Siddha Yoga is Auspicious for Important Work


In Astrology, a friendly Yoga is called auspicious, while a yoga unfavorable for your work is called inauspicious. Here we are talking about Siddha yoga, which is considered auspicious for important works. It is formed when Vaar and Tithis meet together. Let us first know the formation of Siddha Yoga.

  • 1. If Friday falls on Nanda Tithi or Pratiparda, sixth or eleventh, then it is considered auspicious and Siddha Yoga is formed.
  • 2. Badhra Tithi i.e. second, seventh, twelfth if coincides with Wednesday, then Siddha Yoga is formed.
  • 3. Jaya Tithi i.e third, eighth and thirteenth if falls on Tuesday, then it is very auspicious and Siddha Yoga is formed.

In Astrology, panchmi, dashmi, amavas and Purnima are known as Purna Tithis. If Purna tithi coincides with Thursday, then Siddha Yoga is created.

Siddha Yoga is considered very auspicious in astrology. You can complete any of your important works during this Yoga. It will be beneficial for you.
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