Impact of Retrograde Planets


Planets have elliptical orbits. Sometimes, they move slower than Earth and seem to move in the opposite direction to their usual motion. This is known as retrograde motion in astrological lingo. In reality the planets do not go backwards and move move continuously in their orbit. According to Vedic astrology, the planets give different results when in retrograde position than when they in 'Direct' motion.

Result of Retrograde Planets
According to Vedic astrology, planets gain strength when retrograde. If a planet is retrograde then even if it is debilitated in the lagna kundali or the navamsh kundali it will be very powerful as long as it is not combust. Similarly, if a planet is placed in the enemy or debilitated sign and it is retrograde, it gives good results to the native.

Vedic astrology says that a planet whose period/sub-period is running will give results related to the houses it has lordship over, but only when the dasha-lord is in its own house, exalted or retrograde. If the dasha-lord is debilitated, in enemy's sign, combust or in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses, then the possibilities of getting positive results are very remote.

If the planet is placed in its own sign or in exalted sign during its transit or if it becomes retrograde, then it will give good results to the person.
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The good effects of the retrograde planet will increase if it combines with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn. A planet which is in transit, if placed in its own sign or exalted sign will give mixed results if combust and placed in own sign at the same time.

Vedic astrology says that benefic planets yield auspicious results when retrograde, while malefic planets yield bad results. Due to this, the native may indulge in the bad habits and face disgrace in the society. Even it reduces respect in the society. If any malefic planet is retrograde in the birth-chart then the person's brutality increase and if any mild planet is retrograde then it increases delicacy of the native. Travel during retrograde planet is inauspicious if placed in the Ascendant .

Results of Retrograde Planets
If Jupiter is retrograde in the birth-chart it will influence the result of the 5th house. Retrograde Mars influences the result of the 3rd house. Retrograde Mercury influences the result of the 4th house. Retrograde Venus affects result of the 7th house which is the house of marriage. Retrograde Saturn affects result of the 12th house which is the house of fortune and retrograde Moon influences the result of the 2nd house.



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    The Moon can never be retrograde!