Shani Sade-Sati (Saturn Sade Sati)

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Shani sade-sati of Shani maharaj is considered very inauspicious in India. However, this is called Saturn sade-sati by affection. Still sarp yoga, kalasarp yoga and mangal dosha are fear causing astrological indicators. So quite clearly, these cause a great fear regarding charts.

Needless to say, Saturn sade-sati is the outermost of the three superior planets that are considered normal jyotishi. Going by the background, Shani sade-saati takes almost twenty-months to travel around each constellation or rashi or sign of the zodiac. Besides, this can be rounded up to 30 years for single revolution. Since the Saturn sade-sati happens to be the outermost planet that explains exceeding one revolution near zodiac during the whole life of the human beings. But the sign in which the moon is placed in the birth chart of an individual is thought to be of a very important factor in jyotish.

Here, Moon is considered to be as an indicator of the mind and is thought to be particularly sensitive to astrological influences. In the process, the moon-sign or janam-rashi turns out to be the astrological especially to influence that are of an ongoing nature as one moves in life. The moon sign traditionally, plays an important role to determine the influences of moving planets in the period of ones lifetime. And this creates the basis of Gochara or transit readings in jyotish.

When Saturn sade-sati reaches in the sign that happens to be in the 12th house from the natal moon, one understandably enters the new phase of life. This duration lasts till Saturn departs from the sign that is after the moon sign. Its transit through these three signs, namely the sign one in the 12th from the natal moon itself and the sing next to the moon sign occurs around 7.5 years. And the term for 7.5 in Hindi is called ‘sade-saat’. Thus, the shani sade-sati of Saturn sade-sati refers its transit through the trio of the two signs adjoining the natal moon and the moon sign itself. This period of 7.5 reoccurs once again in near about thirty years period and thus, a lot many people may experience two to three such during the entire period in his life time. To a lesser extent, ‘the influence’ or the control is understood to take place daring the course when Saturn sade-sati transits the sign that is 4th and 8th from natal moon.

The entire period is termed as adhayia or dhayia or panoti in folklore jyotish. In fact, none of these time durations, and for that very purposes, shani sade-sati itself are addressed clearly in a large number of classic texts in jyotish; it is noticeable that their presence in the jyotish is so remarkable and known to even starters. Simply to cite an example of the phase mentioned above, in case, we assume that somebody’s birth day was in the Aries rashi or Mesha put sim ply, with the natal moon in Aries rashi, in the birth chart, and at time when Saturn passes through the sign of Taurus, Aries and Pisces the person will experience sade-sati. Further, when Saturn passes through the sign of Karka or Cancer and again when it passes through Vrischik or Scorpio, the person will experience the adhayia or pandi of Saturn.

Further, nit-pickiers may immediately wonder – what if the natal moon is in the last degree of a sign? . In that case, will Saturn sade-sati have as different control and influence with respect to the natal moon. Apart from this, Saturn will have to journey nearly five years before it meets up with the natal moon but only will speed 2.5 years of the sade-sati after it has crossed the moon. Could the influence or effects of this be different note one also wonders with some trepidation, ” more so, is the whole period of 7.5 years going to be an encounter with hell or only particular months during these 7.5 years?” Saturn calls upon the image of curmudgeonly old, maciated, cold-hearted and irritable man with a very stern method of showing his presence. More so , he happens to be treacherous, unforgiving, negative sans flexibility or emotions and represents debilitating or chronic illness; is lame , of bad eyesight and the giver of worries keeping hurdles in some body’s path.

Dream seven and a half years problems, frustrations, failures, illness and deaths adjoining you, in that case, who will not face fear when ones sade-sati comes near, and about which jyotish has been warning for long. However, is the situation always hopeless and gloomy?

Saturn’s relation with Saturday, mustard and blue and sapphire are exploited inside the simlia similibus framework employed by some jyotish for recommending the remedial methods related to these and others Saturn-associated devices and factors. Imagining if only, life were so easy and simple and so affective! Apart from that, there is no similar opinion, rgarding the recommendations on the concept of astrology, so a lot of astrologers might treat and suggest you different solutions for the same problems. Therefore, on the same question, you might have varied opinions. So, now you can imagine the interpretations could be so different in nature.

In addition to this, there is a lot more to see the world in a different perspective. Because, the world is so rational to find, the more you try to discover it, the more you will find rosy picture in it. However, this gives a slightly different option related to Saturn sade-sati and what is considered to represent and do to us in the entire human experience in the lifetime. Saturn here is something related to removal or all that is not essential, and all that is old in the necessity for a renovation. Further, the deadly winter of Saturn sade-sati can only be followed by the spring of regeneration.

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Apart from this, one has to be optimistic by nature so that there remains some kinds of hopes to survive in the storm of life that shani sade-sati is. Besides, the role of Saturn sade-sati is just like a teacher. He guides us as and when we require it, helps out from the misery. Saturn sade-sati says what should be the status of your life and how it should move in the positive direction. So the very purpose should be meaningful.

Saturn sade-sati teaches us about the negative part of life to avoid. It further guides related not to seat inactive in life. Since life is meaningful, so it has to be in the best form to spend the rest in the best practicable way. Further, this is possible only when we do the right kind of karma in the present world so that we get the best result out of that in or the other form. Therefore, the real karma is due to realize, so that we do not repent later.

