Auspicious Yogas in your Birth-Chart

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Auspicious Yogas in your Birth-Chart

Auspicious Yogas in your Birth-Chart

Some planetary yogas are considered inauspicious yogas which reduce happiness and peace in life. Whereas, some planetary yogas are auspicious and bring happiness in native’s life. Astrology mentions several auspicious yogas such as Mahalakshmi yoga, Nrup yoga etc which improve a person’s life if they are present in the birth-chart.

Mahalakshmi yoga is a great yoga which represents money and fame. This yoga forms when Jupiter which is the second lord is placed in the eleventh house and aspects the second house. This is also known as Dhankarak yoga. Similarly, there is another yoga named Saraswati Yoga, which forms when Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are together or form a relationship with each other when they are placed in the Kendra houses. A person who has this yoga in his birth-chart will be blessed by the goddess Saraswati. He will achieve fame in the field of arts, music, writing and education.

Nrup yoga‘s name describes itself. The person who has this yoga lives his life like a king. This yoga forms when three or more than three planets are exalted in the birth-chart of the native. Amla yoga is also one of the great yogas. This yoga forms when any benefic planet is placed between Moon and the tenth house in the birth-chart. The person who is born in this yoga will achieve money, fame and popularity.

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Gajkesari Yoga is classified as an extraordinary yoga. The person who has this yoga in his birth-chart does not face any losses in his life. He will be a very successful person and will be famous and wealthy. This yoga forms when Jupiter and Moon are placed with full karak effect in the birth-chart. When Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries or Scorpio is placed in the Ascendant this will enhance the impact of this yoga. If Jupiter is placed in the 1, 4, 7,10 Kendra houses from Moon then Gajkesari yoga forms. Besides this it also forms if Moon is placed with Jupiter.

Parijaat Yoga is also considered an excellent yoga, its special feature is that the person who has this yoga will achieve the height of success but his progress would be slow. The reason is, it has an impact only after the middle age. Parijaat yoga forms when in the birth-chart the lord of the sign in which the Ascendant lord is placed, is exalted or in its own house.

The person who has Chhatra Yoga will achieve a high station and continuous progress. This yoga forms when all planets are placed between the fourth house to the tenth house or between the tenth house to the fourth house. If planets are placed in groups of two in three houses, and alone in another three houses then the Nanda yoga is formed. The person who has this yoga in his birth-chart will be healthy and will have a long life. He will be blessed with a happy life due to this yoga.

Astrology has many more auspicious Yogas which make an individual’s life fulfilled and give him happiness and success. We will talk about many such yogas in subsequent articles.


  • At 2013.09.16 20:42, V.RAMADASS said:

    Can you tell me about
    rajalakshna yoga

    • At 2015.08.27 00:17, zulfikarsaleem said:

      My yoga tell me

      • At 2016.02.11 02:37, disha said:

        I have gajkeshari yoga, nichbhanga raj yoga, shool yoga, amal yoga, kahal yoga, vasumath yoga but there is daridra yoga also so will that affect the the other auspicious yogas in my life?

        • At 2016.03.14 15:37, M.G.Rao said:

          DOB 16.5.1956
          Time: 20:30
          Place: Chennai, Tamilnadu , India
          What yoga is running at present and how long

          • At 2016.04.02 14:53, MAYANK KUMAR TIWARI said:

            yog in my kundali

            • At 2016.05.29 20:21, josephsunny said:

              Moon mahadasha venus anterdash moon venus 10th house cancer

              • At 2016.07.18 22:46, Sara said:

                Hi my birthday is 27 april 1989 place lathi near amreli gujarat. I want to know major yogas in my horoscope and special predictions on wealth.

                • At 2016.07.31 18:32, m sai giridhar said:

                  dob 10-6-1970/22:25 ist / hyderabad -india ,my yoga,s any , if you pl , enlighten me , thanks and regards

                  • At 2016.08.14 16:56, B.sreenivasalu said:

                    B.sreenivasalu. 05.07.1970. 10.30 am. Vijayawada tell. Me my yoga

                    • At 2016.08.14 16:59, B.sreenivasalu said:

                      At 1970.07.05 10.30 B.sreenivasalu. my yoga tell me

                      • At 2016.08.31 22:21, josephsunny said:

                        196 1 . september. 07. 9.30am.moon mahadasha venus antardasha. Moon venus in 10th house together.

                        • At 2016.08.31 22:27, josephsunny said:

                          Any rajyoga in this period

                          • At 2016.09.09 13:58, Shriram said:

                            23 Aug, 1972 00:44:11 (midnight between 22nd Aug and 23rd Aug)

                            • At 2016.09.13 16:14, Babs said:

                              15 FEB 1970
                              08:56 AM

                              • At 2016.10.14 18:13, Chaudhary Muhammad Moazzam Sohal said:

                                24 jan 1962 at 0320am Lahore ,Pakistan .please find my yogas in this chart.

                                • At 2016.11.06 21:58, Dushyant Gour said:

                                  Tell me about good yoga present in my kundli
                                  D.O.B.- 03-feb-1995
                                  Birth Time- 18:53
                                  Birth Place- Khair(Aligarh),U.P.(India)

                                  • At 2016.11.11 16:02, Sony Antony said:

                                    Tell me my yoga

                                    • At 2016.12.02 07:39, Shailendra kurhade said:

                                      Tell me my all yogas. Dob 30/10/1971 08:38 AM kolhapur,Maharashtr

                                      • At 2016.12.24 10:45, Rahman said:

                                        29 01 1999 any fame inusic field possible?

                                        • At 2016.12.24 10:47, Rahman said:

                                          Time is 19:12 place Meerut.

                                          • At 2017.06.26 19:41, lakshmi balachandran said:

                                            want to know about yogas details in my birth chart

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