Shubh yogas in your Kundli

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shubh-yoga-in-kundaliSome planetary yogas are considered inauspicious as their malefic impact snatches away peace and happiness from a person’s life.

Some auspicious yogas from Vedic astrology are: ‘Mahalaxmi yoga’, ‘Nripa yoga’ etc.

One of the most auspicious yogas in astrology is the Mahalaxmi yoga. Mahalaxmi Yoga is an auspicious yoga that gives the person immense wealth. This yoga is formed when Jupiter the lord of the house of wealth (second house) is placed in the eleventh house and aspects the second house. This yoga is considered a Dhan yoga (combination that gives wealth).

Saraswati yoga is also an auspicious yoga. It is formed when Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are placed together or in the Kendra houses. This yoga is formed when either an aspect or a relation occurs between these auspicious planets. The person whose Kundli has this yoga gets blessings from Devi Saraswati, the goddess of learning. The person receives fame in arts, music, creativity and studies and also earns from them.

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Nripa yoga, the name itself suggests that the person having this yoga in his Kundli will lead the life of a king. This yoga is formed when three or more planets are in an exalted position.

Amla yoga is also one of the auspicious yogas formed when Moon is in the tenth aspect with any benefic planet. The person who is born with this yoga achieves fame, wealth and prosperity.

Gajkesari yoga is an exceptional yoga. The person with this yoga will never find any obstacles in fulfilling his/her necessities. Wealth, fame and success come very easily to the person born with this yoga. It is formed when Jupiter and Moon with their full intensity and effect occur in a Kundli. If the Ascendant is Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus or Capricorn then it yields its full impact. 

In fact, it still proves to be beneficiary in its ineffective state but the auspicious results are of medium grade. This yoga is formed when the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses from Moon to the Kendra house have Jupiter. It is also formed if there is a combination of Moon and Jupiter.

Parijat yoga is another exceptional yoga. A person born with this yoga climbs to the peak of success and prosperity but at a slower pace. That’s why the yoga’s impact is felt when the person reaches middle age. Parijat yoga is formed when the lord of the sign where the lord of the Ascendant is placed is in exalted position, or in its own house.

Chhatra yoga gives a person constant progress throughout his life. The person achieves a high status. This yoga is formed when every planet in the kundali is placed between the fourth to the tenth house or vice versa. When there are two planets placed in at least three houses, and one planet placed in at least three houses then the auspicious yoga called the Nanda yoga is formed. A person’s whose Kundli has this yoga gets a healthy and long life. His/her life becomes joyful/peaceful under the influence of this yoga.

There are several other yogas whose presence in one’s life bring happiness and good fortune altogether.

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  • At 2013.10.11 12:16, jeet said:

    date and time of birth is 4/6/1986,5.21

    Any shubh yoga in my kundali

    • At 2014.04.06 17:02, sameer said:

      born on 1st december 1973 time 11.35 am any shub yoga in my kundali please tell me

      • At 2014.05.01 00:49, R BALAKRISHNA PATNAIK said:

        born on 20th Aug 1983 please give me detail analysis of my birthchart predicitions the cautions in my birthchart and my maritial life..looking for a marriage.

        • At 2014.12.18 01:54, ashish jaiswal said:

          DOB is 26/06/1990. time- 3:38 am in Allahabad. is their any subh yog present in my kundli.

          • At 2015.03.19 11:56, Sharath said:

            DOB : 23/03/1990
            Time : 9:35am
            Place: Bangalore

            Sir Can You Please Let Me Know The Shub Yog in My Kundali.
            Thank You.

            • At 2015.04.02 11:39, shailesh bhikhabhai patel said:

              D.o.b – 19-01-01983.Time : 4:15am.Place : Vadodara.
              i want to know that any yogas in my kundali.if yes than when the effects of the yoga starts ?

              • At 2015.06.19 16:01, uday said:

                D.o.b – 30-03-01987.Time : 10:55pm.Place : karkal.
                i want to know that any yogas in my kundali.if yes than when the effects of the yoga starts ?

