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  1. 14 September, 2016 09:14:37 PM Spike

    Jen – LOL! Irony is, she is actually just finalising getting a cleaner herself at hoiaaM!ncems – agreed!Josh – I was just thinking that his influence on you might keep you dry, or vice versa.

  2. 15 May, 2016 01:09:48 PM Subir Kumar Guha

    My lagna is Mithun and rashi Kanya. My date of birth was 29.10.1951, Friday, at 09-01 PM. My Venus is placed in Kanya (Virgo) -Uttarphalguni Nakshatra along with Mercury (in Chitra) and Moon in Uttarphalguni- all three planets in 4th. house from lagna. Sun is placed at Tula along with Ketu, both in Swati Nakshatra (both in 5th. house from lagna). Jupiter in Dhanu, 7th. house at Mula, Shani in Simha (Uttarphalguni), Mars in Brischik at Anuradha (6th. house) and Rahu in Aswini at Mesha- the 11th. house.Your comments please.Regards

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