Remedial measures in Vedic Astrology

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For majority of people thinking about Jyotish and Vedic Remedies in Indian astrology mean incense, amulets, pot-bellied priests, gemstones, poojas and various kinds of different chants. In spite of the fast changing in thinking and mind-set, still for a large number of people, the field of Vedic Remedies in Jyotish is not that much open, as it should have been.
Many feel this is simply because of ignorance. Yet another section of the people attribute Vedic Remedies to the half knowledge learned by the learners. And therefore, there are some kinds of needs to spread the information in the most practical way, so that the real message of Vedic Remedies reaches to the required target group. During the process, there is the requirement of enriching people with the right kind of in formations related to Vedic Remedies as and when they need them.

Besides, the horoscope should not be the only means to give the information. Apart from this, there is a great relation between astrology and psychology of human being. Here the best application can be taken into consideration among the connecting links of astrology, psychology and the use of horoscope. The combination of these can pave the way for the real solution and the flight of imagination in the most practicable way in the form of Vedic Remedies.

Here the role of advice taker is also very valuable. The duty of the concerned person is to pay attention to the advices given to them related to the Vedic Remedies. As in most of the cases, astrologers are very well experienced person who gives advice based on their practical actions. Though a lot many people might be feeling that to go for the logical factor of the astrology to find Vedic Remedies or not. Secondly, they should assume that the experiences of astrology are nothing but a rule to follow in all circumstances alike. Probably there might not be purely logical astrologer as all of us are psychic and relatively intuitive to a far extent. However, the focal point here is about the degree of rationality and gut feeling associated with Vedic Remedies.

Further, in Hindu, the concept of gloom or doom is not practiced. Apart from this, the very significant role of elective astrology or murhurta and remedial astrology happen to be a powerful messages against such ‘modern’ myths that might think to bring chain Jyotish developed by their ignorance of the real information related to Vedic Remedies. Here the logic of the sartorial therapy is to provide the solution to the required problems. Astrologers here are not solely believing on the nature of religious feelings rather, astrology is trying to give you the Vedic Remedies of the day-to-day problems you are facing.

Since a religion can be a long distant goal of human being and not the immediate solution, but the Vedic Remedies give you complete solution of your misery in the most practical way. Here the parts of the Vedic Remedies lie in the gemstones. Most of the astrologers today provide you these gemstones. In case, those who cannot afford it, can go for the second option. A metal plate can do the work in place of the gemstones. The sources of the Vedic Remedies are endless, depending upon the affordability factor. That way you can mange to wash your entire sins. Traditionally, it has been seen that majority of the rich people go for this kind of Vedic Remedies. But for an ordinary person, it could be a difficult measure.

Apart from this, the present practitioner of astrology tries to find out a relation between the astrology and the Vedic Remedies. According to them the remedial measures are based on the assumption of good experimented results. Once it takes place, there starts a kind of faith in that particular thing.

Astrology–if taken it untraditionally, comes into the concept that a lot of people feel mixing astrology with that of superstition or magical thinking. However, most of these people are totally misinformed. Apart from this, a lot people have lots of queries. Some examples can be cited as: why does Jupiter mean as a karaka for kids? Why do planets govern Aries? In what way, different configurations or structures of zodiac function — at the same time? In what way planets influence us or for that matter, how do they point to a particular effect related to Vedic Remedies. How does fate work? Like this, many more questions pose a lot of queries to answer. In spite of lack of complete answers, people continue to believe and practice in astrology. Reason being very simple, those who have done in the past and experimented told us that astrology definitely works! This acts as a great tool for the solution in the form of Vedic Remedies. However, the path of astrology from false notion to science may go to the open mind and most likely would tend to extend from the willow bark to the surprise drug aspirin! This may hold good for astrology in a similar way. One may think liberal-minded astrologers as a challenging breed of breaking new grounds voluntarily finding undeclared waters! However, many of the today’s astrologers pull the line when it is the time to apply and use of astro-remedies. Redressal such as gemstones, which are understood to vibrate against particular planetary qualities, one must accept and consider a lot and need a strong feeling. One puts question: related to planetary vibrations?

Why we may not measure with marvelous scopes and gauges? Are these energies relevant to sound, magnetism, light or for that matter, do they represent a small form of energy that remains there merely away from our boundaries of physical feelings? On more or less same principles lay the basis for applying natural resources, you may call it herbs, which are used in rectifying ill effects produced by or associated with planetary afflictions related to Vedic Remedies.

