Remedies For Mahadasha of Planets

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gemstone-remediesAstrology determines upheavals and different moments in the native’s life on the basis of movement and position of planets. Dasha or Mahadasha of planets is always in motion in everybody’s life. Some Dasha or Mahadasha gives auspicious results and some inauspicious. If an auspicious planet is in debilitated state, it gives opposite results. Similarly, a malefic planet gives auspicious results if it is in exalted position.

If you have problems in your life because of Mahadasha of some specific planet then you can try or use the remedies as follows:

Remedies for Sun Mahadasha
During Mahadasha of Sun you should donate wheat in the brass utensil to Brahmins. After taking bath, Chant Aditya Hraday Stotra in the early morning. You should worship Sun with white flowers and red sandal wood and can also water the Sun. If you are going out for some important work have a piece of jaggery with water. Wear the gemstone Ruby, in a ring made up of brass, the weight of the gemstone should be 5.25 rattis. Wear it in the ring finger.

Remedies for Moon Mahadasha
During Mahadasha of Moon, you should donate things related to Moon such as rice, silver and pearls. You should serve kheer to young girls and also include curd in your meal. You should worship lord Shiva and also offer milk. After soaking some rice in milk, feed it to a cow in the morning. You should wear a silver locket and Pearl in silver ring in the small finger of right hand.

Remedies for Mars Mahadasha
During Mahadasha of Mars you should feed jaggery and gram seeds to monkeys. You should present red colored loin cloth to lord Hanuman for seven Saturdays. Read Hanuman chalisa everyday. Donate red clothes to the Brahmins. You should wear Coral in the ring of gold or brass. Wear it in the ring finger of right hand.

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Remedies for Mercury Mahadasha
If you are under Mahadasha of Mercury, then you should feed spinach or green vegetables to cow everyday for remedy. Worship shells. You should donate things which are related to Mercury such as green lentil pulses or green bangles on Wednesday. You should also worship lord Durga everyday and chant Durga Saptshati. You should wear Emerald in the ring of gold or silver in the middle finger.

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Remedies for Jupiter Mahadasha
During Mahadasha of Jupiter you should donate things which are related to Jupiter such as yellow clothes, gold, jaggery and saffron on Thursday. Light a lamp in ghee and worship banana on Thursday. You should worship lord Satyanarayan on the Purnima Tithi. You should wear golden-sapphire in the forefinger of right hand.

Remedies for Venus Mahadasha
If you are suffering from Mahadasha of Venus then you should donate things related to Venus. They are milk, pearl and curd. You should serve cow and give some out of your meal to a cow. You should also worship goddess Saraswati. You should wear the silver ring in the thumb of your right hand.

Remedies for Saturn Mahadasha
You should put some mustard oil on chapatis and feed them to cows and dogs. Also visit temple of lord Hanuman on every Tuesday and Saturday. You should always keep a square shaped piece of silver with you. Fill some sugar in a flute and bury it at a deserted place. Worship Peepal tree with black sesame on Saturday. On Saturdays light a lamp in Shani temple and later donate it.

Remedies for Rahu Mahadasha
In Rahu Mahadasha, you should feed some sweet chapatis to a dog of black color. You should donate black sesame and mustard oil. You should keep barley beside your pillow in the night and feed it to birds in the morning. You should cast mirror or coconut and also 43 pieces of brass in running water. You should worship goddess Saraswati. You should wear Cat’s eye in a ring made of silver. Wear it in the middle finger of your right hand.

Remedies for Ketu Mahadasha
If you are suffering from Mahadasha of Ketu then for remedy cast 4 pieces of wood in running water. You should serve meals to the young girls and give them donations. You should donate blankets to the poor and Brahmins. You should worship lord Ganesha and donate laddoos everyday at a Ganesha temple. You should cast some 21 pieces of coal into the running water. You should wear a Cat’s eye in a ring made of silver, in the middle finger of your right hand.

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  • At 2009.10.24 10:34, Devdutt said:

    Thanks, I have generated the Lucky gemstone report from astrobix just have to say it is the best gemstone suggestion report I have seen.

    Thanks guruji

    • At 2010.04.24 11:23, K.Kamalakar said:

      What are the remedies for marriage If my Janmakundali marriage related planet in weak or bad.

      • At 2010.06.23 10:04, Mamata said:

        What are the causese & remedies when jupiter is at 12th place for moon sign.
        I am having Mesha rashi & Jupiter is going to 12 th place.

        • At 2010.06.23 10:05, Mamata said:

          Impact on marriage & relationships

          • At 2011.04.06 20:40, prasad said:

            please advise remedies or Ketu Mahardasa. It will start Apr 18th
            DOB: Sep 28th 1965
            time: 17:30
            place, VIJAYAWADA

            • At 2011.04.28 14:15, dr niranjan behura said:

              RESPECTED SIR!
              my D.O.B-19/07/1947
              TIME-3.15 PM
              DR NIRANJAN BEHURA

              • At 2015.12.01 13:52, rajesh Kumar Padmanabhan said:


                Pls chant “om shakty” (writing is better) for ninety days
                Result will come
                Pls call me after 91 day

            • At 2012.05.05 15:41, rajnish kr sinha said:

              name: rajnish kr sinha
              dob: 09 nov 1971 (05:10AM)
              place: hazaribagh (jharkhand)

              what’s my future

              • At 2012.05.27 19:05, Nitesh said:

                my dob – 7/feb/1978,
                place- new delhi

                i want to know what remedy can i do for my jupiter mahadasha from 2001 – 2017 , as its an unfavourable dasha , i want to start my business related to under earth materials by foriegn trade but things not coming up. i know my dasha doesnt support my lagna so cant wear phukhraj , pls suggest remedy

                thank you


                • At 2012.09.03 23:12, sunil said:

                  Sani mhadsha in gemini sing

                  • At 2013.01.23 17:23, lata said:

                    my name is lata, my date of birth is 18/10/1986
                    time is 10:10pm/ place hathras(u.p)
                    plzz suggest remedy

                    • At 2015.02.26 17:52, Ashok Kumar Vaishnav said:

                      Dear Sir

                      DOB 9.11.1970 a Dongargarh Chhatisgarh time 0245 am.I am having Shani & Guru Mahadasha. Please confirm how to overcome in current situation.

                      • At 2015.10.18 03:06, Imandeep Singh said:

                        Dear Sir

                        DOB 25.08.19 in new delhi time 06:30 am.I am having venus Mahadasha. Please tell me the remedies i am facing very bad time please reply me thenk you.

                        • At 2015.10.18 03:07, Imandeep Singh said:

                          Dear Sir

                          DOB 25.08.1984 in new delhi time 06:30 am.I am having venus Mahadasha. Please tell me the remedies i am facing very bad time please reply me thenk you.

                          • At 2016.02.03 15:17, neha said:

                            Mere pati ko achi job nhi mil rhi h.unka d.o.b h- 22/08/1978.time 15.36 min gaya bihar me hua h.wo bht tension me rhte h.unki achi job kb tk lagegi

                            • At 2016.02.10 01:41, Geetanjali said:

                              My self geetanjali my DOB 24thjan1993
                              Tym 2.53pm. Khammam, telangana
                              When I will get job and how about my Carrier.present guru mahardhasha is running

                              • At 2016.02.28 20:37, Krupa said:


                                DOB 08/01 /1982
                                Time 18:05
                                I want to know remedies for Saturn Mahadasha which will start from April.
                                Thank you.

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