Marriage Yogas in a Girl’s Birth-Chart

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girl-marriage-yogaThe parents of a girl are most concerned about their daughter’s marriage. The girl also remains worried before her marriage, regarding her would be husband, in-laws and other matters related to her married life.

According to Astrology, complete knowledge of all the matters related to a girl’s marriage can be obtained through the correct analysis of her birth-chart.

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The most serious matter of concern with a girl’s marriage is who her husband would be? The seventh house is the house of Marriage. According to Astrology, if benefic planets i.e. Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are placed in the seventh house or these planets are the lord of the seventh house or aspect the seventh house, the groom will be of same age as bride and good-looking. If Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu and Ketu are in the seventh house or have their influence on the seventh house, then the groom will have fair complexion and will be a handsome person. He will be almost 5 years elder to the bride.

If in the girl’s birth-chart, Sun is the lord of the seventh house, then the groom will be associated with public sector. If the Moon is the lord of the seventh house, then the groom will have an average built and calm nature. When Mars is the lord of the seventh house, husband will be strong and powerful and also short tempered in nature. He will have an average built. He will be knowledgeable and will serve in police or in public sector. If Saturn is in the exalted sign in the seventh house, the husband will be elder in age, tall in height and slender. However if Saturn is debilitated in the sign, the husband will have wheatish complexion.

Longevity of Spouse
In a girl’s birth chart, the second house is the house of longevity of life-partner. If the lord of this house is in auspicious position, or it aspects the second house from its position, then the husband will have a long life. If Saturn is located in the second house and Jupiter in the seventh house or aspecting the second house in the birth-chart of a girl, then her husband will have longevity.

Age of Marriage
When a girl is in her growing years, then her parents get worried about the marriage of their daughter. From the perspective of Astrology, if in a girl’s birth-chart, the lord of the seventh house is Mercury or Mars and they are influenced by malefic planets, the girl will get married in her late Adolescence.

The planet of Venus represents youth. However, if Venus is the lord of the seventh house and influenced by malefic planets, then the girl will get married in the age of adulthood. When Moon is the lord of the seventh house, girl is likely to get married within one or two years of adulthood. When Jupiter is the lord of the seventh house and it is not affected by malefic planets, then there will be a delay in girl’s marriage.

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  • At 2017.01.19 11:47, Jyoti Yadav said:

    Dob: 2 nov 1993
    Place: Narnaul, haryana
    Time m not sure but it is after 8:30 pm. I want to knw whether i will get govt job. And also want to knw about my future spouse and his features??

    • At 2017.01.21 21:41, Bhawna said:

      My name is bhawna rattu and dob 18 dec 1989 time 12:10 pm when will I get married will it be a love or arranged? Place delhi

      • At 2017.02.15 13:14, tulsi said:

        Please let me know when will i get married ?
        Name – tulsi
        DOB – 16-11-1982
        DOT – 12.16 AM
        place – Kota (rajasthan)

        thanks .

        • At 2017.03.01 17:58, Panchasara bakula said:

          When I get marry..?

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              My DOB 11/9/1992, birth time – 8: 41am, birth place- Nashik maharashtra , India
              When my marraige will fixed means un which month and year? Also tell me about my life partner.

              • At 2017.06.13 03:38, Alicia said:

                Hello! My name is Niki. My birthday is 5/11/1984, 05:05am in Athens,Greece. I have relationship with Spiridon. His birthday is 22/2/1980, 08:20am in Athens,Greece.What development will our relationship have in the future?
                Will I get married to Spyros?
                Thanks you

                • At 2017.06.15 17:37, Pratibha said:

                  when will i get married will it be love or arranged?
                  Name: pratibha
                  Dob: 7/10/1991
                  Time: 5:15am
                  Place: sangrampur(Maharashtra)

                  • At 2017.06.21 14:39, satnam singh said:

                    date of birth 05/02/1992 time of birth 02:50 pm piace of birth amritsar – punjab

                    • At 2017.07.15 15:21, tulsi said:

                      please let me know when i will get married & how will be my would be husband ?
                      Name – tulsi
                      date of birth-16th november 1982
                      time -00:16 am
                      place – kota rajasthan

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                        Name-Parwinder kaur
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                          Please help me tell me please when I will get married. Will I get my dream husband.
                          Name: shameena Begum
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                            Hello sir my dob details
                            Place you run a garb angul

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