Have a Careful look at Your Thumb


The educated people too may need to use their thumb-impressions instead of their signature in some places. The thumb is the king of all the fingers in our hands. Palmists believe that you can know about the life and personality of a person by carefully analyzing his thumb.

Before we discuss the influence and importance of the thumb we should know about the different shapes and sizes of the thumb. Experts of Palmistry say that just as the lines on the palms are different on everyone's hands; there are different shapes, sizes and colors as well as pores which have a different influence on the personality of a person.

Therefore, let us see how we can analyze the personality of a person through his thumb:

Long Thumb: If a person has a thumb long in shape then he will be very intelligent. He has the ability to earn fame and name in the world through his intelligence. A long thumb reflects that the person believes in himself and has the courage to move ahead through his abilities and talent. In one word, he's confident. Those who have a long thumb always try to maintain their influence on the people in their surroundings.They have interests in mathematics and technical fields.

Short Thumb: When you are analyzing the lines of a palm, you should carefully analyze the shape of its thumb. If a person has a short thumb then he is emotional and sensitive, who thinks more from his heart than mind. He may not have the ability to take decisions independently and consider the opinions and ideas of others before making any important move in his life. Those who have short thumbs have interests in various art related activities such as music, writing, poems and drawing etc.

Hard Thumb: Palmists say that when you analyze someone's hand then you should also carefully analyze his thumb. If you find his thumb hard or tough then the person is very concerned about himself and is careful in life. It can also be said that the person is very stubborn and if he decides something then he will try very hard to accomplish it. He wants to be sensitive and soft in his attitude but he may not able to do so. He takes well-thought out decisions and tries to control his emotions.

Soft Thumb: If a person has a soft thumb he tries to stay happy in difficult situations and knows how to co-ordinate between different kinds of circumstances. He will be a very thrifty person and will save a lot of money.

Ideal Thumb: If a person has a thumb which is making an obtuse angle from his index finger i.e. if his thumb is inclined towards his wrist then it is called an ideal thumb. If his thumb is inclined from 90 to 180 degree and is long and thin in shape then the person will have a peaceful nature. He will not be passionate and will have control over their anger. He will also try to adjust with all kinds of situations in life.
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Straight Thumb: If the thumb of a person is making a 90 degree angle from the index finger then his thumb is straight in shape. The straight thumb reflects that the person is strong and stocky. Those who have a straight thumb are hard-working. Palmists believe that you should maintain a distance from these kind of people as they can create problems in your life. They become angry on small issues but they calm down soon.

Acute Thumb: The person whose thumb is inclined towards his index finger and making an acute angle has an acute thumb. Acute thumb is smaller than normal and is shapeless in appearance. Acute thumb reflects that the life of a person is full of despair. They are upset and disappointed with themselves. They are a bit lazy due to which they are unable to complete their work on time. Due to failures and disappointments in life they get attracted towards immoral activities. They tend to waste their precious time in useless things. According to palmists those who have acute thumb take less interest in spiritual activities and do not believe much in god. They seek help of tantrik rituals, ghosts, vampires and black-magic.
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