Relationship Between Astrology & Science

Is there a deep relationship between astrology and occult science? Is remedial astrology full of facts and applicable?  These are the questions that come to our mind whenever we think of astrology, it’s reliability and application on the modern world.

Astrology can be considered in two perspectives: traditional astrology and logical astrology.
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In the case of traditional Vedic astrology, both the remedial and predictive astrology are implemented without any thorough examination of practical application. It only follows customs and traditions. The actual accuracy of predictions depends on the knowledge and experience of the astrologer in question.

But in the case of logical astrology things are different. It is based on science and astronomy. It determines the distance and the movement of the planets by using telescope, a scientific device. It is completely mathematical and the predictions generated are measured against facts.

So in logical astrology, there is no scope of superstitions. The prediction based on logical astrology give better results than blindly following traditional Vedic astrology without considering scientific methods and its application on the modern world.



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