Kalsarp Yoga Can Give You Auspicious Results!

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kal-sarp-yogaA person has Kalsarp Yoga due to specific placement of planets in respect to Rahu and Ketu. This yoga is considered an evil yoga.

According to astrology a person’s life may be destroyed due to the harmful effect of the kalsarp yoga. This is one aspect. The other aspect is that this yoga makes a person excellent in his chosen field.

In Vedic Astrology Kalsarp yoga does not find any special place. Around hundred years ago some astrologers traced out this yoga and gave it a special position. This yoga has been described as troublesome and is reputed to create obstacles in the life of the person who has it. Many astrologers earn huge amount of money from people by creating fear of this yoga in their mind. People happily spend money to safeguard themselves from the bad impact of the planets. The truth is, just as Saturn is not always bad for you kalsarp created by Rahu and ketu is also not always malefic.

If your Kundli has kalsarp yoga and you are afraid of it, throw away the fear out of your mind. There is no need to get disturbed because of this yoga as there are some real-world examples which prove that this yoga has given some people the highest amount of success. Many people have achieved a lot of success in spite the affliction of kalsarp yoga. Amongst them Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru require mention.

Astrology says that Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets which are always apart seven houses. When all the other planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu, the Kalsarp Yoga is said to take effect. Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious planets like Saturn but they also have some beneficial impact like Saturn.

A person whose kundali has the Kalsarp yoga achieves success in his life if Rahu provides him benefic results. As Saturn forces a ‘sade saati’ person into laborious works and inspires him to reduce his inner weaknesses, Kalsarp makes the man dedicated, brave and honest. This way the kalsarp afflicted man utilizes his potential and attains success.

A kundali with Kalsarp yoga gives very good results from Jupiter in exalted state, or in own house, Rahu in exalted sign, Gajakeshari Yoga, and the fourth house. If seen in a positive way an individual who has kalsarp yoga in his kundli possesses excellent talent and personality. It is quite possible that the Kalsarp Yoga present in your Kundli might take you to the height of success. So do not worry about the difficulties you are facing in your life , instead give your best to solve them.

If you have Kalsarp Yoga, you’ll lag behind only if you’re careless or pessimistic. Kalsarp yoga is a blessing for hard working and dedicated people.

If Kalsarp Yoga has the ‘Trik Bhav’ and Rahu is placed in the second house or eighth house then a person faces several difficulties but they can be rectified using astrological remedies.

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  • At 2012.08.24 16:13, Surya Kant Gauri said:

    Guru jee,

    D.O.B – 21-12-1981
    TIME -2:55 AM
    Day -Monday
    Place- Patna

    Guru jee Pranam,

    I want to get govt. job but trying many times but not getting success. I am working hard for that.. please tell me is there any hope for me to secure my govt job .. i have given many examination waiting for result. Guru jee give me youe blessing. Guru jee a pandit jee did Kalsarp pooja for me he said you have kaalsarp dos. I was also in that pooja .. please guru jee i am very upset .. help me whatever you will suggest for me me i will do..I regular go to kali mandir on every Saturday and give Jal to Pipal Tree.

    Guru jee Sadar pranam

    • At 2012.12.11 10:34, Danushka Iroshani said:

      My Birth date:-1983.07.14
      Time:-03.10 a.m
      Place:-Sri Lanka
      Pleace tell me how is my future(marrage,careear)

      • At 2013.02.22 14:42, swati patil said:

        Namaste guruji my name is swati patil pamu .my dob is 26 march 1984 time 11-11:30pm in jalgaon maharashtra.guruji i had love marriage lose respect from my relative and i working hard to get good job but ..i am jobless Bangalore..what should i do to have good personal and to get jobwith with…pls guruji help me i m not happy

        • At 2013.02.25 11:46, Lalit Kodi said:

          Name: Lalit Kodi
          DOB : 26.09.1983
          Time : 10.05 pm (IST)
          Place : Bandra East Mumbai

          Last 2 year have been tough from money and career point of view , I have seen lot of success in first 4 yrs of my career….but now it seems things are not happening , although m well placed i need growth and money.

          Plus iam still single….not sure when would i get married , pls send me the details.


          • At 2013.03.17 21:31, BIBHUTI BHUSAN DASH said:

            My Birth date:-1988.00.21
            Time:-04.15 a.m
            Pleace tell me how is my future(marrage,careear)

            • At 2013.03.17 21:32, BIBHUTI BHUSAN DASH said:

              My Birth date:-1988.06.21
              Time:-04.15 a.m
              Place:-INDIA, WESTBENGAL, BURDWAN
              Pleace tell me how is my future(marrage,careear)

              • At 2013.04.01 09:12, shyam said:

                hi…..Even i also have vasuki KSY.I would like to know more about this.please write back to me.thanks.

