Importance of Mercury in Married Life


Astrology calls Mercury the prince of the navgrahas. It does not have its own power. Mercury adopts the qualities of the planet it is associated with, and gives results according to that planet.

Mercury plays a very important role in married life. We can consider the married life on the basis of the position of Mercury in the birth-chart.
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Placement of Mercury in the Seventh House
According to Astrology, the person will get an intelligent spouse if Mercury is placed in the seventh house, or the signs of Mercury which are Gemini or Virgo are placed in this house, or the Navamsh of Mercury is placed in the seventh house in the birth-chart. But if Moon is also placed with Gemini or Virgo in the birth-chart, then it may create difficulties for his spouse. If Moon is combined with Gemini, then he may be suspicious towards his life partner. Moon in combination with Virgo may create distance between the two. He might also have a risk of life due to water works.

Pisces and Mercury
According to Vedic astrology, if he has Pisces with moon, then his spouse will be beautiful. Due to this influential birth-chart, he might be blessed with children later in his life. The couple may have to contact a gynecologist for the same.

Gemini and Mercury
If Gemini is the sign of Mercury in the birth-chart, then his father may have friendly relationship with another woman. The combination of Gemini and Mercury may provoke him to extra marital affairs.

Mercury Placed Alone in the Seventh House
If Mercury is placed alone in the seventh house in the birth-chart, then he may have extra marital affairs. Women will be attracted towards him because of his abilities and wealth.

Placement of Mercury in the Twelfth House
If Mercury is placed alone in the twelfth house, then his spouse may have extra marital affairs. This may create an atmosphere of combat and conflicts in the house. He may also have to face legal proceedings for his ancestral property and he may fail in this.

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Placement of Venus in the Navmansh of Mercury
According to Vedic astrology, if Venus is located in the Navamsh of Mercury, then his spouse may not be able to fulfill his physical desires. His life partner may also have an extra marital affair. This may create disturbance in his life.

Mercury and Saturn
If Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction in the birth-chart of a girl, then it is considered an auspicious combination for marriage. Due to this conjunction, she may have skinny husband. If this conjunction is placed in the Ascendant, seventh or twelfth house, then it may give problems in the married life.

Marriage may also be less fulfilling if Mars or Jupiter aspects this conjunction by its ninth or fifth aspect. Also strong masculine planets influencing the fifth house in the birth-chart of the groom are auspicious for the girl, but the married life may lack complete happiness.

Mercury with Capricorn and Aquarius
If Capricorn or Aquarius is placed with mercury in the seventh house, then the married life may be conflicting. Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs of Saturn. Saturn is a friend of Mercury. The reason of conflict between the couple is that Saturn is a feminine planet. Due to this, Mercury also adopts the feminine nature, which may bring dissatisfaction and conflicts in their married life.

Relationship of Mercury and Leo
If Leo is placed with Mercury in the seventh house, then he may not get the spouse he desires. If Sun is also included in this combination, then his spouse will be virtuous. But she may be a short-tempered and egoistic person. This may lessen pleasure in the married life.

Relationship of Mercury with Sagittarius and Pisces
If Mercury is a planet of Sagittarius and Pisces in the seventh house, then it enhances his suspicious feelings towards his spouse. Because Mercury is an enemy of Jupiter and is debilitated in Pisces. The seventh house is the house of partnership. He may be cheated in partnership, if Mercury combines with Pisces. Marriage is also considered a partnership. Therefore possibilities of cheating in this relationship will be high.

Therefore, Mercury influences the marriage and married life to a great extent. At the time of match making, its position should be determined. According to astrologers, if their most gunas are matching in the horoscope, but Mercury combination is not correct, then he/she should consider marriage.



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