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Your Planets and Your Occupation

According to the book of Astrology “Gyan Ganga Braht Jatak”, if Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in the tenth house from the Ascendant and Moon, then your father, mother, enemy, friend, elder brother, wife and your servants will be the sources of your income respectively. In this era, people are increasingly doing research and inventing new information technology. Today, computers have also opened for us doors to perform various multidimensional functions. Technological knowledge has a different world of its own.

Astrology Yogas to Become a Lawyer or Judge

Let us analyze the yogas in astrology to become a lawyer or judge.

Planet Yogas to become a Chartered Accountant

To become a Chartered Accountant, a person should obtain knowledge in the subjects of commerce and mathematics, and some practical knowledge from a vocational institute. These examinations are a little difficult to pass and it may not be possible for everyone. The occupation of a Chartered Accountant in today’s time has high reputation, fame and money. The relationship of planets of Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn is considered good for this occupation.

Career in Hotel Management and Astrology

The Indian tradition of “Atithi devo bhava” is appreciated in the whole world. It means to treat your guests as God. But, as the times changed, traditions also changed and took a new form. Today hotels are at the service of guests. They provide all facilities to their guests in exchange of money.

Astrology Yoga for Fashion Designer Career

There is a great attraction for the latest fashion and trends in young people’s minds but nobody is immune to its effects. To be in the business of fashion designing a person should have artistic skills as well as dedication and enthusiasm for this field along with luck. The business of fashion is growing rapidly. […]

10th House Rashi and Occupation

There are 12 Moon-signs in all. Each person has a particular Moon-sign according to his/her birth time. You can choose your right career according to your sign.

Business and Money in your Birth-Chart

Everybody needs a livelihood to lead a smooth life. The native will not have to face much difficulty in achieving success if he chooses the correct occupation. Let us see how Astrology helps you in choosing the right occupation.

Occupation and Planets in the Tenth House

Planets, signs and houses are the fundamental objects in astrologer which are considered to make Astrological predictions. Planetary positions in the tenth house are considered to assess possibilities in career and occupation. Result from the tenth house helps native choose the most appropriate source of his or her livelihood.

Influence of the Tenth Lord on Vocation

The 10th lord is the lord of the house that signifies profession and business. Its position and state will denote how much potential the person has in his profession, and the fields that are good for him.

Career And Karakamsha Kundali

Employment is the main problem of the youth today. If jyotish is used, a solution can be found. According to jyotish everything has been written in our birth-chart, we just have to understand it properly. Let us find out what the kundali says about career.

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