Destiny and Lucky Gemstones


Gems have special powers which reduce the influence of malefic planets and gives benefic results if used properly. Let us find out which gemstone is suitable for you to strengthen your fortune.

Power of the Lucky Gemstones
Gems have miraculous powers and you may experience sudden success or unexpected downfall in life due to the influence of these gemstones. It is better to consult an expert before wearing a gemstone, as the expert will suggest you the right gemstone after considering positions of respective planets in your birth-chart. The weight of the gem has an influence because inaccurate mass of the lucky gemstone may reduce auspiciousness of lucky gemstones or you may have to wait a bit to receive benefic results.

Ascendant and Lucky Gemstones
The ascendant is known as the body of the birth-chart and has a special importance in astrology. The ascendant can be used to assess the personality of the individual. Planets can give both malefic and benefic results due to the aspect of ascendant and ascendant-lord. You may have to endure malefic results if the ascendant-lord is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses in your birth-chart. An appropriate Gemstone can reduce such malefic influences.

Lucky Gemstones and Fortune
Every human being has a destiny. You may have to face failures due to your mis-fortune, or may not receive rewards for the efforts you put in if your fortune is not in your favor.

During difficult times of your life you may feel lack of assistance of your near and dear ones. In vedic astrology the ninth-house is known as the house of fortune. If both ninth-house and the lord of the ninth house happen to be placed in a malefic position then it is better to wear a gem which is associated with the the ninth-lord. The influence of the gemstone associated with the fortune-lord and the ascendant-lord will strengthen your fortune and you would receive benefic results.

Lucky Gemstones for the Third House
The third house of birth-chart is known as the house of courage. You fortune can shine only through your honest efforts and courage. You may not get auspicious results if you lack the courage to take risks. If you feel that there is lack of courage and confidece in you then wear the gemstone that is associated with the third lord. You will surely receive auspicious results.

Lucky Gemstones for the Tenth House
A person's destiny is designed through his/her Karma. There is an old saying "you will reap, what you sow". The tenth house of birth-chart is also known as the house of Karma. Results from the house of fortune may get reduced if inauspicious planets are aspecting the tenth house. You can wear a gem which is associated with the tenth-lord or ascendant-lord to increase the auspiciousness from the tenth-house.

Lucky Gemstones Precautions
You have to take some precautions while you wear a gemstone. It is not viable to wear a gem when you are receiving inauspicious results due to malefic position of the related planets. But if you still want to reduce such malefic influence at this difficult time then prefer wearing a gemstone that is associated with a friendly planet or the ascendant-lord.

Get the authenticity of lucky gemstone analyzed before wearing it. do not wear spotted and cracked gemstones as they do not give benefic results.
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