Determination of the Time of Marriage Through Saptamansh

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marriage-timeNavmansh Kundali is considered to predict marriage in Vedic Astrology. The time of the marriage is also determined on the basis of Navmansh Kundali. But along with Navmansh, Saptamansh is also considered important in this regard.

Marriage is one of the important Sanskaras. Whether its a girl or a boy, parents start worrying about their children’s marriage when they reach adulthood. Some get married early in their life and some have delayed marriage. According to the Vedic Astrology, this depends upon the presence of planets in the birth-chart.

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Importance of Birth-chart
People says that “Marriages are made in Heaven” and god decides the meeting of couples. The planetary position in our birth-chart from time to time gives us its results. It would not be wrong to say that god has opened only one way for us to make future predictions i.e. our birth-chart. The life of a man is governed by the 12 houses in the birth-chart. Future or past can be assessed through these 12 houses.

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Marriage Kundali Analysis
We can also analyze matters related to marriage through birth-chart. These days, we have many marriage bureaus and websites which helps people in marrying the suitable person and resolving other marriage related problems. Many people bring questions to Astrologers about when they will get married. It is quite difficult for an astrologer to answer this question but astrologers can make predictions on marriage by analyzing the position of Navmansh and Saptamansh Kundali. As the position of Saptamansh and Navmansh gives the correct information for marriage.

Navmansh and Saptamansh for Marriage
In the vedic astrology scriptures, Navmansh is considered the basis of marriage and also used to determine the time for marriage. Some Astro experts believes that along with Navmansh, Saptamansh Kundali also plays a vital role in marriage. According to the Astrologers, normally within one or two years of marriage, the couple have a child on the similar basis if the yoga of progeny becomes strong in the Saptamansh Kundali.


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