Astrology Yogas to Become a Lawyer or Judge


Let us analyze the yogas in astrology to become a lawyer or judge.

1. Important House/ Lord : Sixth, Ninth, Second and the Third House
The sixth house is the house of litigation. Law is related to justice or judiciary and the ninth house is the house of justice. A good lawyer has the capability of bringing truth in front of the world and give justice to innocent. But these days lawyers are more involved in manipulation of truth in order to achieve success and make huge money. However in both the cases a lawyer needs to have a strong and influential speech or voice. The second house is the house of speech. Therefore, as much as the relationship between the sixth, ninth or second house/lord will be strong, a person will become a good and successful lawyer.

The third house in the birth chart considers books and files related to accounts, records, old scriptures etc. The relationship of the third house with the tenth house will give auspicious results. Therefore, this house is always in an auspicious position in the birth-chart of lawyers.

2. Important Planets : Saturn, Mars or Rahu
Mercury is the Kaarak planet of speech. Power and courage comes through Mars. An ability to make policies comes through Rahu. All these qualities are the key assets of a lawyer because sometimes a lawyer uses false statements. The ninth house is associated with policies, justice and court. If this house is in relationship with the tenth house then the person will become a lawyer.

3. Amatyakaarak Planet
Amatyakaarak planet determines the occupation of an individual. In the birth-chart, the lord of the nakshatra in which Amatyakaarak is placed determines the area of a person's vocation in legal department. For example, he will practice in criminal cases due to the influence of Mars and Rahu in his birth-chart. If Mercury shares a relationship in the birth-chart then the person will achieve great success in corporate cases. The person will have have an interest in the cases related to tax or dishonesty due to the influence of Saturn and Ketu in his birth-chart.

He will be an advocate in government office due to the influence of Sun and Moon. He will deal with the cases related to married life due to the influence of Venus in his birth-chart. If Amatyakaarak shares a relationship with the ninth or sixth house/lord then the possibilities to become a lawyer will increase.
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4. Directions:
Sometimes it has been acknowledged that in spite of auspicious yogas formed in the birth-chart of a person, he does not get appropriate results. It is because he is not in the suitable age to reap benefits from the auspicious direction and transit. Therefore, he should be very fortunate so that he could reap benefits of his life time at the right age from the yogas and transit present in the birth-chart.

For instance, if Mahadasha of the tenth lord, Antardasha of the ninth lord and pratyanter dasha of the eleventh lord meet each other in his birth-chart at the age of his career he will definitely achieve success in his business or any other occupation.

Yogas are created when directions and transits meet at the right age in the birth-chart. If directions associated with law meet at the age of occupation then it will be auspicious.

5. The Special position of Rahu
Sometimes, lawyers use false statements to win a case in favor of their clients, as well as act in a diplomatic manner. Rahu is a kaarak of these things. If Rahu becomes strong and relates to Mercury which is the kaarak of speech or with the sixth house/lord which is the house of litigation then possibilities to become a lawyer will increase.

Other Yogas
If Rahu, Saturn and Mars influence the sixth house or the twelfth house then the person will become a criminal lawyer. If Mars relates to Jupiter, and Mercury is located with Venus which is exalted in the birth-chart then the person will be a good spokesman and lawyer.

Jupiter in the birth-chart of judges has a benefic influence. Such a person will not lie and become a good critic. He also takes wise decisions on the basis of arguments made. He will be an admirer of truth and of rules and duties due to the strong position of Jupiter and Moon in the birth-chart. He will be judicious and a good listener due to influential Jupiter.



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