Auspicious Muhurat for Traveling


Every person travels sometime or the other in his life for various purposes and works. When we travel for any particular aim or purpose, then we pray to achieve success in that work.

How your journey will be and will you get suitable results from traveling, depends on the muhurutha of traveling. Astrologers say, when we determine the muhurutha for traveling then we should consider
  • The purpose of travel,
  • distance of traveling,

route of traveling, means, which route will you use for travel such as, sea route, air route, road route and railway route
Astrologers say that there is no need to consider the muhurutha for our daily tour. There are following rules present to acknowledge muhurutha for travel.

1. Determination of Nakshatra
First of all, Nakshatra should be considered for traveling. If Hast, Ashwini, Pushya, Mragshira, Revathi, Anuradha, Punarvasu, Shravan and Ghanishtha is the Nakshatra on the day of traveling, then your tour will be auspicious and favorable to you. Besides these Naksahtras, you can travel in the Uttrafalguni, Uttrashadha, Uttrabhadrpad Nakshatra. However, these Nakshatra are medium for traveling.

2. Nakshatra Shoola:
Direction should also be examined for muhurutha of traveling. According to astrology, every Nakshatra has its own direction. You should not travel in the direction of Nakshatra present on that day. Let us see one example to understand this:

  • East is the direction of Jayeshtha Nakshatra, therefore, you should not travel in the east direction
  • South is the direction of Purvabhadrapad, therefore, you should not travel in this direction. Besides this direction, you can travel in any direction in this Nakshatra.
  • West is the direction of Rohini, therefore, you should not travel in this direction.
  • North is the direction of Uttarafalguni Nakshatra. You should not travel in the north direction in Uttarafalguni Nakshata.

Nakshatra shoola will be placed on the direction of Nakshatra present on the day of traveling. Therefore, you should avoid traveling in that direction.
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3. Consideration of Tithi
You should also speculate the Tithi when you find muhurutha for traveling. According to astrology, second, third, fifth, tenth, seventh, eleventh and thirteenth Tithis according to Panchang are auspicious for traveling. The pratipada Tithi of krishnapaksha is also excellent for traveling. Besides these other Tithis are not auspicious for traveling.

4. Karana
Bhadra dosha will be placed due to the presence of Vishti Karana. You should not travel in this situation.

5. Consideration of Vaar
Thursday and Friday are the best days for traveling. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday are medium for traveling. According to astrologers, Tuesday and Saturday are inauspicious for traveling. Therefore, if possible you try not to travel in these Vaars.

6. Vaarshoola
According to astrologers, Vaar shoola should be considered for muhurutha for traveling. If you want to avoid vaar shoola, then you should not travel in the east direction on Monday and Saturday, in Aganya direction on Monday and Thursday, in the south direction on Thursday. You should not travel in the Naitranya and west direction on Sunday and Friday. Traveling in the Vayavya direction on Tuesday will become the reason of Vaarshoola. Therefore, you should avoid traveling in this direction. Travel in the north direction on Tuesday and Wednesday will be inauspicious for you because Vaarshoola will be placed in this day and direction. Vaarshoola will be placed in the Ishan direction on Wednesday and Saturday. Therefore, you should not travel in this direction.

7. Yoga:
Yogas should also be determined in concern of traveling. If the following inauspicious yogas are present on the day of traveling, then you should avoid your trip. Such as
  • Vyatipaat yoga
  • Mrityu Yoga
  • Dagadh Yoga
  • Kakrach Yoga
  • Samvartak Yoga
  • Hutasan Yoga
  • Vish Yoga
  • Yamghant Yoga

8. Chandraniwas
Chandraniwas is considered to know in which direction Moon is situated. Traveling will be auspicious in the front and right direction. Whereas, backside and left direction will be inauspicious for traveling. Suppose, Moon is situated in the east direction and you want to travel in the east direction, then that will be beneficial for you. Moon will also be auspicious if you want to travel in the south direction, because this direction is right from the east direction.

You can understand Chandraniwas properly through Chandraniwas Chakra. Here is the chandraniwas chakra:

If Moon is located in the Aries, Leo or Sagittarius under Chandraniwas, then Moon is situated in the East direction. If Moon is placed in the Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, then Moon is situated in the south direction. If Moon is placed in the Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, means Moon is situated in the west direction. If Moon is located in the Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then Moon is placed in the north direction.

9. Sammukh Venus
According to Vedic astrology, Sammukh Venus should be abandoned for traveling. If Venus is located in the direction of your travel, then it is Sammukh Venus. It is inauspicious for traveling. Let us acknowledge how Sammukh Venus gives inauspicious results. If Venus transits in Kritika to Ashlesha Nakshatra, then Venus is located in the east direction, in Magha to Vishakha Nakshatra, then in the south direction, Anuradha to Shravan Nakshatra, then in the west direction and when Ghanishtha to Bharani Nakshatra, then in the north direction. It can be concluded that if you travel in these Nakshatras and in these directions then you will get inauspicious results.

