Relevance of the Ascendant Lord in Astrology


At the time of prediction all the nine planets are important. But the Ascendant lord holds the most special place in astrology. Astrology scriptures say that a strong Ascendant lord destroys many doshas in the birth-chart.

We can divide these Navgrahas into three parts:
  • Friendly planets
  • Enemy planets
  • Neutral planets

If friendly planets are strong, then the person will enjoy a happy life. But if enemy planets are strong, then he will have a struggling life. However if neutral planets are effective, then he will get mixed results.

Every Ascendant has any one planet as a Bhagyakarak planet. If this planet is strong, then it will give fortunate results to the person. But if lord of the fortune becomes weak due to any reason, and the Ascendant lord is strong, then he will reap happiness in his life through his efforts. Even if an enemy planet influences him by presence or an aspect, he will beat his hurdles if he has the strong Ascendant lord.
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Neutral planets give mixed results according to their nature. To know how the Ascendant lord becomes strong, we have to interpret the situation of Ascendant lord in the sign, house and Vargasarani. The Shadbal, Varshasarani and transit of Ascendant should also be considered in the birth-cart.



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