Placement of Planets in Scorpio Ascendant

The people of Ascendant Scorpio have qualities like passion and intensity. These individuals have a high emotional quotient but they are also practical in life too. The effects of the Ascendant are also modified by the planets that are placed in it.

Let us find out what impact the planets placed in Scorpio Ascendant will have on the individual.

Sun Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
Sun becomes a Karak by becoming the lord of the 10th house when it is in the ascendant of Mars. It makes the person confident, ambitious and intelligent. He also get benefits from the government and possibly a government job if Sun is the lord of the 10th House. If Sun is placed in this House then the person get share love and support with his father.

If Sun has an aspect on Tauras in the 7th house which is the sign of Venus, the person will reap benefits in the business of cosmetics. Conflicts may occur with life partner but he will share a good and loving relationship with his mother.

Moon Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
Moon is the Bhagyesh and Trikonesh in the birth-chart of Scorpio Ascendant. It is benefic for the person of this Ascendant. Because of the placement of Moon in this Ascendant, the person will have an attractive and influential personality. He will be more inclined towards spirituality and will enjoy visiting sacred places.

He will be a sympathetic and kind-hearted person. He may have problems of backache and bile. His good fortune will make his work easier and get him respect and honour in the society. Due to the aspect of Moon on the 7th house, he will have a beautiful, supportive and moral spouse.
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Mars Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
Mars in the Scorpio Ascendant is a benefic planet. When it becomes the Ascendant lord of the 6th House it gives auspicious results and it is beneficial when it becomes the Ascendant. It provides longevity to the person when it is placed in the 1st house. It also makes the person physically strong, healthy and hard working.

The person will never be afraid of his enemies. He will get respect and honour in the society. He will get benefits from his maternal side.

When the aspect of Mars is on the 4th, 7th and the 8th house, it gives inauspicious results and because of this, things like land, house and vehicle may be a problem for him to acquire and hold on to. There are possibilities of conflicts with mother and life partner. His married life may not be very pleasant.

Mercury Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
Mercury is a benefic planet but sometimes it gives malefic results if it becomes the lord of the 8th house and the 10th house in the birth-chart. Mercury makes the native bold and knowledgeable when placed in the Ascendant. Due to the effect of Mercury, the person will be very fond of good food. The birth of this person will be economically auspicious for the father and the person will receive love from his paternal side.

If Mercury aspects the 7th house, the native may get the support of the life partner and children. Although, the native is good at managing his finances he may have to face economic problems because of unnecessary spendings. If Mercury is in combination with a malefic planet then conflicts may occur in married life. He will have to borrow money due to an increase in his expenses.

Jupiter Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
Jupiter's auspiciousness is affected when it becomes the lord of the second house. But it gives good results because it is the trikonesh. When Jupiter is placed in this Ascendant, the person will be good-looking and confident. Due to the influence of Jupiter, he will attain high level of education. He will influence people through his words.

Because of his investments the person will not face any economic problems in his life. Due to the full aspect of Jupiter on the 5th, 7th and the 9th house, the person will lead a prosperous life . He will also get the support of his life partner and children and will get respect in the society.

Venus Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
Venus works as a malefic planet, because of its aspect on the 7th house and 12th house in the birth-chart. It has a opposite impact on the person's behavior and psyche. It causes health related problems and mental stress but on the positive side it gives the person wealth.

Venus has its full aspect on Taurus in its own sign in the 7th house. Conflicts may occur with the spouse because of his/her health related problems. The person may also suffer because of business partners. Business of cosmetics, apparels and perfumes may be beneficial for the native. Business related to agriculture will also be beneficial for the native.

Saturn Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
When Saturn is the lord of 3rd house and 4th house it becomes a malefic planet. Saturn in the 1st house causes health related problems. The native may also have to bear problems from the government. There are possibilities of an accident. If Saturn is in this position in a girl's birth-chart, it may create problems in relation to children. Saturn of the 1st lord has its full aspect on the 3rd, 7th and on the 10th houses and will give the native support from his siblings. He will get benefits from persons of the opposite sex and from in-laws but conflicts may occur with the life partner which can be a cause of extra marital affairs in his life.

Rahu Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
If Rahu is placed in the Scorpio Ascendant, it may give physical problems to the person. Rahu's dasha period causes health related problems. Because of its influence, the person will have low confidence. When Rahu aspects the 5th and the 7th house from the Ascendant the person will face business related problems. There are also chances of an unexpected loss. The native may have many extra marital affairs which may cause conflicts with the spouse.

Ketu Placed in Scorpio Ascendant
When Ketu is the Ascendant in the native's birth-chart he will be physically fit and strong. He gets respect and honor in the society and gets love and support from the maternal side.

When Ketu aspects the 5th, 7th and the 9th house, the native will have a good economic status. But in regard to his children and spouse he may have to suffer a lot.



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