Occupation and Planets in the Tenth House

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Occupation-PlanetsPlanets, signs and houses are the fundamental objects in astrologer which are considered to make Astrological predictions. Planetary positions in the tenth house are considered to assess possibilities in career and occupation. Result from the tenth house helps native choose the most appropriate source of his or her livelihood.

Placement of Sun in the Tenth House
Sun is known as the king among all the nine planets. If Sun is placed in the 10th house then keep a focus on getting a government job as you have the possibility of getting employed at a high post in the Government sector.You will enjoy all facilities and pleasure of being a public officer. If you want to move into a business then pharmaceuticals would be the beneficial sector for you. Business of gold, silver, timber or food grains can also fetch profits for you.

Placement of Moon in the Tenth House
If Moon is placed in an auspicious position in the tenth house, then you have the possibility to gain success in sectors of oceanic sciences, department of water supply or tourism. business of dairy farming, agricultural products, textiles, nursery and liquor will also be beneficial for you.

Placement of Mars in the Tenth House
Mars placed in the tenth house in your birth-chart, indicates bright career opportunities in police department or defense. You can also achieve  success in business of electronics, gold, iron, armaments, construction material or utensils. You also have the possibility of earning handsome profits from a medical store.

Placement of Mercury in the Tenth House
Mercury is known as the prince of all the nine planets. If Mercury happens to be placed in the 10th house of your birth-chart then you can look for career in the banking sector. You may have a bright future as an insurance agent, artist, author or editor. You can get success through the profession of teaching, advocacy, accounting or Journalism.

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Placement of Jupiter in the Tenth House
Jupiter is considered as the minister of all planets. The presence of Jupiter in the tenth house indicates towards the possibility of employment in administrative services. You have good career prospects as a teacher, astrologer, philosopher or a Lawyer. Entrepreneurship may also help you in achieving progress in life.

Placement of Venus in the Tenth House
Venus is the symbol of beauty. Placement of Venus in 10th house is indicative of a bright future in career of music and arts. You will achieve success in fashion industry there is also a possibility of your becoming famous in entertainment or film industry. But if you desire to get into a business then you can fetch profits in the business of cosmetics, flowers or textiles.

Placement of Saturn in the Tenth House
Saturn is known as the judge in all planets, so you should hunt for a career opportunity in sector of politics or judiciary. You also have the possibility of achieving success in the field of transport, postal department or police department. You can also earn handsome income fro the business associated with iron, coal, hospitality and oil.

Placement of Rahu in the Tenth House
Rahu is a shadow planet. Rahu placed in the tenth house indicates bright future in the Political domain. Business of electronics and other poisonous items may be beneficial for you.You also have the potential to achieve success in the field of literature and philosophy.

Placement of Ketu in the Tenth House
Similar to Rahu, Ketu is also a shadow planet. You can hunt for employment in legal services if Ketu is placed in the 10th house. Business of Glass works is beneficial for you and you can also become a priest due to your inclination towards spirituality.


  • At 2010.06.10 18:06, mamta said:

    tell me abt my career

    • At 2010.06.10 18:07, mamta said:

      plz give me significant years when my career will be at its peak

      • At 2010.06.15 11:01, bharat said:

        what happens when four planet sun mercury venus jupitor in 10 th house

        • At 2014.10.12 19:53, B.R chandra mouli said:

          you will surely get a government job all those planets are in 10th house its very auspicious, you need to visit for sri Murugan temple if any nearby and offer jaggery to the almighty.

        • At 2012.05.15 19:59, jitendra said:

          which buisness is best for me & when it will be my life peak time

          • At 2013.12.04 00:32, Keya Ghose said:

            Date of birth, 19.02.83/ time :21.12 pm / Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh . When will I get a new job and when can I go out abroad to work.

            • At 2014.10.12 19:50, B.R chandra mouli said:

              D.O.B ,07/05/1992,time 6:05 am , bangalore,INDIA,Karnataka.when i would get a government job in my state as KAS officer which is equivalent to IAS post.

              • At 2015.01.07 23:59, Money Kansal said:

                Saturn in 1st house in sagittarius and aspecting 10th house wherein sun mars n mercury are placed. Can i become an agriculturist?? Wish to have my own land so that i can produce grains vegetables anf fruits… Pls reply. Thank you

                • At 2015.05.08 21:15, lakshmi kantha reddy said:

                  Location:Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh,india.

                  will i get govt job? Please reply

                  • At 2016.01.08 11:26, Deepak Tomar said:

                    which buisness is best for me & when it will be my life peak time

                    • At 2016.01.08 12:22, Deepak Tomar said:

                      Date-08nov 1983 Time-12:48 Pm Baghpat(U.P.) which buisness is best for me & when it will be my life peak time

                      • At 2016.01.11 15:39, prashant mani shandilya said:

                        do i have any chance in government job?

                        dob- 18-10-1991
                        time- 07:55am
                        place- gorakhpur, uttar pradesh , india

                        • At 2016.05.02 14:11, Preeti said:

                          DOB- 12-01-1990, TIME 6:59PM
                          Location- Lucknow, U.P.India

                          When i will get the job and in which sector? plz reply i m very tense these days

                          • At 2016.06.22 22:43, suriya said:

                            sun venus and mercury in 6th place from lekna.is it any possible for gtting govt job?

                            • At 2016.12.26 13:43, sachin said:

                              will i get government job date of birth -16-05-1987 time-02:45pm at chandigarh

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