The big line goes up to the horizons of our feelings and conceptualization.
Understandably, Vedic astrology, despite its affiliation with the Karmic hypothesis and its indirect ‘fatalistic’ misconception has a very well developed and explained remedial system associated with Vedic Remedies. Mockingly, this also underscores the fact that Vedic astrology helps or supports the notion or view that future can be changed with by your personal will and relevant mechanisms. Related to this, the remedial medicine bag of the Jyotishi(Vedic astrologer) includes tools such as fasting, glyphs and devices poojas(religious ceremonies) having charity.

Many of these remedial measures naturally sound fantastic. Belie-wise, there is always personal faith attached. Thus, you can say this is a personal decision. However, it is based on more understanding and personal practice than a collective or universal decision of the humanity.

Seeing the Vedic astrology, a particular planet is mentioned as two kinds of attributes. Either, it is quantity or quality. However, one should keep open the mind to think positively in terms of beneficial astrology than the negative one. The importance of astrology can be noticed accordingly. However, they should not be used in case the planet is malefic. Further, when the planet is in it’s own symbol or in friendly nature, then it is strong. An identical berief thought for determining a malefic planet would be: in case it rules 12th, 8th,and 6th houses or in case it rules 9th, 7th, 11th signs from the rising in case the latter is in fundamental, fixed sign accordingly.

Naturally, there appears more to these attributes to resolve than this. This certainly has practical implications. For instance, in case the lord of the sixth house is not strong. On the other hand, if the sun is in Libra and in the similar horoscope, covering a ruby chances are to improve matters relating to the seventh!

Where as benefics can be strengthened by gemstones, while malefics can be propitiated by other forms of solving measures, including fasting performing better works or offering charity, immersing oneself into specific mantras and the other devotional acts. Further, a malefic planet indicates a karmic factor that maybe amenable to correction or shanty, thus you can say the significance of the voluntary suffering! However, it can be taken into consideration that though matters can be utilized for strengthening weak planets, along side; still they are usually very specialized and need right rituals just be effective.

Simply changing them off a text or a web page might be able to do the trick! Besides, it is safe to say that hearing to rightly recorded chants does generate some benefits. In addition to that, one prefers to see as birth chart as a sketch of worldly presentations and distribution of the cosmic energy, the length of life primarily for the present lifetime. Further, the horoscope houses are the twelth corriders of human experiences that are lighted by the seventh planetary candles, the whole of which are of the presentations of the prime energy source from which the more you bring out the same amount the more remains left.

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Apart from this, each planet gets certain corridors that are smoothly properly lit by the light. Thus, these represent the strong locations for the given planet. Not only that, there are more other corridors that possibly will not be lit by the identical planet’s presence there. In this specific situation, one can resort to boosting the light by applying the reflectors or lenses in the form of herbs or gemstones. Of the entire candles of seven a lot of candles are with a clean flame (benefic), though others also produce smoke (malefic).

Further, a candle might produce an intensely bright and blinding light having plumes of smoke (a strong malefic) or for that matter it might generate a smokeless dim light (weak benefic). Take a view in this way, in case, gemstones are condenser lenses or reflectors then mantra and penance are similar to HEPA filter air purifiers in this comparison.

Besides, a gemstone might be damaged to strengthen a benefic planet that is not strong in the natal chart area in a given time, or even it may be damaged while it’s planetary time, such as vimshottari dasha or sub-dasha (a mechanism of lunar development) is under operational condition.

In a situation of slower moving condition of planets, in case, they happen to be weak in transit at the time, when one is expiring their dashas in specific stage of life, gemstones usually help. As in this condition, the planet is the source of the effect or the drive factor; one would like it to be as powerful as it can be. However, if the planet were malefic and weak, then we would leave it unattended. Understandably, does not this create a malefic sound similar to a karmic windfall?

Choosing a gemstone is naturally a very difficult mechanism, time taking, and tricky. More so, even many practicing astrologers feel discouraged and ultimately begin loosing faith in the efficiency of using gems as solution. A lot of people also start adopting secondary and tertiary stones, all of which eventually do not fall as per expectation. Here the important point is, gemstone should match chemical and physical guidelines (gravity, purity, etc.) along with the size as a part of Vedic Remedies. In addition to this, it must be used and tested by the person for a couple of days before admitting it. This needs a very conscientious, understanding and cooperative jeweler.

Next, mantras are a very effective means of peace loving with planets, irrespective of whether they are strong or weak, benefic or malefic. Additionally, mantras can serve as powerful barriers, as well as viable expressions of the soul being. When we are devoted to chant a mantra for a given planet, we are not only paying our respect to it, but we are in reality turning one with the energies characterized by the planetary spirit related to Vedic Remedies. Mantra to become effective has to pass through the every nerve of the body. Mantra can become more important, if Guru gives blessing in it.

