Results of The Twelfth Lord in Houses


The twelfth lord rules Nirvana and loss. It's a very important house in the kundali and if it under bad influence the native may have many miserable situations.

Twelfth Lord in the First House
The presence of Twelfth-lord in the first house will give you an attractive appearance. You have a silver tongue but are short tempered as well. You may have conflicts with others due to your loud behavior. There is a possibility that you may have to stay away from your paternal home in order to receive education abroad.

You may spend your money needlessly due to the lordship of the twelfth house, it may also influence your married life and you may have disagreements with your spouse. If Libra or Aquarius are ascendant-lords and Saturn or Mercury are twelfth-lords, then you will get auspicious results, otherwise twelfth-lord placed in ascendant may give you trouble.

Twelfth Lord in the Second House
In astrology the twelfth-house is known as the house of expense and the second house is considered the house of wealth. So you may have to undergo financial crisis if the twelfth lord is placed in the second house.

You may have very limited sources of income but if you don't make an attempt to limit your expenses then you may have to experience financial instability. You will not get assistance from your relatives and friends if there is lack of modesty in your behavior.

Twelfth Lord in the Third House
The third house is associated with bravery and income. Twelfth-lord placed in third house may give you inauspicious results but this influence may get reduced if an auspicious planet transits from twelfth house and is placed in the third house.You will earn rapid profits in your business if this combination exists.
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You are concerned about making more and more money and but you may neglect your family in order to fulfill your material desires. If the twelfth lord happens to be an inauspicious planet then you may have to endure a loss in your business. Your siblings may not give you the required support.

Twelfth Lord in the Fourth House
In the birth-chart, the fourth house is the house of the happiness. Presence of twelfth-lord in the fourth house may create difficulties for your children. There may be lack of happiness in your life due to the malefic influence of the twelfth-lord.

If the twelfth-lord is auspicious then you will get nominal gains. You will enjoy happy and healthy life throughout your old age but you may get disturbed due to your children.

Twelfth Lord in the Fifth House
In birth-chart, the fifth house is associated with academics and children. There may be a delay in child-birth in your family and there is a possibility of loss in business if the twelfth-lord is placed in fifth house. You may be blessed with a child if the twelfth-lord is a benefic planet. Auspicious position of twelfth house will give you profits at business and you may also own ancestral property.

Twelfth Lord in the Sixth House
If the twelfth-lord is placed in the sixth house in your birth-chart, then you may develop the tendency become miserly and may avoid spending money for even basic necessities.You may even lead a life full of distress.

Auspicious position of twelfth-lord gives you a life full of pleasures and you will earn profits in your business.

Twelfth Lord in the Seventh House
The seventh house is a Cadent house and is also known as the house of the life partner. Placement of the 12th lord in a Cadent house is not favorable for marital life. There is even a possibility of extra marital affair. Twelfth-lord placed in the seventh house makes the native unsteady and he may get involved in several business sectors to earn massive profits. But this frequent shift in professional sectors is not favorable for the native's business.

Native may not have to undergo difficulties in his/her business, if the twelfth-lord is an auspicious planet.

Twelfth Lord in the Eighth House
The eighth house is the house of longevity in birth-chart. If the 12th lord gives auspicious results despite of being places in a malefic position as it forms Rajyoga. The native will not undergo a financial crisis and will lead a long life happily.

If the 12th lord is benefic then it gives malefic results and the married life of native may get influenced adversely.

Twelfth Lord in the Ninth House
The twelfth lord gives auspicious result when it is placed in the house of fortune(9th house) in birth-chart. Twelfth-lord increases native's inclination towards spirituality. The native participates and assists in various spiritual and social ventures. Native spends his/her income for moral purposes.

But if the twelfth-lord is inauspicious in native's birth-chart then the native may become an atheist and may try to get his/her selfish purpose solved under the cover of religion. The native may face defamation in the society because of his/her immoral character.

Twelfth Lord in the Tenth Lord
The native will be self reliant and hard working due to the auspicious presence of twelfth-lord in the tenth house. The native will succeed in life only through hard work and cognitive quality. He/she will have compatible relations with his/her spouse and lead a pleasurable life.

Native may have to suffer if twelfth-lord is inauspicious. The native may wander apart from his/her duties and may not have compatible relations with spouse



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