                • At 2015.07.20 08:54, Anjana said:

                  Dob: 14/5/1996.
                  time;3.40 AM
                  place:calicut. Sir,
                  any shubh yogas in my kundali&give me a detailed report predictions of my birthchart

                  • At 2015.07.30 09:38, Gloria said:

                    DOB: 13-09-1992
                    time: 7:00 am
                    Place: dhaka
                    Sir i want to know about my kundali overally with both type of yogas

                    • At 2015.07.31 01:34, misty said:

                      Time-6.50 am
                      Place of birth-Contai,west Bengal
                      Any yogas in my kundali?

                      • At 2015.09.24 00:45, Sandip Midya said:

                        Name- Sandip Midya, DOB is 13/10/1974. time- 10:50 pm in kolkata. is their any subh yog present in my kundli.

                        • At 2015.11.09 17:07, priyanka suman said:

                          Dob- 6 sept 1987
                          Time- 12:22 pm
                          Place simla(hp)
                          Are there any shubh yoga in my Ku Dali.explain

                          • At 2016.02.13 18:26, rambabu said:

                            dear you have ravi yoga,akhanda samrajya yoga,Gajakesari yoga,vesi yoga,Parijatha yoga,Varishta yoga,viparita raja yoga,raja yoga

                          • At 2015.11.19 10:59, sudipa hazari said:

                            My date of birth is 16.10.1989. Time-6.03a.m.arambagh, there any subha yoga in my kundali?

                            • At 2015.12.10 11:40, RAHUL said:

                              DOB 1/11/1996
                              Time 8 40 am
                              Place New Delhi
                              I want to know yogas in my life

                              • At 2016.01.08 10:26, keyur said:


                                • At 2016.02.11 09:19, Bhavin parmar said:

                                  Name:Bhavin Parmar
                                  Time:8:45 am
                                  Place:Ahmedaba, Gujarat
                                  Sir, i want to know yogas in my life and, And i want to know about it.
                                  Contect no:8460420928

                                  • At 2016.02.20 18:33, asha said:

                                    dob 15/5/1985
                                    time 11.35am
                                    place kerala
                                    i want to know yogas

                                    • At 2016.03.25 13:22, Mohnish said:

                                      DOB 13. 101993
                                      Time 17. 30
                                      Place ahmedabad, gujarat regarding yoga and my life

                                      • At 2016.04.07 13:32, milan said:

                                        name-milan,dob 1/3/1991,time-2:12 pm
                                        birth place-dwarika,gujarat

                                        i want to know shubh yogas and ashubh yoga in my lise and its effects on my whole life

                                        • At 2016.04.07 13:34, milan said:

                                          name-milan,dob 1/3/1991,time-2:12 pm
                                          birth place-dwarika,gujarat
                                          i want to know shubh yogas and ashubh yoga in my lise and its effects on my whole life

                                          • At 2016.05.07 14:01, anjana said:

                                            Date Of Birth 18/01/1986
                                            Birth Time 22:35:00 (Born at night)
                                            Birth Place Kandy, Sri Lanka

                                            Are there any shubha yogas in my horoscope? What are other yogas? When will I get marry & what will be the state of my educational studies get?
                                            Please Explain, Thank you!

                                            • At 2016.06.17 20:31, prathima said:

                                              Problems in maaried life
                                              Boys kundali :
                                              Girls kundali:
                                              And please tell about yogas also.

                                              • At 2016.08.08 01:16, Vimal said:

                                                DOB : 02/09/1991
                                                Time : 08.47 AM
                                                Place : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
                                                I want Info about any good or bad yoga in my kundli.

                                                • At 2016.10.03 23:47, pradeep said:

                                                  Dob 26-feb-1984
                                                  Time 01:45 am
                                                  Place Hyderabad india

                                                  • At 2017.03.03 23:27, Nihar said:

                                                    Yoga in myhoroscope dob 18/3/1971 time1hr17min am place malda westbengal

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