                • At 2013.04.30 14:43, neha said:

                  My Birth date:-01/11/1983(dd/mm/yyyy)
                  Time:-10:20 p.m
                  do i hav kaal sarp yog?
                  if yes then let me know the remedies for it.

                  • At 2013.07.16 15:05, Rakesh Raman said:

                    Respected Pandit ji, Pranam, Charan sparsh,

                    Mera Date of Birth 11 January 1956 ka hai. Maine Engineering and MBA kar rakha hai. Main abhi kuch dino pahle tak kafi aachi private naukri mein tha. Ek Senior Position par, par abhi kuch din pahle meri nauki achanak khatam ho gayi. Is baat ke karib 4 mahine ho gaye hain. Kafi jagah naukri ke liye try kar raha huin, par bat kahin bhi final nahi ho pa raha hai. Please bataiyen ki mujhe kab tak naukri mil payegi. Agar naukri nahi milti hai to kya business main safalto milegi, aur kis tarah ke business main safalta milegi.
                    Aapka Sewak…

                    Rakesh Raman

                    • At 2013.07.16 15:05, Rakesh Raman said:

                      aur mera birth time 06:30 AM, Patna ka hai…..

                      • At 2013.07.16 22:48, Manik said:

                        DOB Sen 02-Jan-1974 6.20 AM Wed.Revathi start do i have KS Dosha i have lost all pleaures ans material house and family seperated now.

                        • At 2013.09.12 15:09, bhawna said:

                          My name is bhawna resides at New Delhi. I want to go ujjain on 29th september for Kal Sarp Dosh puja. I want to know is 30th Sept is suitable for that puja.

                          • At 2014.05.26 17:08, r.sreenivasan said:

                            my DOB 18-9-1980 iam suffering lote of job problems. No peace of mind. Every second i am thinking so many things. my life will be sucessful or not in future.


                            • At 2014.07.24 20:58, alisha verma said:

                              I dont know proper date of my birthday. But i was born in january 1987 so plz tell me kalsarpyog is or not in my kundli….i m a widow girl nd have a child also name is kishleen dob is 23 august2011..time is 5-05 mint…2012 m mere husband expire hue thee …plz tell…

                              • At 2014.08.21 21:15, malatesh said:

                                my name is malatesh (father name channabasappa) (mother name girija)
                                DOB 15-01-1984 i got married on 24-09-2010 my wife name is Pinky Her DOB 09-12-1987, after marriage i lost job still now some time i will get job if i got job they will not give me salary soem astrologer says this is due to Kuja dosha i dont no what to do some time i feel to suciede and i have a son DOB 05-12-2012Ritesh please give me solution now a days i fed up with my life fell to suciede
                                Malatesh C H

                                • At 2014.08.31 13:01, kamal dev said:

                                  Guruji pranaam, my dob is 28|9|1987,time 10:35 am,place-gua,jharkhand
                                  Mere kundali me kya hai ki mai 4 saalo se bimaar chal rha hu.ghar wale muje nhi puch rhe hai.mai puri tarah se tut chuka hu.mai kya karu?sanyasi ban jau?

                                  • At 2014.08.31 13:02, kamal dev said:

                                    Guruji pranaam, my dob is 28|9|1987,time 10:35 am,place-gua,jharkhand
                                    Mere kundali me kya hai ki mai 4 saalo se bimaar chal rha hu.ghar wale muje nhi puch rhe hai.mai puri tarah se tut chuka hu.mai kya karu?sanyasi ban jau?Ph no-08987500884

                                    • At 2014.10.09 13:16, Vijay Kumar said:

                                      Guruji pranaam, my friend’s dob is 30|11|1959,time 11:35 pm,place-muzaffarpur ,bihar
                                      Mere friend ki kunadali me kaal sarpaa dosh hai. saphalataa nahee milti hai. Kaal sarp du karne ke liye kyan kiya jaye?

                                      • At 2014.11.12 20:20, indira said:

                                        hello sir
                                        i m in indira from kathmandu , Nepal. i m very impress about ur website. it is very useful. my dob is 1986 dec29 time around 12Pm in kathmandu. give me some kind information.
                                        hoping the positive n quick response as soon as possible.

                                        • At 2014.11.26 10:21, Shivani said:

                                          hi i am female born on 13th March 1985 18:03 hrs . i have kal sarap dosh in my kundali . please suggest .

                                          • At 2015.06.16 17:49, abhishek kumar said:

                                            Hello sir i was born on 13 th feb 1985 …8:00am in morning.i have kal sarp yog in my kundali.nothing is going well in my life..i also want to know which kind of kal sarp i am having in my kundali..so kindly sir please sugest what to do.coz im lagging behind.

