Role of Navamsha in Shodash Varga

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Navamsha has a key role in Shodarsh Varga and throws light on many important factors of a person’s life.

Birth chart is considered the body of kundi and its soul resides in Shodash Varga. By analyzing the Shodash Varga, fairly startling predictions can be made about the future of a person.

Role of Shodash Varga in Birth Chart
When you take your birth chart to a good astrologer he will conduct a deep study of your kundali and also study the Shodash varga. Without studying these Vargas predictions on birth chart will be incomplete. Birth chart gives the details about a person’s behavior, skin type, health and structure whereas every Varga of Shodash Varga helps to learn a distinct fact of a person’s life. If you make a specific enquiry about your life you may not get satisfactory details unless the Shodash varga is considered.

Navamsha Kundli
In Shodash Varga every single Varga is important but Navamsha has been given special importance. Navamsha is the ninth part of a sign which has twenty Kalas that means a single sign contains Navamsha of nine signs. Let’s see how the nine Navamshas are placed in the signs.

The first Navamsha of Aries is of Aries itself, second is of Taurus, third is of Gemini, Cancer is the fourth one, fifth place goes to Leo, Virgo goes sixth, the seventh place is of Libra, eighth is Scorpio and Sagittarius stands in the ninth place.

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In the ninth Navamsha Aries’s role comes to an end and Taurus’s gets started. The first Navamsha of Taurus occurs before the last Navamsha of Aries. In this way the first Navamsha of Taurus is of Capricorn, Aquarius is the second one, third is Pisces, fourth is Aries, Taurus takes the fifth place, Gemini occupies the sixth position, seventh is of Cancer and eighth and ninth places are of Leo and Virgo respectively.

The Gemini sign’s first Navamsha is of Libra, second is Scorpio, the third position is taken by sign Sagittarius, fourth one is Capricorn, fifth place is held by Aquarius, sixth position is of Pisces, seventh place is of Aries, Taurus is in eighth position and in ninth place Gemini itself is present. Navamsha in other signs follows the same pattern.

Mathematical Outlook of Navamsha.
Astrology provides a mathematical way to calculate the Navamamsha. In which the sign number is multiplied by 9. The Navamsha that is known after dividing the remaining into 3/20, the remainder is added to calculate the Navamsha. An important point to note is that if the Navamsha goes beyond 12, it is divided by 12 and the remainder is taken as the value of the Navamsha.

Relations between Birth chart and Navamsha Kundli
Navamsha kundli is the soul of a birth chart and they are complete without one another. It’s not possible to predict planetary activities without a birth chart. It shows the power of planets and indicates the ups and downs in one’s life.

If any inauspicious planet transits into the ascendant kundli and Navamsha is in good house then it provides very good results. If Ascendant planet and Navamsha both takes their position in a sign then it is called Vargottam and proves to be very beneficial. A person’s life becomes very peaceful if the relationships of Ascendant and lord of Navamsh is good in his birth chart and Navamsha kundli.

Astrology is also of the opinion that if there is Raj yoga in Ascendant kundli and Navamsha is just its opposite then a person may not get the Raj Yoga but if situation is not so auspicious in birth chart  and a Raj Yoga is developing in Navamsha then a person will get tremendous happiness.

Its impact on marriage is also crucial as the kundlis of the couple to be married do not match with each other in the Ascendant kundli and if they match in the Navamsha, even then the match is considered excellent.

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