Importance of Dig bala in Shad bala


We use different units to measure the strength of different entities in the world. Similarly there is a unit in astrology to measure the planetary strength. It is called Shad bala. There are six types of bala in Shad bala:

The first bala in Shad bala is Sthan bala, the second is Dig bala. The meaning of Dig bala is the strength of Direction. The assessment of planetary strength in Dig bala is based on the direction of planets. Dig bala assesses the strength of planets on the basis of the direction in which they are located.

Significance of Digbala
Astrology says that the planets with a strong Digbala yield benefic results. Similarly, if the digbala of planets is weak, then they give malefic results and cause opposite influence. However, it is difficult to determine the direction of planets in which they give results, because there are many arguments involved in the direction of planets. According to the theories of astrology, dig bala is the form of strength of direction. Dig bala assesses the auspicious direction that gives profound results. Digbala influences on the basis of direction of planets, such as Sun in the east direction, Saturn in West, Mars in south, Mercury in north, Rahu in south-west, Moon in North-west and Venus North-east. Hence, Digbala is the directional strength of planets.

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Digbala of planets is located in the kendra house of the birth-chart. In digbala, Sun and Mars are strong in the 10th house. Mercury and Jupiter are strong in Ascendant. Moon and Venus are strong in the fourth house and Saturn in the seventh house.

A part of astrology called the mathematical astrology, calculates digbala. Digbala of planets increases within a fixed distance from kendra and the moment the planets cross this limitation their digbala is down to 0. The maximum bala of planets is 60. When a planet is more than 180 degrees from the kendra of its digbala, then it is subtracted from 360 degree, so that the score of planet should not exceed 60.

For instance: when Sun is in south or in the tenth house, then it gets full 60 points. Because Sun at that time is at 180 degree. But in decreasing order it gets 0 point.

In mathematical astrology to obtain digbala:

Area of digbala= length of planets- deducted from the weak point of planets

( if the distance between them is more than 180 degree then it is deducted from 360 degree)

This mathematical method is provided so that may not face problems in obtaining digbala of planets.

Suppose, Moon is in Taurus at 3 degree and its meridian point is in cancer at 17 degree, then digbala of moon will be:
digbala= (97 degree-33 degree)/3 = 64/3 =21 points



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