Raj Yoga in Your Birth Chart

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rajyogaThe meaning of Raj Yoga is the Yoga which gives splendor and comfort like that of a king. All of us would like to have happiness in our lives, but everybody is not lucky to get happiness. Because, the happiness and sorrow in someone’s life can be assessed from the person’s Planets and Yogas in their birth-chart. If someone’s chart has a Raj Yoga then he will have comforts and prosperity leading to a happy life.

Raj Yoga is formed with the help of two words: Raj (Govern/Rule) and Yoga (Combination) . Raj Yoga is not a distinctive Yoga, it is a collective term for various Yogas which are formed in the birth-chart. Raj Yoga is formed when a Yoga is formed through various auspicious planets in the birth-chart. It is assessed according to the position of auspicious, inauspicious, benefic, malefic and some specific Yogakarak as well as on the basis of natural malefic or benefic positions of planets.

For Raj Yoga, the presence of exalted planets at the Kendra houses and at the place of fortune, relation of exalted Venus, Navmesh and Dashmesh is considered very auspicious. If any planet is debilitated in the birth-chart in its own sign, then it doesn’t mean that its not fruitful, because it will have a seventh aspect on its own sign when it is placed in the sign where it is debilitated.  What is important to note here is that its fruit or result will depend upon its relations with other planets.

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Types of Raj Yoga
Vipreet Raj Yoga
When the Trika lords are in Trika houses, or in conjunction with each other, or if they are aspecting each other, then the Vipreet Raj Yoga is created. For instance, if the lord of the eighth house is in twelfth house or sixth house, and lord of the sixth house is in eighth house, lord of the twelfth house is in sixth or eighth house, and the lord of the trine houses are in conjunction or have a aspect on each other, then the person will be very rich and happy. According to the Vedic Astrology scriptures, if a planet which gives malefic results is placed in a malefic house, then its malefic influence is cancelled.

Kendra Trikon Raj Yoga
When Ascendant lord has a relation with lord of centre or trine in the birth chart then this is known as Kendra Trikon Raj Yoga. In Kendra Trikon Rajyoga, Trikon is the form of goddess Lakshmi and centre is of lord Vishnu. If this Yoga is formed in anyone’s the birth-chart, it will be very auspicious and lucky for him. This Yoga blesses a person with respect, honor, wealth and prosperity.

Neechbhang Raj Yoga
When a debilitated planet is placed in a sign whose sign-lord is exalted or in a Kendra house then it is called the Neechbhanga Rajyoga. For instance, if Jupiter is debilitated in the sign Capricorn, but the lord of Capricorn Saturn is exalted, then its malefic effects get canceled. As a result, Neechbhang Raj Yoga is formed.

Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga
Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga is considered only for a girl’s birth-chart. The husband of the girl who has this yoga in her birth-chart will be wealthy and respected in the society. Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga is formed, when during the birth of a girl child a benefic planet is placed in the seventh house in a neutral sign and is aspected by or in conjunction with another benefic planet.


  • At 2015.04.23 13:05, rahul sahlot said:

    Hello guruji,
    Dob- 16/06/1983
    Time- 3.10 P.M
    Place- Beawar (Rajasthan)
    Do I have any good yogas in my horoscope. Pls let me know.

    • At 2015.04.30 21:58, vagish kumar banjare said:

      Name-vagish kumar banjare
      Timind- night 12:50
      Pls explain my kundalli and bhagyoday

      • At 2015.05.13 02:40, Santosh Bahuguna said:

        Name – Santosh Bahuguna
        DOB -12-sept-1982
        Timing – Morning 7:30 Am
        Place – New Delhi

        Please Tell me about my yogas and RAJ yogas Periods

        thanks you Very much
        Email Me @ SantoshBahuguna@hotmail.com

        • At 2015.05.14 15:46, Anil said:

          DOB: 8-9-1982
          TIME: 00:27
          Rajyog in my kundli?

          • At 2015.06.01 13:50, preethi said:

            Name Preethi
            D.O.B 26-5-1991
            TIME 4;20PM

            • At 2015.06.06 22:01, Manoj Shetty said:

              DOB: 29/03/1993
              TIME: 12:24 pm
              Place: Shirali, karnataka

              • At 2015.06.15 17:22, Rajeswari said:

                Hello Sir,
                I know i have raja yoga in my chart.Did U explain me what is the use of that yoga.

                • At 2015.06.25 01:57, pallabi nayak said:

                  My D.O.B-3-4-1969
                  T.O.B-1.30 p.m
                  I want to know the Raj yoga in my Kundali and its effect in my life.

                  • At 2015.06.29 12:39, vagish kumar banjare said:

                    Hello sir g,
                    I am vagish kumar banjare
                    My birth place is dhatari(c.g.)
                    D.o.b. is 08/02/1990
                    Time-12:0:05 am
                    Pls give me detailes of my raj yog kundali

                    • At 2015.07.27 11:47, yogesh kumar chaubey said:

                      Hello sir
                      Yogesh Kumar Chaubey
                      ToB-10:43 PM
                      PoB- Vindhyachal Mirzapur UP
                      Please sir explained what type of rajyog in my kundali.

                      • At 2015.08.06 07:43, Subin Sahayam.M said:

                        Place:Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
                        I want to know whether I got Raja yoga and other good yogas.

                        • At 2015.08.24 14:06, Praveen Rawal said:

                          My Dob Is 23/10/1976
                          Birth Time 1:15 AM Please Tell Me My Raj Yog

                          • At 2015.08.27 01:03, bhavya said:

                            hello sir,
                            DoB 11-1-1981
                            PoB meerut

                            • At 2015.09.13 18:08, Anand said:

                              Sub: i have to not know abt Rajyog so u will see my kundli detailed about Rajyog.D.O.B.15/12/1991
                              Time:16:45 place:ahmedabad

                              • At 2015.09.29 10:15, Pratiksha Dubey Tiwari said:

                                hello sir,
                                Time:-5:12 pm
                                Place:- jabalpur( mp)
                                I want to know that, do I have rajyog in my kundali? Because I took advise from so many astrologist and got mixed reaction..

                                • At 2015.11.10 00:54, Anupam raj said:

                                  Hello Sir,
                                  Pob-madhepuraDistrict,bihar state
                                  I know i have raja yoga in my
                                  chart & when it comes in force

                                  • At 2015.11.18 22:49, pratibha said:

                                    sir my date of bith is 11.05.1995.time is 06;41 am and place is faridabad haryana.i want to know about rajyag in my chart.please help.i shall be greatful to yo.

                                    • At 2015.12.01 15:33, narendra kumar said:

                                      Name – narendra
                                      D.O.B- 12/01/1991
                                      Time- 4:00 am morning
                                      Place of birth – dehradun

                                      Question- how many yogas is in my kundali

                                      • At 2015.12.09 15:54, Sandeep Sharma said:

                                        Guru ji I am Sandeep Sharma my dob is 01/08/1988 time 8.33am place- North Lakhimpur Assam latitude 27.14 longitude 94.07 please tell me my all dasha and all about my horoscope plz

                                        • At 2015.12.09 17:10, Sandeep Sharma said:

                                          Guru ji my dob is 01/08/1988 time 8.33 am place North Lakhimpur Assam day Monday please tell me my janm kundli and all dashas

                                          • At 2015.12.19 00:49, raman said:

                                            my yog in kundli?……… 14/1/1984 Allahabad India
                                            time 5 pm

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