Importance of Muhurtha in our Daily Life


Marriage is considered as a new beginning of life. Muhurtha is very important in context of marriage. It predicts the future of couple's married life.

Important elements of Muhurtha
Ascendant and Nakshatra along with Tithis are considered to assess the auspicious Muhurtha in astrology. Astrologers say that any auspicious work should be done in auspicious Nakshatra. Similarly, for any bad work you should consider an inauspicious and cruel Nakshatra.

Purity of Ascendant is very important for a successful Muhurtha. During the assessment of Muhurat, you should always consider the purity of nakshtra and if the Navmansh is also auspicious then it will be very beneficial.

It is important to note that for a good Muhurta the eighth house should not have any planet and the Ascendant house should have an auspicious planet. In the absence of such a situation, you should consider the placement of auspicious planet in the Kendra or trine and the malefic planet in the third, sixth and the eleventh house. Paap Kartari Yoga should not be created in the Ascendant, Moon and the tenth house during the analysis of Muhurtha. Ascendant of Moon should also not be located as the malefic planet in the second and the twelfth house.

Do not start any important work or project on Rikhta Tithis such as fourth, ninth and fourteenth.
You should also not begin any auspicious or manglik work on Amavasya tithis.
Do not sign any compromise or treaty papers on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday.
Do not celebrate any occasion on the day when yoga of day, tithi and nakshatra comes out to be 13.
You should not work on any new project on Nanda tithis and pratipada, sixth and eleventh tithis.
When a planet rises or sets you should not start any work before and after three days.
The lord of the birth-sign or nakshatra is set, retrograde or between two enemy planets, then you should not extend the matters related to income or life.
You should also renounce Shray tithis during the assessment of Muhurtha.
To avoid failures in life, do not start any work on the days on which Moon transits through the fourth, eighth and twelfth signs from the birth-sign.
During devshayan children should not get enrolled in school.
Lending money on Wednesday and taking loan on Tuesday is not considered auspicious from the perspective of Muhurtha.

If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, you should be careful that Moon should not be located in the ghaat sign from your birth-sign.
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We can not deny the importance of Muhurtha in our daily life. We can not separate the importance of Muhurtha from success, failures and change in our living standards. Muhurtha also has a special place in context of the sixteen sanskars of our life and our daily activities.
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