Influence of Planetary Periods


Planetary combinations give results during their periods. If there are many Rajyoga and Dhanyoga formed in the horoscope of the person and he lives normal life, then he should perceive that the Mahadasha of the planets, associated with Rajyoga and Dhanyoga, is not present in the birth-chart.

The person who gets periods of the lords of the Kendra and trine at the right time in the birth-chart will achieve success easily in his life. Because this is in the hand of periods to turn a king into a pauper and a pauper into a king. Let us consider the position of planets in auspicious and inauspicious houses.

1. Sun: Lord of the Auspicious House
During this time, the person will achieve success in difficult tasks. He would get respect or job in the government department. He will earn money from the field of tourism. He will perform his acts quickly with his hard work. Therefore, he will reap fruits in his life when Sun is placed in the auspicious house.

Sun: Lord of the Inauspicious House
If Sun is the lord of maleficent house, then he may have conflicts in his business life. He may have disagreements with people, who are associated with his field, because Sun is a dispersion planet. Due to this he may leave his job. If he does not obey government rules properly, then he may face problems in his life.

2. Moon: Lord of the Benefic House
Firstly, Moon increases the capability to take decision in business. During this time, he will achieve success in his work. His wealth will increase due to the period of Moon. This time is also good for children. The person will get good clothes and jewelery. He will incur good results in the property affairs.

Moon: Lord of the Inauspicious House
When Moon is the lord of the inauspicious house, then conflicts may occur in the family. He may get sudden financial loss in business. He may get punishment from the government. He may become more lazy and may not concentrate on his work. He may get a problem of insomnia. This time is not good for the work related to property.

3. Mars: Lord of the Auspicious House
The person will win over his enemies if Mars is placed in the good house. This time is beneficial for the sale-purchase of assets. He will reap money from transportation and the field of fire. "Fire" means the place or a factory where products are formed through fire. He will achieve success due to his courage and bravery. Mars gives prosperity in its own period, if he struggles to get good results.

Mars: Lord of the Maleficent House
Conflicts may occur between the person and his relatives, friends, children and spouse in an inauspicious period of Mars. He will be more ambitious during this time. Mars is a Karak of blood. Therefore, he may suffer from blood related disease. He should try to become a truthful person during this time. He may not respect his Gurus.

4. Mercury: Lord of the Auspicious House

The person will get support and benefits from his friends. This time is good for business. He will reap income from the government field. He will achieve success in the business of transport and property. His popularity and facilities will increase during this time.

He will complete his work by intelligence. He will become more religious and he will save time for religious activities. He will win over his enemies. This period is good for writing.

Mercury:Lord of the Maleficent House
Mercury as the lord of maleficent house gives inauspicious results. Therefore, the person may face problems and difficulties during this period. He may not use his intellectual power. He may not get support from his younger siblings. He may become the reason of condemnation in the society. He may not get blessings of his gurus. He will get support and affection from his friends, children and spouse. He should not begin any new business in this period.

5. Jupiter: Lord of the Auspicious House
During this period, his religious faith may be awakened. He will spend his time in religious activities. This time is good for children. He will get support and pleasure from his children. He will achieve respect and honor in the society. He will get pleasure of the good transport. His relationship will become more sweet with his relatives. This time will give him good results in business.

Jupiter: Lord of the Maleficent House
The person may get problems from the government fields in an inauspicious period of Jupiter. He may be less courageous and hot-tempered. He may face mental stress and financial losses during this period. He may have bad relations with his father and teachers. He may suffer from diseases due to polluted food. He should control his anger and take care of his health.
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6. Venus: Lord of the Auspicious House
Venus gives material pleasures to the native. It will make him fortunate. He will be placed on the higher position, and he will enjoy good transportation. He will participate in the religious activities. He will take more interest in music and arts and spend time in these fields. He will get benefits due to the support of women.

Venus: Lord of the Inauspicious House
Possibilities of accidents may be high during this period. He may face business loss due to women. He may spend his time in erroneous acts. He may face defeat from enemies. He may not achieve success in the business of property. Differences may create between him and his teachers and friends.

7. Saturn: Lord of the Auspicious House
Saturn gives him brilliant and sharp mind in its own period. He will get benefits in the land affairs. He will achieve success with his hard work and struggle. He will get respect in the society. He will reap benefits in the business of iron, sesame and agriculture. Saturn gives prosperity if he perform his acts with encouragement and enthusiasm.

Saturn:Lord of the Maleficent House
He may face financial losses and health problems due to the affliction of Saturn. He may not obey the law and may get punishments from the government. He may become unsocial and perform immoral activities. Possibilities to stray from the aim of life are high. He may become pessimistic and lazy. He may get difficulties from transport. Conflicts may occur between him and his family members. If Saturn is the lord of the inauspicious house, then he should not trust his servants.

8. Auspicious Results of Rahu
Rahu increases the respect of the person in its own period. His projects will complete due to Rahu. He will get property, and will save money as per his policies. If he has any interest in politics, then he will achieve success in this field.

Inauspicious Results of Rahu
The person will get benefits from the government in the maleficent period of Mars. He may get problems from his children. He may get difficulties and defamation due to Rahu. He may change his house and job. He may not achieve success according to his hard work.

9. Auspicious Results of Ketu
The person will win over his competitors in the auspicious period of Ketu. He will achieve success in difficult tasks. He will get respect in the world. His fortune will support him if he lives far from his house. The period of Ketu is good for writing and study. He will like research in the period of Ketu.

Inauspicious Results of Ketu
He may have problems related to health. He may not achieve success even after a lot of struggle. He may face loss in any project started during the period of Ketu. He may have to face resentment of teachers and may be less courageous. He should be careful about the words he might use in this period.



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  1. 29 November, 2009 07:32:52 AM bimal

    sukra is in 4th house of mes lagna.saturn in 6th house.budh is in 2nd house with mars and sun,asubh chandra in 4th house with ketu.jupiter in 12th house.jupitar period running.his daughter came from her in she go to her husband and settlement with younger brother on dispute when.which is best for him.