Saturn and Marriage

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saturn-marriageThe placement of planets says can reveal many things about marriage and married life. The seventh house is the house of marriage and spouse. The benefic or the malefic results to the person depends on the position of the planets in this house or the status of the lord of this house.

Let us understand the role of Saturn in marriage.

Impact of Saturn in Seventh house on Marriage
The Seventh house is the house of marriage and spouse. Saturn in this house is considered malefic for marriage and married life. If Saturn is placed in this house then the concerned person will have a delayed marriage. If Saturn is debilitated in the seventh house, then the person will marry someone who is older to him/her to free him or herself from work responsibilities.

If Saturn and Sun are placed in the seventh house, the person will have late marriage and there will be a lack of peace in the household. Because of the conjunction of Moon and Saturn, the person will not love his/her life partner and will have an extra-marital affair which will give birth to conflicts in the household. According to Vedic Jyotish, Saturn in the seventh house and the planets combined with it are not good for marriage and married life.

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Saturn and Delayed Marriage
If there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon in the Navmansh Kundli, the person will not get married until he turns 30 because before that there is no Yoga in his/her life for marriage. If Saturn is in the seventh house and Saturn is placed in the Ascendant in the birth-chart, the person may have an unsuccessful married life.

If the person has Saturn in the 12th lord from the Ascendant and Sun in the 2nd lord or Ascendant is weak in the birth-chart, they will have a delayed marriage or they may not marry at all. Even If Saturn combines with the Moon or with the Sun and placed in the Ascendant or in the seventh house in the girl’s birth -chart, some conflicts are possible in marriage.

If Saturn is in the 6th house and Sun in the 8th house and 7th lord is weak or inauspicious in the birth-chart, it can be a cause of many problems in marriage. When the conjunction of  Saturn and Rahu is in the seventh house, the person will have a delayed marriage. Similarly when Saturn and Rahu combine in the Ascendant and they aspect the seventh house. In the birth-chart, because of the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu, when the seventh or Saturn becomes weak the person will marry late in his life.

Girls who have the yoga of delayed marriage in their life should keep Haritalika fast and worship Shani Deva. Men should also worship Shani Deva which will be benefcal for them and they will get married soon.


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      I want to ask about my unsuccessful love life, because why my love is always become one sided from my side only.. For that i have to feel pain. First time at my school age and after that i controlled my self for nearly 12years by avoiding to attached to any girls due to the fear of being one sided…but last year my destiny pranked me by sending a girl who was my student and i had little crush on her , but i have been controlling my self for too long. But why my destiny brought her to my loneliness and give me lots and lots of chance to chatting with WhatsApp sharing my emotions to her…and finally i fall in love with her…and finally i fall in love with her… But at last i come to know that she doesn’t have any such type of feelings towards me… And after she knowing about my feelings to her, she is now ignoring me … Trying to forget everything… She is not giving any replies of my massages… But it is too late for me..plz give me a way…i have nobody for blame … Instead my destiny..

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        When will i get married, how will be my married life my details are
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        • At 2015.04.12 06:44, Pawan Kishore Rastogi said:

          Delay in marriage due to Saturn 22° mars 23° in 7th house, Pisces ascendant Venus in 2nd, sun mercury rahu in 4th, Jupiter in 8th, ketu in 10th, moon in 12th house. Ascendant 10°16′. When she get marry. She is 32y8m

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            Pranam Acharya Ji

            My Friend has saturn in seventh house , he has three serious affairs in past but couldn’t turned in to marriage .Now he is again in a relationship and marrying soon . Want to know about his marital life , as its a arrange marriage and girl is not that much beautiful as his past girlfriends , he is trying to be happy but some where he is not satisfied too ..

            Kindly let me know about him , as I am afraid that after marriage he can turn in to past girl friend ….its not good for both the girls . His birth date 22/05/1983 and time 3:40 AM and Place Kanpur UP

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