Astrology Yoga for Fashion Designer Career


There is a great attraction for the latest fashion and trends in young people's minds but nobody is immune to its effects. To be in the business of fashion designing a person should have artistic skills as well as dedication and enthusiasm for this field along with luck.

The business of fashion is growing rapidly. It is most favorable for the youngsters in metro cities because work, money and glamor, all are ingredients of this business. There are many variations in the field of fashion as some develop interests in clothes, jewelery, ornaments, cutting and tailoring etc. and some in organizing fashion shows.

The world of fashion is very broad and vast. It is true that in this world of fashion a person can get many opportunities to flaunt his creative skills. Let us see how it is possible from the perspective of Astrology.

1. Important houses: Third, ninth and twelfth and Fashion Designer Career
The third, ninth and twelfth house are considered the main houses for fashion. The twelfth house is included in this because due to the influence of this house in the birth-chart, the person gets the opportunities to prove his talent even abroad. The third house is considered as the house of talent and ninth is for special education.

A lot of importance has been given to the twelfth house because it is the third house from the tenth house. Therefore, the three important houses are third, ninth and twelfth because their relation with the tenth house enriches the person with the skills related to fashion.

2. Important planets: Venus, Rahu and Moon and Fashion Designer Career
The significator for ornaments and decorations is Venus. The new applications and ideas of Venus come to the forefront with the grace of significator of heart i.e. Moon. Hence, the support of Moon to Venus is auspicious. The planet which encourages the departure from traditions to discover new ideas and work out of the box is Rahu. Venus is a friend of Rahu, therefore, the important planets are Venus, Rahu and Moon.

3. Relationship of Mars and Saturn with the second house/ second-lord and the tenth house/tenth-lord and Fashion Designer Career
To make a mark in the world of fashion the person should have Mars and Saturn which are considered the technical planets in the birth-chart. Thes planets have a relation with the second and the tenth house. As a result, the dedication of the person increases. Since it is the person'd individual talent which is important to make a mark in this field, the confidence of the person has to be high.
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4. Role of Amatyakaarak in the field of Fashion and Fashion Designer Career
Through the Amatyakaarak of Jaimini Astrology, the period of the business of a person can be obtained easily. If the relationship of Venus is formed with Amatyakaarak or Amatyakaarak is with Moon and Rahu in the birth-chart then the person tries his luck in the field of Fashion. All these planets should be associated with the third, ninth and twelfth house. In Jamini Astrology the Amatyakaarak is the planet with the second highest degrees of longitude.

5. Periods (Dasha) and Fashion Designer Career
However, the Yogas of Astrology are not enough to succeed, the periods (Dashas) are also to be matched with the related planets. If the period of lord of the tenth house and eleventh house in the birth-chart match during the time of a person's earnings then the possibilities are high for the person to get the fruit of the created Yogas.

If the periods are appropriate in the house of business related to fashion the person can easily achieve success in life. For instance, if the planetary Yogas are appropriate and the periods of planets related to third, ninth and twelfth houses are associated with each other appropriately then the person will achieve success in his life.

6. Transit and Fashion Designer Career
The role of transit in the birth-chart can not be ignored. Because, the Yogas formed in the birth-chart reach a person with the help of the transit. In simple words, its job is similar to a postman's job. For example, if the tenth-lord which is in transit aspects the tenth-lord of the birth-chart, the person will reap success in his business.

7.Other Yogas and Fashion Designer Career
A) If the relationship of Venus is with the second house in the birth-chart the person will like to be associated with the business of hair-styling and make-up. Similarly, if the Venus is in relationship with Mars or with the fourth house which is known as the house of residence, the person will have interest in business of interior designing.
B) If Venus is in the Ascendant house, Mars in the fourth house and Saturn in the Tenth house in the birth-chart the person will be inclined towards the business of interior decoration. In addition, if Venus's sign is in the Ascendant house, while Moon is placed in the tenth house and forms a relationship with Venus in the birth-chart the person will earn his income through fashion designing.

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