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Industries have grown to a large scale in today's times. Due to which, looking after a company's accounts and profit/loss has become a difficult job. Also there are various legal aspects in the government tax services, which has made it difficult for a common man to calculate the exact sum of his income and expenditures and then pay tax. That is why, for all these purposes the importance of Chartered Accountants is growing rapidly.

To become a Chartered Accountant, a person should obtain knowledge in the subjects of commerce and mathematics, and some practical knowledge from a vocational institute. These examinations are a little difficult to pass and it may not be possible for everyone. The occupation of a Chartered Accountant in today's time has high reputation, fame and money. The relationship of planets of Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn is considered good for this occupation.

1. Necessary Houses: Second, sixth, tenth, twelfth and fifth house and Chartered Accountant Career
From the perspective of Astrology, the second house is the house of income and wealth. Sixth house is the house of competitions and law. Tenth house is the house of action and twelfth house of tax and revenue. Fifth house is the house of advice. These houses together point towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. However, to master this field a person should acquire higher level education. For this, its relation should be formed with the fifth house/fifth-lord.

The Ascendant lord, tenth-lord, fifth-lord, ninth-lord, second-lord are very important in the birth-chart. Because due to the auspicious positions of these houses, a person is employed on high post or receives high education. As a result, a person is able to reap benefits and fame in his life. In matters of Chartered Accountant, the sixth and the twelfth house are very important, because these help to know about those associated with tax and audit.
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2. Important planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn and Chartered Accountant Career
Mercury and Jupiter are the main planets for the planet yogas required to become a Chartered Accountant. Jupiter is the kaarak of funds and consultation and Mercury is the kaarak of accounts. Mercury provides a person with the ability to handle accounts, but success in competitions can be obtained through Mars.

The influence of Saturn is considered auspicious on the fifth house/ fifth-lord. Usually, the influence of Mars has to be more on the second house or on the lord of the second house. However, the person who is expert in mathematics steps in this field. Because the entire work of a Chartered Accountant is making accounts and doing calculations.

The relationship of Mars and Saturn is also important, as people who are more inclined towards raising revenue and saving tax have to seek help of these malefic planets. The accountants with an influence of Mars and Saturn in their birth-charts work more to protect their tax and raise their revenue.

3. Role of Amatyakaarak Planet and Chartered Accountant Career
Amatyakaarak Planet is Kaarak of business. In the birth-chart of a Chartered Accountant, the relation of Amatyakaarak is with the second house or with the lord of the second house. The nature of Amatyakaarak planet shows the specification of a Chartered Accountant. For instance, if Mercury is the planet of Amatyakaarak, the person will work in the field of audit and accounts.

When Amatyakaarak is related to the second, fifth and eleventh house, a person progresses in his profession. This Yoga provides success to a person to become a Chartered Accountant.

4. Role of Periods and Chartered Accountant Career
In the beginning of the occupation, the lord of the periods should have a relationship with the sixth and the tenth house and with Amatyakaarak planet. Because in Astrology success is determined through the periods. During the period of Business, if the related planets and the period of the lord of the houses match well, the person will easily lead towards progress in his profession.

5. Other Yogas and Chartered Accountant Career

A) In the fifth house, Venus and Mercury are placed with the fifth-lord, and the lord of the tenth house and the eleventh house aspect these planets, the person will acquire education related to accounts. The fifth house is considered as the house of education, because the planets in this house specify about the education of a person or about something related to education. Mercury which is the Kaarak of the subject of accounts if forms a relationship with the fifth house then it provides success in this field.

B) If Mercury is the lord of the tenth house and is in conjunction with the fifth house or aspects it, and Venus is the lord of the Ascendant or eleventh house and forms a relationship with Jupiter the person achieves success in this field.

C) To be a successful Chartered Accountant, there should be an auspicious relationship between Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Moon. This will incline a person towards this field.
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