Such is the picture that one has to realize the significance of astrology that the benefic planets actually do not stand for fighting and claiming a lion’s share in the very discussion of jyotish doctrines. By nature, human beings remember negative things faster than the positive one in the practical life. And quit e of ten one curses God and the fate. At the same time we tend to forget easily the grace, which one has enjoyed in the past. L et us further see that planets like ketu and Rahu specifically the first three are usually assumed as bad planets at a crude and basic level of jyotish, Further, particularly when waning moon, afflicted sun and mercury with evil associations are all dedicated to malefic properties. So far Saturn is concerned, it is a powerful in creating the kind of havoc it wants to generate. So, quite naturally, Saturn is respected and held in high esteem.

Besides, shani sadi-sati in this kind of frame of work is understood to expose one to the fully distilled and concentrated vitriol that Saturn sade-sati is able to manage somebody. Therefore, the requirement is of remedies and prevention galore!

Now the important question is related to the past, one has done undesirable thing. Can that be so be so easily pardoned? Probably to give the right answer is very difficult. Though a lot of people try to find out the solution of the past problems. In doing so, they do a lot of things to come out clean. For instance, they visit the worship place, appease the gods, appease Saturn sade-sati and for that matter any thing which can be beneficial for the cause of the liberation. Not only that a lot many people go for sacred places. Many of us even sacrifice for the appeasement of god. So, the jest is anything, which is possible, many of us do those very things.

But the most important thing is, are we sure about the sanctity of these kinds of utilities? Probably we do not have the answer of this part. In addition to that, one can see many people using so many remedial measures to get the desired result. But there is a too much difference between realism and idealism. Therefore, it’s always better to do the right thing from the very beginning than do it at the last stage of life. Twins along with others associated with the moon having identical sign usually do not experience the similar degree of negative effects in the whole life at the same time while passing through the duration of sade-sati. Apart from this, it is normally seen and frequently raises doubts about about the equal negative experiences at the time of shani sade-sati in the whole life of a nativity.

However, there is also the positive impact of Saturn sade-sati and moon on human beings. This goes like this, incase, one is born moon in a positive-mode of the strength, chances are that the person could be in the beneficial-mode. Actually when this happens, the individual is in a balanced condition. These kinds of persons are not egoistic in nature. Rather the person is mentally fit and fine. Further the person is not also in the quest of gratification-mode. He becomes rational in approach and treat whole thing based on rationality. He is not always driven by undue impulse. He believed in complete justice. He becomes changed man. For him, the duty is more important than merely seeking pleasure. So in a sense, the good position of Saturn sade-sati and moon reminds the human being that you must not leave the path of fairness and justice. In all conditions and in all terms, one must be for the quest of good thing. In addition to this, one must control the level of ambitions and expectations from reaching alarming proportion. As after a certain limit, these really turn out to be harmful for the human being. Ultimately, these lead to different causes of evils in one or the other form. Since there is no limit of Maya, So one should be careful enough not to fall in the trap of it.

Understandably, a chart having a condition where the two primary astro-indicators; as, Saturn sade-sati and moon are well protected shows about the person who has been working at what offers power to shani sade-sati and has the karmic stability which is more ‘black’ than “red” as ledgers move. In spite of that, nobody in this world is complete. And shani sade-sati will create a kind of condition and situations when negative control and influences may create big problems and defeat the very purpose of the destiny.

Take for example, the father of the nation of India Mahatma Gandhi was born in Tula lagna(Libra rising) and during assassination, transit Saturn sade-sati was very near to natal moon while the transit moon was very near to the rising. Apart from this, yogakarak for libra was rising and Saturn sade-sati a benefic. In addition to charts, a large number of persons have experienced rise and gains at the time of shani sade-sati. That is an altogether different thing, in the process; a lot of people have lost their mental balance. However, with the fast approaching of shani sade- sati, in case, one can have to a certain degree of mental detachment towards goals and outcomes can have the chance to exercise a sense of fairness, self-discipline. Additionally, the better one will definitely get a chance to resist regarding the period, which has to give. Naturally, this looks a kind of astrological opportunism, however, this can be taken a chance for some one to practice particular ways of living. And responding to life, methods that are relevant and harmonious related to the astrological signatures and rhythms indicate.

So far, karmayogi is concerned, the one who is not much involved in the fixed goal, chances are that he will not be much affected at the time of shani sade-sati than the one who is very much attached to the goal. Here the logic is very simple, if you can maintain your life according to the norms of a good human being, then you may live a short life but you will live like a peaceful soul. And this is really what the astrological rhythms and periods of life are giving us the direction.

Further, if we are able to do the things as per astrological cycle, life definitely can become smoother and entertaining. Here the main stress is on the right action of the humanity. Right action always pays in the right direction, while the heavy detached person finds it difficult to come out with flying colors in the goal of his life.

Not only that, you need to have patience to reap the goal latter and not at the shortest period of time. As every thing comes on the right time, so is the case with the astrological cycle, and life’s rhythm. You can no way get everything in one go. Certainly it needs to have patience and right amount of good labor to produce the desired result. There is no short cut to get immediately anything you desire for. Even Rishis and Mahatmas have to pray for years and years, and then only were able to get the wanted results. Else, it is really difficult to have the right kind of result in your favor without good karma. Of course, good karma is the guarantee of the success. No doubt it takes time, but the ultimate result pay you at the end. Apart from that you are able to make Saturn sade-sati and moon in your favor. And quite naturally, shani sade-sati is related to ones discharging of proper duties along with right kind of dharma to change the fate in your favor.

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