Career in Hotel Management and Astrology


The Indian tradition of "Atithi devo bhava" is appreciated in the whole world. It means to treat your guests as God. But, as the times changed, traditions also changed and took a new form. Today hotels are at the service of guests. They provide all facilities to their guests in exchange of money.

However, to be associated with a career in hotels, people require proper education as well as training. Let us acknowledge the suitable planetary combinations for a career in hotel management.

1. Important House:- Second, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh and the Tenth House and Hotel Management Career
The second house is the house of food in the birth-chart. The fourth house is important for a business in hotels, because it is considered for the happiness of the family, and a guest expects that in hotels he should feel at home.

The sixth house is the house of hospitality. The seventh house is fourth from the fourth house, therefore, it is important for this profession in the birth-chart. However, business in hotels requires lots of money and hard work.

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If a person is an entrepreneur in this area, then he should have an auspicious influence of the second, ninth and eleventh house in the birth-chart. As a result, the possibilities to reap money and success in this field will increase.

2. Important Planet: Venus, Rahu and Moon and Hotel Management Career Besides house, planets are also considered to know about business. Venus has special importance in the birth-chart of those associated with the business of hotels. The influence of Rahu is also considered to know the special features of a person in comparison to others. Moon also plays an important role in the profession of serving others. If these three planets share a relationship with the sixth/twelfth, Ascendant/seventh, second/eighth house/lords then the person will achieve success in his career of hotel management.

3. The Essential Role of Amatyakaarak and Hotel Management Career Amatyakaarak has its own role in determining the business of a person. If Venus or Rahu has its influence on the Amatyakaraak planet in the birth-chart, the person will be in the field of hotel management. Amatyakaraak is a part of the Jamini Astrology instead of the Parashari Astrology. Therefore, the profession of a person is determined through the planet Amatyakaraak.

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4. Contribution of Navmansh and Dashmansh Kundali: and Hotel Management Career In Astrology, we can not obtain correct answers through the analysis of birth-chart alone. The yogas created in the birth-chart are considered by Navmansh kundali.

Dashmansh kundali is considered for the precise analysis of the occupation of a person. There is no doubt if same yoga is formed in all the three birth-charts. If two out of the three birth-charts point towards the similar occupation of a person, then the person will achieve success in that field.

If the relationship of Rahu/Venus is formed with other planets in the Navmansh or Dashmansh Kundali the person will have a business of hotels. Jupiter is related to the field of management. If the tenth lord shares a relationship with Jupiter the person will be successful and gain fame in his business of hotels. The influence of Mars will associate the person in the construction of hotels. Mercury enriches a person with an ability to welcome others. He will be inclined towards interest keeping accounts. Influence of Saturn will develop skills of house keeping.

5. Directions and Hotel Management Career If during directions or sub-periods of Rahu/Venus a person is in the age of occupation and a planet yoga is also created, then the possibilities to earn money in the business of hotels will be high. If directions have a direct relationship with the tenth house/lord and with the associated house and planets then he will achieve success in the business of hotels.

6. Other Yogas of Birth-chart and Hotel Management Career
Mars, Venus, Rahu and Saturn are the Kaarak of business in the birth-chart, as much as the relationship between these planets will be strong you will get auspicious results. These planets if placed in the second house will get lots of money or if the ninth, tenth or eleventh lord shares a relationship with Mars or Venus in the auspicious house then the person will achieve success in the business of hotels.

(2) If the third lord is in its own sign and located in the ninth house and aspects the Ascendant lord or the tenth lord. Mars and Venus are placed in the Ascendant or create an aspect relationship with Rahu or Saturn then the person will achieve success in the business of hotels.

(3) If in the Ascendant-chart Mercury, Mars or Venus are placed in the sign of Saturn and the second or eleventh house does not have a malefic influence or the fourth lord shares a relationship with the tenth lord, eleventh lord or Ascendant then the person will achieve fame and success in this profession



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