Major Principles of Panch Pakshi in Astrology


According to the principles of South Indian Astrology, time is divided into five parts. It is divided in the form of birds. According to this theory, the fruits of our efforts depend on the position of a specific bird at that time. These principles of Astrology are known as Panch Pakshi. There are times when we feel the presence of some special power helping us complete our work. And there are times when millions of efforts do not yield any result. From the perspective of Astrology, all the incidents of life are determined by the planetary movements and zodiac signs.

The astrologers of South India gave birth to a new method known as Panch Pakshi. According to this system any work done on the right time guarantees fruitful results. And the possibilities of success increase if you determine the right time of your work through Panch Pakshi. The panch pakshis are owl, vulture, crow, rooster and peacock. The time for each of these panch pakshis is fixed. A time period of 2 hours 24 minutes is dedicated for each panch pakshi. Each panch pakshi's time comes once in a day. Similar order continues in the night as well. Your Panch Pakshi is determined on the basis of your Ascendant, Nakshatra and birth-place.

Tamil scholars did a precise analysis of planetary movements, and the digits of the moon for the determination of these principles. These scholars concluded that planetary movements and the digits of moon -which depend upon its distance from the sun, influence the 12 signs and 27 Nakshatras in zodiac. The influence of this transit is different on everyone.
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The scholars also believe that as the Moon changes its digits, sometimes it goes up and sometimes down, the influence of this change is also different on different people. They say that the person born on this earth has an influence of all these nine planets for life long. The qualities and characteristics of these planets consistently influence us. Achieving success in work will be easy if we understand the kind of influence these planetary combinations have on our personality. The major principle of Panch pakshi is we will get definite success in life if we move ahead towards our goal when all the influential elements are exalted in the birth-chart.



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