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  1. 07 August, 2018 12:29:57 PM Judix

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  2. 10 April, 2016 11:44:40 AM Merci

    Lal kitab is a bullshit..vedic astrology is correct..lal kitab mainly predicts which is jus opposite to Vedic astrology..vedic astrology has been seen accurate so far

  3. 28 December, 2014 11:38:41 PM simanchal giri ulaka

    please give details of your site or email.i want to buy and check lal kita remedy items.....

  4. 05 April, 2013 03:13:12 PM sandeep mann

    hi my name sandeep mann dob 07/03/1980 time 8.05 am

  5. 13 March, 2011 08:50:35 PM Rahul Sekhri

    We Manufacture all kinds Lal kitab Remedial Lead goods like Fish, Elephant, Ball, Snake, Seshnag, kalsarp, Rahu, Ketu, Shani Yantra and 100 of items for Jal Prawah. As your requirement we can manufacture all kinds of products you want, our representative will reach your place after a Pre-appointment.Thanking You,Rohit Sekhri

  6. 14 June, 2010 05:37:39 AM arif mohammad makki

    arif mother name sakina that of birth 9)12)1376 hijri english may 6 7 1957 paydaish ka time baad asar ky baad pydaish hame kon sa patthar kismat chmka sakta hai kon sa nuksan kar sakta hai kin pathar ko pahen sakta hai kab ham crassi say bar nikly gay may app ka intizar may hu kuda hafiz

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