                                            • At 2015.06.20 20:14, Harsha said:

                                              I have this yoga speciality of myself is I never give up……

                                              • At 2015.07.29 20:02, Namrata Dwivedi said:

                                                I read my kundli…. There it’s said that doing engineering is good for me.. But I am pursuing BACHELOR OF SCIENCE degree…. Is it good for me?

                                                • At 2015.10.24 12:03, sargambahal said:

                                                  Dear sir , my date of birth 30th august 1978, time 16.37, place amritsar.pandits say i have kal sarpa yog.is it beneficial for me?

                                                  • At 2015.10.28 19:16, pravat kumar swain said:

                                                    dear Guruji,
                                                    i am pravat,my dob 11.09.1980 and time 5.49 a.m ,i am faceing lots of probleam regarding financial and family matters.so please suggest me what to do for better future.

                                                    • At 2015.10.28 19:18, pravat kumar swain said:

                                                      my place of birth is cuttack,please guruji tell me when i will built a house and get financial strength.

                                                      • At 2016.02.26 12:37, virender singh said:

                                                        Dear Guruji,

                                                        my date of birth is 9th april 1986 timming 16:30 Hrs kindly let know when i will get marry and good job.

                                                      • At 2015.12.30 06:23, Dhiman Dastidar said:

                                                        Dob:23 march 1991
                                                        Time: 10.25pm
                                                        Place:Dibrugarh, Assam, India

                                                        Which kal sarp dosh yog is there in my horoscope. What is its duration. What imidiate remedy that I must take. Please reply.

                                                        • At 2016.01.17 10:14, Mahesh S said:

                                                          Pranam gurujee.

                                                          I am suffering lot of opportunities and working very hard to get stable in life facing financial problem please give me the suggestion

                                                          • At 2016.02.02 17:04, priya said:

                                                            Time 3.44 am

                                                            • At 2016.02.14 11:54, lalit said:

                                                              name lalit
                                                              dob 27.6.62
                                                              time 18.45 pm
                                                              place. palwal distt faridabad haryana.
                                                              pls tell me abt kalsarpa dosh remedy

                                                              • At 2016.04.25 00:15, Kal rudra singh said:

                                                                Hi Guruji and everyone,

                                                                I have kalsarp dosh in my kundli and i have tried one process and get rid from this dosh after eleven sunday.

                                                                You just need to take one peg of whisky, small amount of rum and two tea spoon of vodka the mix it in a glass and then you have to serve it to your father or mother and they have to take this drink one shot throughout all sundays. if you still have this dosh then consult with your parents and serve them more pegs and they will solve your problem very soon. happy drinking and stay happy always and no dosh will create your life hassle

                                                                • At 2016.05.14 11:14, Rohit said:

                                                                  Dob 25/4/98 time.9.10am
                                                                  Not able to concentrate on studies not able to get sucess in anything what should be done

                                                                  • At 2016.07.09 12:24, Chaitali Bhattacharyya said:

                                                                    My date of birth:31/03/2000
                                                                    Time 18:33
                                                                    Place:kolkata(west bengal)
                                                                    Plz say me about my career and marriage life..

                                                                    • At 2016.09.11 17:09, Kusum gupta said:

                                                                      Guruji my date of birth is 09 dec 1986, time: 8.30pm place mumbai..i want to know whether i am suffering from kalsharp dosh and
                                                                      what to do then?

                                                                      • At 2016.11.08 18:09, bakul said:

                                                                        My dob is 12.05.1975.
                                                                        Time 10.10PM
                                                                        I want to know about my marriage life n carrier ..
                                                                        Thank you guruji ..

                                                                        • At 2017.01.31 22:23, himani Chhabra said:

                                                                          My name is himani Chhabra
                                                                          Date: 19/10/1992
                                                                          Time: 7:05 p.m
                                                                          Kya meri kundli m kal sarp dosh hai or
                                                                          hai toh Konsa hai or uska kaisa effect hai bura ya Acha please let me know

                                                                          • At 2017.01.31 22:25, himani Chhabra said:

                                                                            Himani Chhabra
                                                                            Date: 19\10\1992
                                                                            Time: 7 :05 p.m
                                                                            Kya meri kundli m kal sarp dosh hai or hai toh Konsa hai or uska kaisa effect hai please let me know

                                                                            • At 2017.02.07 11:00, nirakara said:

                                                                              Dear Sir,
                                                                              birth date: 20 January 2017
                                                                              time: 10:54 AM
                                                                              Birth place : Balasore Odisa

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