The most practical remedial measure is charity, fasting and penance related to Vedic Remedies. It must be understood that not all karma can be dissolved away with remedies. Karma basically is what creates our lessons and in case, we do not happen to be in this worldly plane to learn, then what is the rational to be here? More so, Astro-remedies must not necessarily turn out to be a hermit crab’s loaned shell! Though it is a fact that they possibly, can protect very properly one from loss and pain at a time while improving wisdom and insight. However, the seeds of karma usually lay inactive and unless they are directly faced, the pain released and realized so that real heals may start. Fasting, willingly ones charity, service is in fact statements of ones intention to willingly feel pain, hardship, deprivation, so that one can solve the problems. Not eye for eye misunderstanding, karma is no useless slayer.

Any solution must not be indulged into as barter or ‘trade’ with God related to Vedic Remedies. It must be taken as an identification of individual accountability, at some stages of ones presence, for what is taking place and as a means of repenting for it. Additionally, one must keep in mind that today’s karma was the other day’s act of general understanding or will.

Now a very simple method can be described, regarding one can prescribe or follow to others with no fear of putting up some kinds of a karmic cascade.

The very firs step in this direction could be to measure planets that are likely to identify particular karmic areas associated with Vedic Remedies. Many of the natives would be very alert of their selves, they would have done the ground homework and this can be natural effective and assistant to the Jyotishi. Somewhat as significant as very old in comparison like that of our karma, the body of our actions cannot be estimated to leave its signature only in the charts! It definitely would leave its traces in our palm prints, our feelings, and actions and repetitive actions in life that are understandably kept along our path just to get our attention from other sources in life!

If one enters into the reading of a horoscope after knowing the background of experiences that the client has had, especially when the client is soul-wise matured and does not require forecasting games or the need for proof that astrology functions a costly exercise, however, since he or she is paying for it or other various related areas.

Apart from this, planetary energies quite frequently, come into many different forms and the starter, or for that matter advanced Jyotishi, must not be hesitant to ask queries to determine and assist in ones diagnosis, particularly when a costly remedy is being adopted. Further, studying is not a game of minds or wrestling match, and definitely, it has no room for showmanship. Besides, it is a serious occasion where much serious soul sharing can occur having lessons learned by both the astrologer and the client on many occasions. The best approach that both the client and astrologer can surrender not to each other, but the paramount intelligence that is supervising the attractive sharing that a Jyotish studying is!

With respect to karmic perspective, the trikonas(trines) are the most benefic dwellings and so are their lords functionally benefic planets. Further, the planet that governs an angle and trine also known as yoga karaka happens to be an important benefic. While on the other hand, the planets that govern the trik-bhavas, the ‘tricky’ ones, the sixth, eighth and the twelfth are the malefic related to the horoscope that you are reading. A lot of people think the death-signifying planets, the kharesha or the lord of the 22nd drekhana. The maracas coming in the eighth house or another governing the 64th navamsha from the moon or the gulika sign or the sign lord governing the mandi,etc. Forget all these things for a while. Particularly the death-dealing planets, one may not call it as malefic! Since death is transition and not the ultimate. Though, this is the fact.

However, limited view of facts, it need not be regarded as some malefic milestone in line with the spirits journey related to Vedic Remedies.

All said and done, one must also check the shortcoming in the given list, which has been prepared. More so, what about those governing the trika or 12th dwellings or houses? Further, they move from the given list of benefics! The question is, related to a natural benefic and governing the central dwellings or houses; it misses few points as a benefic.

However, the remaining planets, after these considerations and comparisons, required to be looked at. How then a planet can stand normally in a weak condition? This is something that may require some kinds of assistances. After that, one views the malefics in the same pattern. What about the comparison, one planet is better malefic than the others? Further, is it more powerful? These are something, where need to be focused upon. However, the weak and the strong benefic planets are the ones that need remedial assistance!

Apart from this, the color characterized by the strong benefic is beneficial. Also, fasting on the days identified by the strong malefic is usefulas a part of Vedic Remedies.However, the best assistance; one can offer to a weak benefic is to use its gemstone. Assisting charities notified by the weak benefic planet is something one may easily carry out or function as a volunteer to support the causes represented by the weak benefic is extra thing that can be done. In what way to find the causes? For this, the list of significations and karakatwa of planets remain useful. A nice compendium is offered in Uttarakalamrita and additional texts. Labor is what is all about! In fact it is the karma, of majority of Jyotishis to function hard in transporting the large body of information that is available by means of the horoscope merely to generate meaningful ways out of those entire things related to Vedic Remedies.

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