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Symptoms and Remedies of Saturn’s Sadhe Sati

Symptoms and Remedies of Saturn’s Sadhe Sati

We tend to blame Saturn for difficult times in our lives. But there can be other reasons too. It is easy to know whether problems are due to Saturn’s Sadhe Sati or something else. Here we will discuss symptoms and remedies of Sadhe Sati.

Introduction to Shani Sadhesati

Introduction to  Shani Sadhesati

What is Saturn’s Sadhesati Shani Sadhe sati starts when Saturn enters the 12th house in a person’s birth-kundali. The person will be under Sadesati until Saturn exits from the 2nd house in the Kundali. At any given time one-fourth of the world’s population is under Saturn’s Sadhesati, but the impact is not equally bad on […]

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