10. Parigh Dand
According to Vedic astrology, if you want to make your tour successful and fruitful, then you should determine Parigh Dand while you consider muhurutha for traveling. If Moon travels in Ghanishtha to Ashlesha Nakshatra, then traveling in the east and north direction will give benefic results. However traveling in the south or west may give malefic results. When Moon transits in the Magha to Shravan Nakshatra, then it gives auspicious results in the south or west direction and inauspicious results in the east and north direction. It is called Parigh Dand.

11. Yogini Niwas
Astrology says that you should avoid front and left Yogini. The back and right yogini are considered auspicious. Yogini is placed in different directions in different Tithis. Let us see in which direction and Tithi, yogini is placed.

Yogini lives in the east direction on Pratipada and the ninth Tithi.
  • Yogini lives in the Aganya direction on the third and eleventh Tithi.
  • On the fifth and thirteenth Tithi, Yogini lives in the south direction.
  • Yogini lives in the Natranya direction on the fourth and twelfth Tithi
  • Yogini stays in the west direction on the sixth and fourteenth Tithi.
  • Yogini lives in the Vayavya direction on the seventh and full moon Tithi
  • Yogini lives in the north direction on the second and tenth Tithi
  • Yogini lives in the Ishan direction on the eighth and Amavasya Tithi.

12. Purification of Star
Be careful about the Nakshatras while travelling. You should not travel in the first, third, fifth, seventh, tenth, twelfth, fourteenth, sixteenth, nineteenth, twenty-first, twenty-third and twenty-fifth Nakshatra from the Nakshatra in which you were born. You may get maleficent results in these Nakshatras. Therefore, you will not get Tara dosha if you avoid to travel in these Nakshatra. It is known as the purification of star.

13. Purification of Moon
According to Vedic astrology, you should consider the purification of Moon for Muhurutha for traveling. Placement of moon in the third, sixth, tenth, eleventh, first and seventh sign from your birth Moon sign will give benefic results. If Moon transits in the fourth, eighth or twelfth sign at the day of traveling, then you should postpone your tour. You will be free from Moon dosha.

14. Ghat:
According to the astrological principles, every person gets Ghat month according to his sign. Therefore, he should avoid traveling in the Ghat month. Suppose your sign is Leo, then Falgun Maas, Moon of the Capricorn sign on Saturday, the first phase of Mool and Ghanishtha Nakshatra and the third, eighth and thirteenth Tithi will not be auspicious for traveling. Traveling at this time may get you some bad results. Similarly, all people of different signs should determine the ghat month before traveling.

15.The Ascendant
Consider the Ascendant and sign related to the direction of your travel to get benefic results. Suppose, if you want to travel in the east direction, then the Ascendant of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius will give auspicious results. Similarly, the Ascendant of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn will be auspicious for traveling in the south direction. The Ascendant of Gemini and Libra will give benefic results for traveling in the west direction. The Ascendant of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Ascendant are auspicious for traveling in the north direction.

If you travel in the same Ascendant and sign in which you were born, then you will reap favorable results. Suppose, if your Ascendant is Aries and your siign is Sagittarius and if you travel in the Aries Ascendant and Sagittarius sign or Sagittarius Ascendant or Aries sign then possibilities to achieve success will be high.

Vargottam Ascendant and Vargottam Moon are good for travel. In this situation, if auspicious planets are placed in the Kendra house (first, fourth, seventh and tenth house) and the trine house (fifth and ninth house), and maleficent planets are placed in the third, sixth and eleventh house, then you will incur beneficial results.

Prohibitions on Traveling
First Prohibition on Traveling
  • 1) Astrology says that the Aquarius Ascendant and Aquarius Ascendant of Navmansh should be deserted for traveling. Therefore, you should avoid traveling in this situation.
  • 2) The eighth Ascendant from the birth Ascendant or the Ascendant of the eighth sign from the birth sign should be avoided for traveling.
  • 3) According to astrologers, if Moon is placed in the first, sixth, eighth and twelfth house at the time of traveling then you should postpone your journey.
  • 4) If the Ascendant lord is placed in the sixth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house then you should not travel in this situation.
  • 5) If Venus is placed in the seventh house and Saturn is placed in the tenth house, then this situation is not considered an auspicious situation. Therefore, you should avoid traveling.

Second Prohibition on Traveling
  • 1) According to Vedic astrology, Falgun Shukla Paksha is not good for travel.
  • 2) The month without Sakranti is called the Kshay Maas and the month with two Sakrantis is called the Adhik Maas. According to astrological principles, both of these maas are inauspicious for traveling.
  • Therefore, you should not travel in these maas.
  • 3) You should postpone your tour in the Ashan Shukla Paksh to Kartik Shukla Paksh Ekadashi.
  • 4) You should not travel in the Ashan, Shravan and Bhadrapad months.
  • 5) When Sun is placed in the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, then you should not travel on a long way.
  • 6) When Sun is placed in the Taurus, Leo or Scorpio then you should not travel by sea route.

You will not face any problems in travelling if you take care of these prohibitions.
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