Combinations of Saturn with the auspicious planets

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Saturn is considered as an inauspicious planet in Astrology. It creates malice on the planets placed in the same house along with it.

Let’s discuss under the light of Astrology the activities of Saturn when placed with the auspicious planets.

Combination of Saturn with the Moon.
This very combination is considered as a’ Pitri Dosha’. The Astrology which lay its belief in ‘Punarjanma’ or re-birth is of the opinion that this combination occurs in one’s ‘kundali’ when in his previous birth failed short of loving his wife! Due to the malefic impact of this combination the person receives   stress and sorrow from his mother. The curse he gets from his mother creates many problems and difficulties in his life. As a result his home environment remains chaotic and strenuous. By caring and loving his mother he receives her blessings after the latter’s   death and thereby his life becomes peaceful.

Combination of Saturn with the Jupiter.
The Jupiter is the guru of all the planets. It is the embodiment of goodwill and positivity. Saturn is just the opposite of Jupiter but after the conjunction the previous one sheds its malefic nature and doesn’t harm the person. Saturn gives auspicious results when it is placed with Jupiter in the same house. But Jupiter loses some of its auspicious nature in this regard. When Saturn and Jupiter place themselves in the seventh-aspect then changes happens in the quality of both the planets. In this juncture/situation Saturn acts like Jupiter whereas Jupiter equals with Saturn and becomes torturous like the said one.

When Saturn combines with Jupiter in the first house it proves to be very good and profitable. Due to this auspicious combination the person gets name, fame and wealth. But when a reduction of auspicious quality of Jupiter is seen, the person receives less happiness from his paternal side. Not only that he feels worried and stressed from his childrens’ side too. This inauspicious combination hampers the well-being of the person’s happiness, education and professional life. This combination in its eighth-aspect provides the person with a long life with inadequate supply of money. In twelfth-aspect this combination provides its best result and the person receives happiness, fortune and fame.

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Combination of Saturn with Mercury.
Mercury is an auspicious planet but it is basically a neutral planet. It adopts the nature of the planets placed in the same house and acts like them. Mercury –Jupiter combination in their first-aspect brings polishness in the character of the person and he is incorporates with humanly qualities. But this combination turns malefic in fifth and tenth-aspects. In twelfth-aspect this combination brings the person success, fame and wealth.

The combination in between Saturn and Mercury is of benefic nature. The house in which this combination takes place receives positive results. In the first-aspect the combination brings material opulence which is benefic but the person’s family life suffers from inauspicious results. Saturn-Mercury combination proves good in fourth-aspect and the person is blessed with good fortune from his wife’ and friend’s side. The combination in seventh-aspect makes the character of the person loose and he possesses many wives or man. As a result it creates obstacles in the peace process of his family. The Kundli in which Saturn-Mercury combination is placed in tenth-aspect it is considered very auspicious.

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