14 AM Vishwadeep Verma

    Respected Sir,My DOB is March 13, 1970, Time 02:43 hrs, place - Sagar (MP). I have been told that I have shakat yog hence I am not able to prosper. Please guide me.Vishwadeep

  6. 20 March, 2016 12:51:56 AM Raj

    Dear Sir, My 07/01/1989, 07:00 AM, born in Pune, India. I know that I have a shakat yoga in my kundali, but i want to know how much it will effect my life according to the places of other planets.

  7. 02 September, 2014 06:45:52 PM Vivek

    Dear Sir, My DOB is 10th July 1970, 00:44 Hrs, Born in: Kolkata, India, Do I also have Shakat Yoga

  8. 19 July, 2014 11:44:41 PM devyani

    My relative born on 17/03/1990 ,12:45pm can the person experience effects of shakat yoga

  9. 14 March, 2014 02:27:06 PM Keval

    can u suggest me whether i have kemdrum or shakat yog?? mu dob is 3/11/1985, birth place: ahmedabad and birth time: 8:50AM

  10. 18 November, 2012 02:22:24 AM Nitesh

    Thanks for above information. A friend of mine has following detailsDOB: 16/10/1977 Time: 14.01 Place: Jodhpur (Raj). Does he hav Shakat or Kemdrum Yoga. He was in education then became politician cum business and now has left everything and now is deep in to spiritualism. Can u comment on his life ahead. Warm Reagrds