Capricorn Natives are Practical People


Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac. It is the lord of the south direction. It is considered a female sign. Earth is the prime element of this sign.

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. Mars is exalted in this sign and Jupiter is debilitated. Capricorns can easily be identified with their facial expressions of disappointment. Those who are born in the sign Capricorn believe in values and tradition. They also give importance to social beliefs and customs. They are very attached to their past and also have an influence of their last birth on their lives. They also like to collect antiques.

It has been said the people of this sign get immediate results. The principle of you will get what u will sow suits them best. The main feature of their personality is if they take something to their heart they hold it for a long time. They also earn name and fame in the area of their specialisation.

People born in Capricorn are materialistic, develop interest in worldly pleasures and luxurious amenities. In order to fulfill their materialistic desires they collect all worldly items, resources and products. They are royal in their nature and know how to take advantage of others for their own benefits. They make contacts to reap future benefits. They are very clever as well as hard working . As a result, they progress better and faster than their colleagues at work.
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The people born in this sign are very pragmatic. They do not trust anyone blindly. They are always alert and attentive and make their move carefully.

They also have some weaknesses. They are jealous in nature. They do not feel happy about achievements of others and get hurt. They constantly wish for their own progress and success and are very competitive.

With respect to education; computer science, hardware networking, engineering, medical laboratory technology, accounts, business organizer, biological and botanical knowledge and courses related to human rights are suitable for them.

With respect to job or service the business of steel or furniture, job in department of research, department of biological science, courts, department of communications, cardiologist surgeon, plastic surgeon, traffic police, contractor of house building, job in canal projects or municipalities are favorable and beneficial for them.

In matters related to health the people of this sign have high possibilities to suffer various skin-diseases, joint pains, heart diseases, problem in blood circulation, piles, depression and problems in veins. Apart from these, the person of this sign may also suffer mental problems or stress.



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